June 30, 2007

:D went out with the boys at night.
john.naki.adrian and weiloon.
yea.im the only girl.yea baybeh! hahahas.
went a.rahman for dinner/supper.
whoahh.then headed to cemetery.
dont aks me why.im just following the crowd.hahas :P
talked and laughed most of the time there :]
and they were talking bout "24" lar,which its a waterfall.
and "revenge of the syth" which is a snooker centre.=='
so yeahh, went to Juara Snooker centre.
it was full.so no game for the boys.
went home.

got swimming gala tomorrow.
nah.not swimming.its been long since i've last train k.
go there jadi timekeper.
di samping itu sibuk sekali.HEEEEE :P
and then,in the evening,off to Seremban.
so that the next day my parents and I can go to KL.,
go takecare of some stuffs there :D
am loking forward to have my supper in SS2 Murni.cant waitfor it! YUMM!!! :D
see yah blogggers.mwah.

June 29, 2007

omg.so boring.urgh.feel like stranggling someone.nolah.something.;D
went to my brothers school today.HARI KOMUNIKASI. (report card day)
bla bla.done nothing the whole afternoon.
at night,bumped into chorjaur&chiewbee.the loveliest couple everr. (:
saw joyeee as well.my junior.
chorjaru kinda asked me to become the timekeeper for this sunday swimming gala.
since im not competing,so i sais yes lor.
bought this eggtart.mmm.so yummy :D
i drove my aunt's car today too.
and my mom commented on my driving,as usual =='.
im craving for siu pao right now.:X
i was told to write something nice about my ex.
ex,you're the best ex ever. pfft`.LOL :D
nice enuf boh? hahas.

thats it.im boring.i dont fel like bloging nemore.
so bye people (:

June 28, 2007

DATE DATE!!! <33

in the morning,went JPJ to do some 'stuffs'.hahas.that, will be a surprise for you :D *grins*

then,in the afternoon,went out for lunch with SULIN& VARIANT. -all my besties-

the three of us are going to college soon maaa,so..yeah.we hung out for the last time in this month. :P hahas.

Sulin fetched the both of us,starting from my house. :] and she wore this new nike shoes.WHOAAH :O hahaha.

look at her legs.thin and fair legs.grrrr :

headed to Variant's house pulak.supposely go to this new restaurtan called 'Buffet Island'.but...
it closed.LOL.ended up,we went Panorama.

we bumped into two teachers in that restaurant.but they weren't our school teachers laa.
but we sorta know that THEY ARE teachers.hahas.
bt one of them taught us(sulin&I) before la.Bahasa Melayu.
Pn.Yong & Mr.Ooi.

ordered our lunch.which was lamb shop&chicken shop.and the 3 of us just ordered ice lemon tea for drinks! :D
we even have ice-cream too.
the 3 of us share-share and wallap the ice-cream.so sedap~~~ especially when you're sharing and all.yala.sharing is caring maaa XD LOL.

all the "chops"

now you see it,,

now you dont! :DD

we were talking and talking and talking.normal lahh.girls whatt. =='

after makan,we head home.;D
love you,forever (:
takecare besties :]
and you shall be missed.
then,in the evening,i heard this conversation between my mom& my brother.
its about his report card day or something like that lah.
shaun: so,who's gona take my report card? you're gona come right?
mom: yayaya.eh.nola.call ur dad go.i duwana know what will your teacher say bout u.
shaun:yorrh.just go and take ni lah.tak for while ni maaa.
mom: duwan.sit down there,have to wait4 so long sumore.like la if the teacher talks longer,your marks will become higher.not right,..so ur dad wil go instead of me.
shaun: =='
so...yeah.thats the part.HAHA.
oh gee.i ate two slices of pizza just now.and a chicken pao. i kno' .so "wai sek"(greedy) arh me. ;O !!
i feel so terrible,bad,and fat. :/ lols.
aww.i miss my rockerssss so very much. :( but i know they dont miss me.especially qzen!!
hmph! LOL :DD
and qzen,u owe me a convertion and a movie date!!! :PP

