October 31, 2009



the existence of tumblr is the escape for a lazy blogger like me.

or in other words I am just sick of blogspot after using it for more than 2 years.
I need a change.


Thanks for making the effort to relink.


October 7, 2009

The road is too long

I am still receiving presents for my 20th birthday. Lol. From Kenneth. He bought me a lip gloss to celebrate me venturing into womanhood. Elianto. tsktsk. Thanks brotha! 

Of course, Happy Birthday 21st Boon Boon Pow :)

And and congratulations to these new lovebirds. Awww can you feel the love?

I would love it if anyone could just spend 2 minutes on this video. It's our very own production, for Media Carnival the other day. You know, we even have 3 tiny paragraphs talking about this video in yesterday's Star paper. tsktsk. AND, that column was even written by our very own classmate, Michelle Tam. Good job girl!

Note to self: Do not speak so fast the next time you are presenting. *smacks forehead*

October 3, 2009


I have not slept for the past 24 hours. It's a record for me. Literally no rest at all because we wanted to finish our Yasmin Ahmad tribute video. Of course, it was all worth it.
I feel like a zombie now.
I want to sleep but I need to finish up my piles of assignments. Sigh.
& the sick, it gets worst I tell you. Oh wells.

Of the perempuan melayu & zee american boy.
The Kalsom & the Jordan. Blergh :)

Bad picture quality. Blame blogspot. 

October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to... US?

I want to pen this down. So that I can read it over and over again and not forget every single detail of it.

Michelle was at my place, waiting for the Joey. Michelle's mobile beeped and she told me to read her message cause she was busy combing her long silky hair. It was Joey's sms. It reads Eh I forgot the cake. I need to go back and take. I read it out aloud and Michelle stared at me. We stared at each other for a 3 seconds. IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A SURPRISE FOR ME YOU SEE. Surprise number one was obviously a failure.

Came Joey who then started screaming Yen, I really forgot to bring the cake. Nak cover up lah you know. I was like Okay, whatever and give them a stare. And then they went to my living room and started discussing something when I was sitting just right at the second living room. They were whispering and all and told me to give them a moment =.=' Then, Michelle drove us to Sunway Pyramid. Joey rapidly sat at the back seat all buckled up as fast as the lightning, allowing me to seat at the front passenger seat. On the way to Sunway Pyramid, Joey randomly screamed Oh I think I left the candles in my car! I gave them a stare again and they started giggling. Gone are the unsurprised surprise again. But nooo, Joey covered up by saying Really la Yen. I really forgot the cake. Monday I give you la. I ignored her again.

In the car park, Joey came down from the car with a big plastic bag which shaped like a box and have the word Cake Sense (a bakery). I'm 'sure' that's not the cake. She was walking like a flamingo, hands on the back trying to hide the box as we walked into Sunway. I bust her by asking Joey, are you sure you going to walk like that the whole night? I saw the box already la okayyy..
Joey started laughing and hand me the box.
In the end, I had to carry my own cake.

The both of them I tell you. *smack forehead*
The surprise was truly 'unsurprising'.
But of course, that was made my day even more special.
Loves!! :]

Oh oh! Alas, the cake was used to celebrate our birthday :P
p/s: I borrowed Michelle one of my tops to wear for the night. She look pretty don't you think? :)


I better not be infected with H1N1. It would be a joke then.
I am coughing really badly and having a terrible flu. The sore throat?
One word, agony.

I need remedy, my remedy.
Back to work, Yen.
It's piling up.
I am randomly playing songs from the 1965 movie; Sound of Music.
It's on replay you know.
Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer :)

Pray so that I'll get well please.

September 29, 2009

To them, I'm thankful

Stick gave me two pair of socks and a starry shoelaces for my birthday.
The Yeo's sisters and Andrew gave me a pair of really cute flip flops.
Mayling, Rachel, Julian, Yun Kat & others gave me an awesome crazy wild night.
Kwong Yue and his bunch of friends were energetic and adorably funny.
John was really thoughtful to willingly spend his evening just for my birthday.

Okaylah. Old already lar. Sigh.


