June 30, 2008

Jump In

*LOUD SIGH*. Finally, it's over. No words can explain how relief I feel right now.
Been sleeping only for 3 hours for the past 48 hours. Yes, thanks to the editing and production of the sitcom.
It drove Leonard and I crazy. Yet, what's saddening was only a few of us got the credits and attention. I so hate it when this happen. So-the-unfair okay.
Just because our exhaustion and fatigueness aren't portrayed on our faces, you tend to believe that we take it easy. Mind you, we are not.
ANYWAY, the sitcom our group produced was ermm.. not bad actually. :)
We did our best though. Although proper recognitions weren't proposed to us.
And no, I changed my mind about uploading the sitcom up for you people.
cannot cannot! =D

And you know how annoying it is when it was your group's turn to preview their production, and ended up some just choose not to pay their full attention to it?
I think that was rather rude and immoral though. Imagine if that was yours and I'm doing that.
So yeah, have that thought people.

Despite that, most of my time, I questioned what wrong I've committed as I tried to fit in.
All you left me with was a thread as I was left hanging by it.

You know how irony is it when most lecturer/educator you met will always say they do not have this special thing for smart/pretty students?
Oh well. From what I see/experience believe in, only 10% of them speaks of the truth.
I mean come on, sometimes it's really obvious.. I meant based from their actions and all.
Urgh, this just sickens me lah.
Latest updates:
1."so-the-very" is the in word.
2. ate too much ketchup and still haven't got sick of it.
3. plans to come up with a Ketchup society with Evonne and worship all great tomatoes and ketchups
4. chewing on too much candies as well. the sour one. I know, unhealthy.
5. Britney Sepet broke up with here boyfriend names Karri bin Pap. =D
6. Finals =(

-Will wait for Dionne to send me those pictures she took with her new DSLR (:, then I'll post them up.

Till then, Sepetnie signing off :]

June 24, 2008

Happy 17th

It's your day today.
After today, you can officially register for driving lessons and then soon, you'll be driving.
Oh. How fast you grew.You were the chubby, cheeky boy I use to bully and my faithful playmate.
Despite the times that you strangle my teddy bear and rip off my doll's head of course.
You might be younger, yet I look high upon you.
As the quiet and timid one, you never fail to stand up for me and offer me your protection.
Verbally, unpleasant words might had slipped while I was on the verge of exploding your head. But you know... *angelic smile* teeheee.

Have a Happy 17th Birthday Jason Lew.
May all your wishes and dreams come true.

p/s: I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you, but at least I got you something earlier right? *smiles*

1. Assignment almost done.
2. Sitcom 1/4 done.
3. Finals is two weeks away.
4. I have insomnia.
5. I've been eating too much! :(

June 21, 2008

Can you feel my world?

I just hogged down two buns from Breadstory. It was not satisfying. Don't get me wrong, not that I'm still hungry, I am indeed very full. It's just that the bun didn't turn out to be what I expected.
Knowing that I paid Rm 6.60 for both of the buns, it's rather disappointing ain't it when the food you purchased is just so...ordinary. Even bread has their brands. What about people? We shall be "brand" some day. Who knows?

Great.Speaking of buns and bread, I love bread and pastry so much, I can really hog down a whole loaf of bread. LOL.
Now you know why all the hard work in gym doesn't pay off. It's the bloody carbs and my bloody greed.
And due to stress, I've been constantly eating 'asam', shoving my hand into the container which is loaded with cookies and cereals and... nibbling ketchup packets. I love ketchup. I can really really eat ketchup.Oh did I tell you I love ketchup? haha.
I know. It's very unhealthy and it adds up on the calories. So sad right. :(
Argh.Someone please take the cookie jar away from me please. Because I kept stealing those cookies :|

Yes. I feel fat each time I open my mouth and chew those sinful food.
Oh wait, correction I feel fat all the time :)
It's a female nature for girls to keep on saying that they are fat. COME ON. Even the skinniest girl in the world would say they have this fat in their bla bla part of their body.
Ok.maybe not all skinny girls.but MOST, mind you.