June 27, 2007

hmm.went to "the store" to do some grocery shopping.in the evening la.i know,if you're one of those "the store" workers who jaga the ground floor,most prolly you people will recognise me.
i meant,come on,only in this week time,i went in to that supermarket twice!!!.=='
and even this boy who works there,i kind bumped in to him everytime.i dont even know why.paiseh nia. =.-'
i feel so lame right now weyh.HAHA :D
done nothing the whole morning,nor the whole afternoon.it feels good.*thumbs up* hahaha.
nolah.its not good.one must always keep themselves occupied with something beneficial&healthy. cehhhhh kononlah=='.HAHA.
kind bumped ito this creepy,crazy,indian man around 8+pm just now.
he wears a blue helmet.although he's NOT on his bike.nor somewhere near his bike.
he went into this dark alley,still with his helmet on.thougt he went into the alley,but from far,he's stil visible to us.
guess what that asshole did.he unbuckled his belt,and god knows what happen next.
because i didnt look.I DIDNT kay.
then,cmae this lady along with her children,who kinda pass by that man.
AND HOLY HELL.he turns around and shoow his you-know-what.
thats according to my mom.told you,i didnt see.my mom kinda saw what he did la.
but he didnt see 'that thing".cos its dark you see.and he's indian=black,,so..yeah.HAHAHA.
went out with parents for dinner+supper.bumped into shuh pyng.
i sungguh miss her la.lama tak jumpa dah ma.she's my junior by 1 year (:
yurrhh.these days,my appetite is huge i tell chu.gahh! :/

and just now,i kinda saw this tv show.
they interviewed this couple who has the tiniest baby girl ever.
this girl of theirs is like 3years old.but she's s tiny.
she looks cute lah.
but i feel kinda pity,sorry,and sad for her,cos she's like so small and all.

&&&&&, yorhh.all of my blog readers are so evil la.
read read d,duwana post comments,or leave down some conversations or what ever wan.hmph!!
instead,they come and comment to me in MSN,friendster,or sms.
==' ish.teruk arh korang nieeee.duwana fren u all ni u all know arrr. :


aite.shall continue laterrr.im sleepy.but i dont feel like sleeping :<

June 26, 2007

heard of my dad saying that he'l buy a toyota vios for me.and of course,i WAS happy.until at night,dad suddenly change his mind to Myvi.==' im like,,anything la.its your money.so,,yeah.
but deep down.i sakit hati la.!!! who doesnt want a vios??? :O! hahahaa.
anyhoo,told you last night,it was Jason's birthday today.and i shall post some pics.we(family)went out for dinner.ohgod,dam full! speaking of food,I think im fatter!!! :(
anyhoo,we went to this restaurant.and it was so freagging noisy.got those 'pai chao'(jamuan).
god.it was packed with elderly people.and the worst part;them singing the karaoke on the stage.ear-killling.

<------- Jason.
and of course.we have cake too! but no pictures.because i was lazy.:P
and oh,i chatted with Joshua today.haha.i missed him and my other rockers alot.
and Samantha messaged me.and she says she misses me and all.i feel so appreciated.HAHA.
and Andrew misses me too.he was my ex-housemate ;D

i feel so miss-able these days.HAHA :D
ohyar.i gemuk dah.owis makan nieeee : didnt exercise.nevermind la.gemuk gemuk la.as long as im happy.HAHA XD
i always grow fatter when im in taiping.then balik KL,kurus balik.LOL .:P
i miss siang,lu long,andrew and MAYLING.im craving for siew pao right now.haha.
i wana eat eat eat.but i cant :(
and people.i got ulser.pain eh.especially when im wearing braces.:X gahhh!!!
and i drank wine!!! ;DD


this morning:

-went to my ex-school (SMC).i went there to verify my certs and all la,for college marr.
and i saw En.Safri.he used to teach me English when i was Form 2.unfrotunately,he still remembers me :/

and the conversation goes :

Mr.S: so,what chu doing now? college?

me: urm.yea.taylors.

Mr.S:oh.the one in Penang la.

me: err.nola.taylors tak dak kat penang.

Mr.S: siapa kata tak da.tuu,tukang jahit tu ada kat penang ma.

me: ==' very funy sir.

my uncle showed me one of his stamp albums this morning.its nice :] got varieties of stamps in there.took some shots on the cute ones :D its from USA :O! (:
seee.puppy ,awwwww.
and more dogssss :D
and more!!!! i have this 'thing' for dogs. XD

later that evening,my mom&I baked bread pudding (: my all time favourite.

random equipments.haha.

bake,bake bake.
and viola! XD

;;shall blog again later tonight.see you.