September 26, 2009

The Big 2-0 partays

May Ling and Rachel took me to Changkat for dinner. Ciccio :) And our journey to Ciccio was hectic and crazy. With the google map and notes-taking, switching on the light to read the notes and me who constantly asked oi.left or right?. May Ling and Rachel paid for dinner and surprised me with a tiramisu cake at the end. I was literally shock when the waitress came and started singing Happy Birthday. I screamed, and shocked the waitress. Haha.The cake was uberly delicious! The texture of the cake was so smooth and indeed one of the best tiramisu cake I've tasted. Rachel's boyfriend, Julian came and took us to Poppy later on. Again, to celebrate my birthday & Nicholas (Julian's friend) birthday.. There were like what, 15 of us there. Of course la we minum and goyang. No more details :D

And then the boys started throwing people into the pool. As much as you do not want to be thrown into the pool, you have no choice because all of the boys are strong and muscular. So crazy. Except for the part where those Indian parking guards forced us to pay RM30 just so that we could get out of the parking lot. 

Twas a wild night :)

Fetched Yun Kat and MayLing from Kelana Jaya. Head for dinner and then MOS. Met up with MayLing's cousin and his big bunch of friends. Left MOS at 2am and continue the night with Cocoa Banana. VIP some more, cause one of our friend's uncle owns Cocoa Banana. So Yun Kat, May Ling and I went gila again. Yun Kat got a combo from me; stepped and scratched him like several times. I feel so bad, but it was funny. So, sorry lar. Haha :P And then randomly, all those Cocoa Banana-ians sang Happy Birthday. They went all WOOOHHHOOOO, and PHEEWWIIITT and *applause* . I was like WAHH :) and I got this bouquet from one of the bartenders. The night ended with me staying over at May Ling's place. Ahh, I love my them larh.
2 straight nights in a row. fuuuhh.

John and I went to the Curve to celebrate my birthday again. He decided to treat me for a feast in Bubba Gump. Such a dear :) And then we went for movie; The Ugly Truth.  So nice of him for willingly spending his time with me. Big hug to the John.

September 14, 2009

Clinging to every little thing

i want to know that i had already tried my hardest before i truly let go of everything, simply because i want no regrets. is this really the end? or am i being overly emotional and melancholic about this? i long for the latter. tell me that all this means nothing to you and i'll stop hoping. because hope is the only thing that kept me believing, till now. - i sat myself down, isolating myself from the others. wanting to slid it in between my fingers. wanting to placed it between my cracked, pale lips, inhale it, and patiently exhale, exhale all that sorrow. then, i'll really know the joy? of it. I, still want to try.

but then again, why am i filling myself with these unnecessary grief. so overrated right? haha.
no, i'm not being exaggeratedly emo. pffft. i just choose to practice self-censorship anymore.  

attended a workshop at 95% last sunday. it was a copy-writing workshop. leonard and two of our seniors were there as well. this fairly paled looking hand stretched upon us, greeting us with a warm Hello, we haven't officially met yet. I'm Janet Lee, and you must be Stephanie and Leonard. aah. zee multi-award winner Janet Lee :) such a warm, jovial and humble person. that workshop which lasted for 3 hours really gave me an insight on what copy-writing and advertising are all about. i truly learned a lot from her and the others.

pictures taken after lunch. inspired by zheng the joo :)

the academy

the street
the apek

the brothers
Listening to: Bruises by Chairlift

September 11, 2009

The world I know seems peculiar

I like the list of acoustic songs I am slowly collecting now. I like how the strumming of the guitar and the gentle paced melody makes me feel calm. Everything fits even better when Jack Johnson sings. Sigh. I have been a zombie for the past week. I shall not fret about it because I know it's all worth it in the end :) I will step up and start shining. It's my time now. And more sleepless night to come because I want everything to be perfect. Every morning my eyes sting because it demands for more rest. But then again, my perseverance will reward me.  Two essays, one quiz, one major presentation and shooting/editing video awaits me next week. I am somewhat excited about it? :)

This semester is so so larh. I have been hopping around the different cliques in my class. This gang, and that gang, and then this gang again. At least I know there's some good classmates around, even when your closest friend decided to turn his back on you, even after all the effort. Oh well, people change. Even if you think you know that person inside out, they still change. The trust, the love, the bond, the memories. Now, I learn to say goodbye to everything I knew.