I was having deep thoughts the other day about...food. :D
I know. How dumb. -.-"
Some are willing to spend so much on food, but in the end, you flushed it down. I mean, come on.
It's like flushing down cash.
Just for the sake of tasting how delicious it is, some are wiling to spend.
Sadly, I am one of them.
It's bizarre ain't it that some food is so expensive, that after keeping it in your body for 12 hours, you end up flushing it down the beautiful round toilet bowl.
Sigh. Oh well. That's how the world works.
Yet, nothing is greater than the love of food.

All these overdosed of snacks, assignments leads me to my fixation, Lee Hom.
Due to stress, I turned to him or either eat to de-stress.
but eating make me feel even worst after that.
Changed my Alvin&the Chipmunks wallpaper to LeeHom wallpaper.
The only hits that are playing is LeeHom's.
The only hot guy I notice is LeeHom.
I'm all LeeHom-ish.
It's the stress fault.Stupiak stress.

Half a day out

Went to MidValley to meet up with the two good friends, whom I haven't met for ages.
And oh how much they've changed! :)
Had lunch at Kenny's.
Walked around.The two of them were blouse-hunting.
And I was the one who kept saying "Buy la."
To the two good friends: Sorry I wasn't as jovial as I supposed to be. I was really tired :/
Promise I'll make it up to the both of you (:
Have to get back to my work.and OH, I completed Burger Shop! Muahahaha.

Movie review, Social psychology assignment, economics report, SITCOM.
Yay assignments! pfftt, yeah right.

Assignments=stress=hungry=indulge into sinful food=F.A.T=sad :(

How? sigh.

June 19, 2008

Listen, world.

It's 3.15 a.m. I was sleepy 3 hours ago :)
No, I did not stayed up so late to complete my assignment.
I played burger shop *angelic smile*
I managed to reach level 62 in 3 hours. I think I'm good at making burgers online.
Even Michelle thinks that I should really open a burger stall named Sepetnie.
Okay. That burger game made my eyes go twirly wirly and my brain go fuzzy wuzzy.
I handled too much burgers and fries in one night. Overdose.

Our group managed to start on our sitcom production today. It's a good thing! knowing that we have to pass it up on urm.. 30th of June.
whereby we still need to edit the video which will take so so so much time.
oh gee. ;/

Will try to post it in here after everything is complete :]

Had McDonalds for dinner again. All those fast food is making me grow horizontally.
Oh all those bloody sinful food :(
I hate you for being so delicious.

See you in my dreams :] where we are together, making burgers :))

June 17, 2008

Love me, Love you

Firstly, a very belated father's day shout out to Dad, who had been my hero all this while.
I have looked upon no one but you :)
You can never be replace, and I love you from the bottom of my heart :]


Porridge. yum :)
Due to my illness the other day, the beloved neighbors took care of me.
Leh Bin and Elaine cooked porridge knowing that I might puke, and do not have the appetite to eat anything.
Elaine sent the bowl of porridge to my room, and the porridge tasted yummy.
Which reminds me of my mom :|
Therefore, Leh Bin; you're a mom in my heart (:
Thanks for everything you beloved housemate and neighbor :D

of course; I'm all better now.;P

June 16, 2008


It was 5.a.m when the uncomfortable feeling started to drown me. I suffocated. I felt like I was going to puke, but it just wouldn't come out.It hold me back. I can't breath, and knowing that I am going to puke, but it just wouldn't flow out, made it even worst. I was cold, my feet especially. I suffered through with these horrendous feeling for a couple of minutes. and then, the 'thing' which was suppose to come out, came out. It was painful. it was sour and very acidic like. my throat got hurt badly due to the acid which urge out from the stomach runs through my throat, and landed on the bathroom floor. It looks like my dinner, but then as I vomited more, what came out was something yellow and green in color. all I could taste was bitter and sour.

It was 5 in the morning and I was grieving in agony. Classes starts at 8 the next day. I do not know what to do or who to call. I crawl back to bed, with my terribly hurt throat, discomfort stomach, and try to sleep as I wrapped myself with layers of clothes. The next day, I looked pale. So pale that my friend was afraid to stand by me. My throat still hurt and I didn't have the strength to do anything. I tried my best to divert my full attention during class. The bitter and aftertaste which stays made everything I put in my mouth tasted terrible. Instantly, the toilet became my popular destination for vomiting and defecating. No, I thought I knew what causes these, but I didn't. Will not visit the doctor as I hated doctors, and its costly for something so minor. I need to save.

Presentation and quiz is tomorrow, and I still feel weak. I need drugs.steroids maybe.