June 25, 2007


i cant sleep.so,lets blog,AGAIN. :] yarh.im the kind who gets all excited when i got a new blog.keep posting.haha.hey,its fun! to make your blog looks full :D

i feel like blogging about...food? nahh.

i got not enough pictures for it.gummybears??? :O whoah.i LOVE gummybears weyy..nahh..lazy to download pictures also.so,NO.haha.

the only pictures i have in this laptop is only about my rockers.so,rockers it is.but again,NAHHH.because i post it in my old blog dee.the xanga one.HAHA :D gee,im so lame laa :/ LOLS.

ohyarrr.bfo that,previously,while i was still back a KL.Sulin datang melawat.so,we went pasar malam la.and we bought this portable fan,which cost us RM7 each.kinda useful and cute! :D

was looking through some pictures in my computer,and i just realised how MUCH my friends and I had transformed through out these years. i''ll show yo some pictures laaaa k? :)


now,looking at those pictures,i feel so lame.come on,this pictures asre like,urm, 4years ago???ha-ha.HOW CAN WE EVEN TAKE THOSE KIND OF POSES??? HAHAHA.but heck,we're just wacko.nuff said (:

seee how much we grew?? and how much we transformed? yeah.we grew into a bigger bunch,and also grew together with a species named BOYS.LOL :D

we have this thing lah.me and my gang kinda named ourselves P7.gees,dont ask me why that name.im unsure myself :P the 7 of us are like besties since primary,till now!!! :O and we are still p7 :D i kinda miss thoe tims when the 7 of us laughed,cracked jokes,gossiped and etc.u kno'those kinda wacko stuffs you usually do with your close friends (:

aww.i remembered one.we were at Lei's house,chatting.and suddenly,all of us got hungry.and it was like 1am+ at that time. so al of us went out and have roti kukus.LOL.and we were the loudest in that stall.all eyes were on us.crazy i tel chu.LOL.

and oh.you kno la.when you're in schoo.you have this i hate your group,you hate my group thingy.haha.so bodoh la come to think about it.LOL.but it was fun la.:D sorta'.aha.

okay.i think i really gotta go sleep.its 3.30am.:/ that stupid coffee la.:S urgh.nites.
yo people.current most favourite add is

hitz.fm website :] its fun.haha.

and oh.its Jason birthday today.and people,Jason is my brother (: he's turning sixteen. :O
aww.you're a big boy now.! :D *grins*

shall post some pics on him,laterrr.

i miss my rockers so much laa :(

and i got message from Mayling in the evening just now.Mayling is my bestie.and she's currently in Utar.for more info,i stated some info on her in my previous blog.yea,the xanga one.:] or,u can just visit her friendster.


she said she misses me.awww (: i love it when people said that.haha XD

and at last,i managed to have a chat with Jason (another person-which is not my brother) and Joshua. they're fro my ex-campus.haha. its so hard to chat with them! cant blame them,they got lots of assignment to be completed :/

awww.i misss you people laaaa :(

laksa jerk

helo people.im back,again,in blogspot.

yea,i know.you must be thinking, "how many blogs does this girl want to have???".and yada yada yada.=='
nahh.blogspot seems fun,for noww :D bfo this,my blogs history were:


urgh.what the hell is wrong with you woman?? LOL. im one hell of a blogger am i?? hahahas :D

sorry laaaa.im just,,ME :)
anyways,i got old post in my xanga.so here's the url www.xanga.com/yenissh check it out if you got the time :]

anyway,heres what happened today.one hectic morning i tell you.

i was in the car,waiting for mom while she's at this store buying some fruits.

and suddenly,came this man who parks behind my mom's car.
he cant put his bike in the slot that " he wanted".so he decided to park behind it(mom's car) la.

and oh,this guy,he sells laksa in the fruit shop that my mom went into.

so,in order to show that there is somebody in the car,i opened and close the door to so called warn him.-incase he decided to do anything to the car.

and guess what,that stupid idiot did.

just because he cant have a little PATIENCE,, he took out his keys and SCRATCH my mom's car.!!

and that fella also really stupid,he scratched a car when he knows that theres SOMEONE(me) is in the car.

so bodoh rite.

and of course,mom scolded him la! and he denies it.but after that,he said sorry and all.
as for me,dengan terror nya,i helped scold.HAHA. ya what,the fela duwana admit k.wana pretend sumoe and he wants to bully my mom.

of cos la i defend!HAHA.

and yada yada ,in the end,he pays rm50. :D

come one la.dat idiotic jerk sengaja go scratch the car because he cant wait for a little while.

plus,the fruit stall owner already warned him saying that there's someone in the car,so just be patience and wait for while.

but NOO,he didnt listen.go scratch people's car.expensive car k.HARRIER.hahaahah :D

and this fela ar,he's not doing this for the first time you know.he done it to many cars bfo d.

so people,careful :)

oh yea.i manage to take some shots.i took it while mom was scolding him.in case he tends to run away or whatever, so yea.the unexpected shots.HAHA :D

see.so semangat weh me.his motor number plat also i snap.haha XD