I want to smack you into pieces and plant your head at Mars.  If you really enjoy talking bout me, go ahead and broadcast it live on the cable then. Why wasting time telling it to others and then play in angel in front of me. Err hello, please don't act like you really know me when you really don't  And please, if you think you're  blessed with a very pretty face, you need to dig your brains out. The worst is when you really open your mouth and started yapping. It's really annoying. I mean have you tried listening to yourself? I'm sure you didn't because you even look like you don't own a mirror. Stop all the innocence act  & words you enjoy telling to  every stranger just to make yourself look good. Don't you get tired talking trash bout me? or even talking bout me? Well, I cannot blame you if you don't, because that's all you're good at. You have no idea how much I would love to not loath you. But every single day, you made it even harder for me to not loath you. My hand should have landed on your face previously, when you were so emotional and had fund spilling the entire blames on me.And I did nothing, not even a single defend from my side. Let me remind you just in case you forgot what you did/ or even still not realise. all the trash talk, the twisted fact, the gossip, the bullshit lies, the cynical remarks. A round of applause for you for being a wonderful manipulator. Sorry, if you think I am writing this out of jealousy, err hell no. You are the last person I would envy. This finally comes out because you are just that loathsome and urggh to me. I don't mind even if this takes me a step closer to hell. I just regretted that I failed to defend myself when I had to because I was trying to be bigger person, the understanding one. But now, you're stepping all over me.
I have never loath/dislike anyone to this extent before. You definitely broke the record by being the first. T here, I honor you with a ticket to Mars. I beg you with all my might to take it.Forgiveness has never took me this long, and this hard.You truly provided me a challenge in the mannerism of forgiveness. 

I need sleep. Another sleepless week to come. My eyes get smaller everyday.
Yen can do it, hopefully.

August 31, 2009

Bring in September, baby!

a year ago. 
a year back, my merdeka celebration was with them, and so was this year.
the kampar boy, the subang girl & the bangi dude.
what would next year brings ? 
aahh, i love.

August 26, 2009

H1YEN1 gave us a night to remember

16 of us went for dinner, a steamboat. To be exact, it was actually 16 communication students went for steamboat. The funny thing is, we quarantined for a week. Our campus was shut down due to H1YEN1. We were suppose to stay away from each other, but there we were, went high on steamboat. And it was the most hysterical dinner ever. Everyone was so vain that night. Camwhoring around the place. The people and the waiters there were literally observing us.
Last night:
1. Joey was hopping around playing with Boon's camera.
2. Boon talked TOO much that night I almost want to whack him.
3. Eggmo (Michelle Soh) was the only one I see worrying about the leftovers in the pot. She was like 'Eh got some more, got some more', and 'another round another round'.
4. Woei kept filling our bowls with food.
5. Edmund was too full to move, that he cannot even lift up his hand.
6. Leonard is a hippo and  went all grumpy on Boon for making him look ugly in pictures.
7. Kenneth sang Happy Birthday Malaysia with his gaya melebih all.
8. Manpreet is still skinny after stuffing herself.
9. Michelle Tam likes my top that night! Thanks! And I think she has a very addictive giggle. Haha.
10. Elaine was so cute with her hairstyle. She had this ala primary school look with her two ponytails.
11. Leh Bin and I went hiding under the table when they sang Happy Birthday Malaysia.
12. Oh My God there's so much more to write. Who did I miss? errm..
13. Oh, Sudhan! :D Sudhan is vain and can really pose eh? Haha.
14. Nina looking all indie like with her head band thingy. She also sang Happy Birthday Malaysia although she's an Indonesian.
15. Dewi liked my top too! :) And she sang too along Happy Birthday Malaysia although she's an Indonesian. And Dewi was the first one to upload pictures on facebook, with editing and all. I was impressed. Lol :)
Here are some of the pictures. The rest are on facebook.
 My eggmo :)
Joey Kok!
Kenneth; my sepet brother.
Michelle Tam; the bubbly one.

August 24, 2009

Double the sadness

It was really a shocker and a surprise to know that a man, I truly respect and honored passed away peacefully two days ago. A figure who is highly recognized in the town, a man who left his wife and his 4 wonderful children behind. He will always be the role model I looked up to. The fact that his youngest son and daughter were my good friends for many years, wrenched me even more upon receiving the news. I hope that their family are coping up really well. Be strong okay. Thank you for all the free meals you always spent on me, thank you for all the invites I received on any of your special occasions, thank you for some of the advice you gave during my training years of swimming, and thank you for allowing me to be part of your life.

Uncle, this is a tribute, from me to you. May you rest in peace.