Classmates were very kind, and caring. They reminded me of my mom ;) Thanks you-sweet-caring-lovable-earthlings. I am very much touched by your demeanors and appreciated it a lot. Love you :]

June 14, 2008

A 'bean' outing with the people next dor

With: Elaine, Kel Zoe, Leh Bin, Leonard
Dinner was wonderful because I indulged myself with a bowl of 'fa sang wu' at the Restaurant Bean. Yummy!!
Oh. I started face-booking. Yea. Just started. I know, it's lame. =.=
Facebook is so confusing that I rather take a book, face it and smack it on my head. Haha.

Schedule for next week:
1. Oral presentation & quiz
2. Econs presentation & quiz
3. Social psychology report & individual assignment
4. Sitcom production
5. Moral quiz
6. Movie review??

I need some play time :(

Anyhoo, am considering on keeping my blog private. Too many unknown and unwanted readers.
Too many passerby who drop by click on my links and befriend with some of my friends behind my back.
Sorry if it sounded offensive. But yeah. Might privatized it.
But no worries frequent familiar readers of mine :) I'll make sure you know every corner of my blonde moments :]

June 13, 2008

I invaded my new crib, but the ants invaded me

Ants invaded my laptop and my table. You make me clean the table and the floor several times. I hate you ants. That is why I enjoy spraying those pesticide, watch you circle around, and dies slowly.

Officially moved into a new crib. I am no more under that expensive piece of shit.
This is wayyyyyy moreeee CHEAPER. woohoo~

Love my new room :)
Love the house, despite that it's rather empty.
Love the people.
Love the neighbors? Haha.

Her house was once next to mine. But now, her room is just 2 steps away.
Elaine Neo, my house mate for this new house :D Haha.

He was always the one who has to walk the extra mile because he lives a distance away from us.
And he was the one who always need someone to fetch him to college, because he hates sweating just before class starts.
He was always the lazy one to come to college if there's nothing extremely urgent. Urgent as if his cat, Cici died or what so ever. Lol.
But now, he lives next door, where I can just yell for something from my house, knock down his door, chill at his house for no reason and stares at his pile of unfolded clothes on his bed.
Leonard Leao, the new neighbor.

Not to forget, Leh Bin and Akil stays in the same unit as Leonard is. Which means, triple fun!!! :D

June 9, 2008

Bak Chang please :)

It's the time of year again where the Chinese would spend half of their time wrapping dumplings :)
mmm~ my favorite.
I am already imagining myself indulging those glutenous rice wrapped in leaves, the aroma of the meat clinched with the rice, and the oil which leaks through it. Oh, the serenity.
The pork, the rice, the yolk, the beans, the salted shrimp, the oils which leaks from the leaves.... :D
And mom had my votes every single year.
Oh,Maxie made bak chang as well. She's in Australia now, and yes she made bak chang. *claps* Honestly Max, I am shocked and impressed I must say. The chang's must have tasted nice.
Unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity :/
Of course, more changs means more calories, means more workout. -which I failed to do so-
Dionne and Evonne gave me two Nyonya Changs in campus today, since they know how much I love this dumpling but I couldn't get a miserable one. Those dumplings were from Malacca, courtesy of Dionne and Evonne parents :)
And ohmylordhocuspocusgod, it tastes like heaven. IT WAS SO GOOD.
and it was my first time ever tasting Nyonya Chang from Malacca. The rice is sort of white-ish and blue-ish. And the ingredients; lots of minced pork. It's so sweet and tasty :D

Sorry I couldn't offer you some. Hey, I wanted more myself *pouts*

I would like to propose my apologize for any of my doings and words which might seem seditious to you, yet I haven't seem to notice it at all. My words can be sharp and my actions can sometimes be unpleasant for your ears and eyes. And somehow, I did not take the initiative to bother. That is why, world, I offer you my sincere and deepest apology.

June 7, 2008

Double Cheese


Thanks to Dionne for suggesting to Kel Zoe to fetch me to Sunway Pyramid from Mentari Court and also thanks to Kel Zoe for actually fetching me :) *Big Hug*

Dionne and I were vain on that day.
-Nichi dresses-
Ok, I know you people are laughing right now. YES, I LOOK HIDEOUS IN DRESS. sigh.

