April 23, 2009

Damn it

I am annoyed because of my Media Literacy result!! Which leads me onto losing the opportunity to present in an international conference called SEARCH, the South East Asean Research in Communication and Humanity. You see, what happened was, our lecturer had chosen her speakers based on the result of the test she have us last week. And I only scored averagely. And according to her, my analysis was very good yet my point to support my analysis was not evident enough. So yes, there goes my opportunity to present in that international conference. I want it so badly actually, because I know I can do it. Oh wells, I screwed up that paper. Sigh. It's not my time yet I guess. cry

Yet, congratulations to 10 of my classmates who were chosen to share the same stage with scholars and professors around the world. Go rock the world classmates!! I'll be there to support every one of you biggrin

Honestly, I have troubles with Media Literacy I tell you. My grades were good for every subject except this. URGH. why why why.

Things had been preety messy lately. Semester break starting, despite the overload of assignments. Met a lot of new friends, like them yet loving the old friends even more now. A few of the familiar faces of the class becomes closer at heart. Yes, life is preety good right now......
...except for Media Literacy!!mad

April 16, 2009

The picture of love

What we did this week:

  • Being total boobs in lecture class.

  • A Malay theme fine-dining experience with Leonard and Kenneth.

  • Random visit to the campus rooftop at 9 p.m.

  • Swimming with my ultimately lame Michelle Chun.

  • Catch up session with Akil and Leonard.

April 9, 2009

& we silently wiped the tears which streamed down our cheeks

Fuuh. A breather finally, a short one that is which untangles me from all the hu-ha for the mean time.

Highlight of the week: Justin is my new Personal Assistant mrgreen

So as seen, I had been going around on MSN and facebook with various names that Raffy thought I had a personality disorder confused

Monday: I was Ahmad/Mat Rempit/Khatijah/Nurul Yenn.
& so the fact that I wanted to be a Malay for the day had me intiating conversations in Bahasa Melayu. It was really hilarious because friends became annoyed at me for replying them in BM. They wanted to bash me up, literally mrgreen


U dah memeluk Islam ke? LOL
OH. assalamualaikum kekanda.
bukan la. Saya cuma ingin memartabatkan lagi bahasa kebangsaan kita. kan kita nie di bawah penjajahan najib.
Najib boleh cium buntut saya la. See how weird that sounds.So, stop..
Kekanda, jikalau tidak salah saya, anda adalah melayu bukan.


Macam manakah celebrasi hari jadi anda dengan keluarga anda?
celebrasi? dari manakah anda dengar perkataan itu? Yang setahu saye tidak exist.
Saya tak tau celebrasi dalam BM lar. U lagi teruk, exist dalam BM ialah WUJUD. Ya rabi anak yunus, anda adalah objek yang memalukan.
HAHAHA. Saya bukan objek la saudari Yen.
Okay fine.
Apakah itu Okay fine?Adakah itu sejenis binatang? HAHAHA.



Bila nak masuk Islam. Jangan lupa jemut aku pi kenduri.
Assalamualaikum kekanda :)
walaikumsalam dayang.
beta ingin sangat bersantapkan mi itali di tony romas.
mee itali? adakah ia sejenis binatang?HAHAHAHA.


Saye sepak you.Haha.
Jangan disepak ikan yu.
Haha. Oh. ada sense of humor. Saya suka :)


Trivia question: Apakah LOL versi Mealyu? :)

Oh. I watched Talentime biggrin

It was so kind of Michelle T. to wait for me because I arrived late during that movie date with the classmates. The movie was superb although certain scenes were too draggy and overly exaggerated dramatified.

I flooded the cinema with my tears and tissues watching that movie. Michelle T. and I were sobbing in silent as we wiped our cheeks, making sure that the guy next to me weren't laughing at us for crying.
The lyrics was fantastic. The songs were the reasons why I teared badly.
Malaysians are indeed talented and have the capability to produce quality productions after all :)
Movies like this are worth every penny.
And I am more than willing to spend my money and cry again.
Plus, Mahesh and Kahoe were some of the hunks girls can drool at.

I have this thing for Kahoe :)

Howard Hon Kahoe biggrin

However, in my opinion, Pamela Choong who played Melur in the movie was very much agitating to my eyes. She is not a Melur-material lah. Her acting and portrayal in the movie was not adequate enough.
Or maybe, she was just not the right figure to play Melur I suppose.
But again, Yasmin Ahmad most probably have her reasons why Pamela was chosen for the role.
Oh well, she can't pleases everyone I suppose.

My foot is in deep pain now. I hurt myself during badminton. No wait, I fell. My feet was off-balance at that point. So, ga-dush lah. And this gave Justin and Edmund the oppotunity to get a good laugh off me. Urgh evil

My superbly lame Chun.

April 3, 2009

Bass overload; They got that boom boom pow

The main characters for this week are:

Su Lin

Akil Yunus

Shots for badminton sessions: Courtesy of
  • Boon
  • and his DSLR.

    Badminton sessions with the boys for the past two weeks were excitingly sweaty and fun.

    I enjoy trashing Justin's ass every week <span class=

    Boon never fails to entertain me whenever he return my stroke.

    And how Michelle would make exaggerative audio effects whenever she misses the shuttlecock.

    This week badminton session was slightly different.
    Why so?
    Rocket-shooting level of testosterone I must say <span class=
    Michelle and I has the opportunity to gaze at other guys as they stroked and smashed the shuttlecock with full force and style :)

    Also, highlight of this week would be my oh-so-beloved kekanda 20th birthday,Akil Yunus :)cool
    What happened was:
    On the 1st of April, Michelle and I conned Akil by telling him that we need to talk to him badly over certain personal issues.
    A date between Akil and us was set;
    Time:9.30 p.m. Location: Mentari Court
    Michelle and I wrapped his present (a long-sleeve top), wrote him a card, and presented him a mango.
    Yes. A mango.

    <span class=
    When Akil was walking towards my car, he looked so focused because he seriously thought that we girls were in deep trouble.
    And then out of no where,we screamed;
    Akil was literally shocked and very much overwhelmed.
    He didn't expect us to surprise him on the 1st of April because he will only turn 20 on the 3rd of April :)
    He thanked us with a sincere tight hug and a wide smile on his face.
    Love you Sunshine


    Besides that, Su Lin and I managed to met up and catch up with each other.
    We exchange stories and share about the happenings in our life.
    We headed to Secret Recipe because she wanted cake for lunch.
    Can you believe her?
    Cake, for lunch.
    She ordered,

    Carrot slice

    & high-fibre cheese cake.
    In the end, she was unable to finish her carrot slice.LOL.
    <span class=