Went over to the Pyramid again. Roxy Summer Splash was held on that day. Didn't go as it was fully packed with people and it rain anyway. Lol.
Saw Rachel Gomez. Looks chubbier, which is a good thing as she needs to put on way more weight. Too skinny.
But, don't worry Rach, you look super hot :)
And Leonard introduced us to his hot friend, Kar Mun *wink wink* :]

Rach; at A&W

The sisters in action :D

The oh-so-adorable-little-KEL ZOE (:


Mataku lebih sepet :/

*tight hugs&slurrrpy kisses*

That's all. Have to get back to my assignments.It's piling up.-sigh

June 4, 2008

Harga petrol seharusnya menjadi secetek/lebih cetek dari BM saya

Kini, harga petrol telah meningkat 75sen per litre. Hatiku terasa sebak apabila berita ini disebarkan dan dikuatkuasakan. Apa yang meneyebabkan hatiku yang nipis dan kecil ini menjadi lebih pedih adalah tambang teksi di sekitar Subang pasti akan meningkat. Tambang yang dikenakan untuk ke Sunway Pyramid dari Mentari Court ialah RM7 walaupun perjalanannya hanya mengambil 5 hingga 10 minit. Untuk pengetahuan anda, perjalanan dari Mentari ke Sunway Pyramid bukanlah teramat jauh, namun jauh bagi pejalan kaki. Inilah antara perkara terbodoh yang negara kita alami, iaitu pemandu teksi di kawasan sekitar Subang tidak mengamalkan prinsip teksi bermeter. Saya percaya jika pemandu teksi menggunakan meter di dalam teksi bodoh mereka itu, tambang yang dikenakan hanyalah kurang dari RM5. Amat bodoh dan mencekikkan darah saya dan manusia lain. Kebodohan dan ketidakadilan tahap maksimum. Oleh kerana harga petrol telah meningkat, saya menjangka tambang ke Sunway Pyramid juga akan meningkat, kemungkinan sehingga RM10. Ini akan mengakibatkan saya menjadi lebih jimat, walaupun kini saya sedang mengamalkan amalan berjimat saya, ini akan menyebabkan saya menjadi lebih lebih jimat. Oleh itu, in the future, saya akan mampus laa. aiyohh. Badawi pun satu macam mia. Tidak mengizinkan subsidi rakyat untuk digunakan sebagai pampasan bagi kenaikan harga ke atas semua barangan di Malaysia.

Saya yakin karangan saya ini adalah karangan paling teruk yang pernah saya tulis.
Ya. penggunaan tatabahasa, frasa nama, subjek dan predikat saya semuanya telah disalah gunakan.
Otak saya kini ibarat sebatang paku yang telah berkarat.
Guru Bahasa Melayu saya, terutamanya Puan Yong pasti akan menjadi kecewa terhadap karya ini. Maaf cikgu. Saya berjanji saya akan membaca lebih banyak buku cerita dan meyelami bahasa dalam buku komsas itu. GKK. (Gelak Keluar Kuat)= LOL (Laugh Out Loud). haha.


Happy 19th Birthday!!!

Happy JumboMumbo 19th Birthday!!!
*tight hugs and slurpy kisses*

Hu May Ling
The good and close friend since primary.
The one who never fails to teach and supply me with the knowledge oozing out from her brain.
The one who never fails to be the top in her class.
The one who makes you smile just by staring at you.
The one who stands by you when everyone laughs at you.
The one who giggles hysterically at the most random moments, at the most random and bizarre things.
*I sort of miss the times we had in tution :P*
Girl, stay true to who you are and enjoy every moment of life you have.
You are the girlfriend, friend, daughter, sister any person wants to have as you are beautifully unique and special in your own manner.

Once again, a very Happy Birthday (:
*throws confetti's over Mayling's head*

Shoutout;-Sorry the rest of us couldn't celebrate your birthday like we used to. With the surprises,parties and all. which reminds me that I miss P7 giler banyak along with all the weird, crazy moments we once had.

June 3, 2008

Wake me up when June ends

Yes. It's blue. It's so blue-ish due to my recent emo moments, blueee feeling and I just feel.... blue lah.

I am on the verge of inserting new post for my lame blog, and completing the never ending assignments.
and I finally decided on...ahh, you should have know by now.
Let's have a recap of what needed to be handed up in this devilish-oh-so-hellish month of June.

1.Media Appreciation Review
2.Film a 20 minutes sitcom.
3.Moral-10 pages of essay written about the topic given.
4.Oral presentation
5.Speaking test/Listening test
6.Economics observation and report.
7.Social physcology lab report.
8.Social physcocolgy individual essay.
9. Media Appreciation, Social physocology, and Moral Quiz
10. Finals; and we have no study leave. *cursing*

Any of my classmates who read this will definitely have their heart skipped twenty beats :O
Some lecturers can be really weird at times. Handing us assignments at the very last minute.Therefore, this explains the students last minute work as well. What is given last minute will have last minute outcomes. :D

All this loads of stress made me miss home. Oh wait, I miss my home and family every single day. ha.
Ok. I need to divert my focus back to reality and get my head straight. Sigh.

Current frustrations: The world and the people living in it is annoying me right now. I'm so annoyed by it, I even find myself annoying.

Countdown to- head home, have a good laugh and relax.

June 2, 2008


A big thank you to my dearly beloved parents, caring classmates, mr.winston, kal, soonhan, sulin and others who were concern about my granpa and MY condition. I owe you people big time *hugs*

To actually realize that there are actually people who cared and concerned so much about me dumbstruck me.
I felt awkward, weird, yet I love and enjoy that feeling. Maybe because this is something I don't experience often.
being the usual overly emotional self, I did sob myself to sleep during those rough periods.
And I dare say, I sob myself to sleep a lot.
Sharing and expressing dilemmas/problems/feelings are not my best subject(s).
I think a lot before blurting out.
I am very afraid of what others think of me,but at the same time, I hate to impress the world by becoming something I'm not.
I was not raised to be independent, but I was raised to be emotionally independent.
Although I am blessed with parents I wouldn't wish to trade for, I am sometimes the child who wishes she has an elder brother/sister.
Yes, I am never satisfied with what I have. I am always demanding for more..and more.
I want to be able to talk to someone, share with someone, and discuss with someone.
If I would to have an elder sister, I want to stay in her room, hug pillows, talk about the cute guy I saw in tuition, gossip and bitch about schoolmates, borrow her clothes and shoes, and run to her room during random hours just to sit and enjoy each other company.
If I would to have an elder brother, I want him to be able to protect this fragile little sister of hers, be the elder brother every girl dies for and be able to make me feel safe and secure whenever I am with him.
If this world would to answer all of our "If ", I guess people will just be more demanding and greedy.

All my life, I tried to act tough, deep down, I am nothing but a piece of torn paper.
I like to be thought as the strong one, not the girl who seeks for tough macho guys for help even when it is not necessary.
If it's possible, I hide my emotions till I can hide no more.
Sometimes,I do not enjoy the company of people.
Sometimes, I want them to notice me so much I lied and pretend.
Sometimes, just because I want to fit in, I changed and it made me felt so "plastic".
I am the who cries when I watch sad movies/dramas even when others do not think is depressing nor saddening.
Sometimes, I agreed along because I tend to have a different thought of everything, the weird one, the wrong one.
I strongly believe in miracles, fairytale,afterlife, karma and a happy ending.
I love the people around me so much, that sometimes my actions/conducts seemed hurtful but all I wanted to do was protect them.
but then again, because I have the weirdest and bizarre mindset, most of my actions appeared weird and...wrong.
Most of the times, I have regrets for my demeanors and words.
I am still the child who pampers for her parents love every single day.
Everyday, I await for the day my parents would feel proud of me and my achievements.
Though, my achievements aren't exactly something to be proud of.
Most of the times, I wonder ans search for reasons of my existence as I have found none.
I questioned my abilities, intelligence and capabilities in everything I do.
I am sincere and do not divert my love easily.
I live more to the past and future, but at the same time, I believe that I should live more of the present.
I have many thoughts and attempts of suicidal, but because I have am strongly conscious and have my conscience, I am still here.
I do not cry of physical pain as often as to when I cry whenever I feel dead on the inside.
I have so much to tell, I don't even know where to begin.
I am afraid of realities, I run and hide away most of the time.
I prefer to avoid.
I prefer to stay in my dream and never wake up, because reality hasn't been treating me kind enough. Maybe it's not my time yet.

All I am waiting for right now is for to sigh "Finally" signifying a form of relief.