Last week, SuLin left for Indiana, U.S.A. Our trip to the airport was somewhat dramatic. Akil, Leonard, Lei, Nakki and me drove to KLIA to send her off. She informed us that her flight was at 11.30 p.m. So we decided to have our dinner first and then continue our way to the airport. It was 8.10pm at that time, until i receive her text saying she will be entering the departure hall at 9.30 pm. I became anxious. I hurried the rest of them to finish their dinner hurriedly. We then started our journey at 8.20pm. A text message from her again; this time saying that she will checked in at 9.00pm. Nakki rushed. He drive at 16o km/h. My poor myvi. And then 10 minutes later, another message from her. This time, it says 8.55pm. My face turned blue and my limbs felt somewhat cold. As emotionally as I am, I didn't want her to leave before bidding me goodbye. I told her to stall the person in charge in anyway she could. We reached the airport at 8.50pm. Nakki dropped us off at the arrival hall and Lei and I ran like the wind. We ran so fast, because we didn't want to miss our only chances of bidding our best friend off goodbye.

We were so close onto letting her go. When we had our eyes on her, we rushed and gave her a warm and tight hug. Moments later, she checked in. The rest of them were unfortunate, as they were only able to gave her a smile and a last wave of goodbye from above, through the glass shield. So dramatic right? And I thought I could only see that in television. :D That was it, my best friend of 12 years is finally far apart from me. She is now on the other side of the world :) All the best in your future undertakings, sulin!!

That's Lei and I vandalizing the trolley :P


My trip to AMM-PANGG and Bangsar with Leonardo di Caplio was a lunatic one. I warn you people ah, I can drive all the way there, I am truly a KL-ian now. HAHA :D I made so many u turns on that day that I cursed Ampang. AMMPANNG AMMPANG, come and give me PANNG. *mumbles* Leonard and I were in Ampang to shoot a video for a competition and also to go to Sony BMG to claim Leonard's prize money. Will tell you more bout it in the future post :D We then proceeded to Bangsar to attend a seminar in 95%, an advertising training agency. It was worth attending though. Grace and Felicia were really friendly and kind to share all of their experience with us. And I'm sure Janet Lee was shocked to see only two present for that seminar. LOL. That long day ended when we reached home at 10pm :) Twas a long and rainy day, full with awesomeness! :)

August 16, 2009

Bye Bye Bestfriend :)

One left.
Today, another one is leaving.
Now, only 5 left.

*waves to the best friend*
sarang hae yo!

Sepetnie is off to KLIA later to send her off.

August 13, 2009

Cupcakes for constipation

I like to lick, cannot ah?

These chocolate cupcakes can definitely cause constipation, because its chocolate, and chocolate and more chocolate. And eating with these amounts of cupcakes baked for Phing, she will not only get constiaption, but also nose bleed and maybe high fever. Haha. These were made last week, for Phing who has left for AIMST on pursueing her dream to be a doctor :)

That is Phing

and these are the good friends

July 23, 2009

Godzilla(s) VS Sepet Princess

the room was cozy.
the comforter, pillow, bolster and the bed were all perfectly laid down,
awaiting to be greet with my figure.
everything was perfect (despite that SuLin was my roomate and she mumbles non-stop) until 3 godzilla's came in.
Boon, Justin and Edmund.
well, only boon-zilla really has the feature of a godzilla larh.
the other 2;
just-zilla and ed-zilla resembles more of the baby godzillas?
the godzillas were in for a mission;
to snatch and invade my uttmost beloved bolster!

one of sepet princess's sweet moments with tha' bolster :)

so the godzillas intruded sepet princess's fortress and pretended like they were all friendly and yada yada. giving reasons like they were sleepy, our room air-conditioner is cooler and wanting to play cards. see, Just-zilla even pretended like he was sleepy, reasoned me to lend him my bolster to be used as a pillow and invaded my bed. he promised to return me my bolster, period.

and then, tadaa! here come his horribly stinky feet.

that's ed-zilla 'roaring' and just-zilla texting his troop for assistance.
people, the war is about to begin...

so i demanded for the bolster back... and to no avail, my request was denied.
?!?! these monsters are mean i tell you.

and so the sepet princess fights back.
she must save her bolster!
(gosh, that sounded so cheesy).

and fight and fight.
the godzillas were really strong i tell you.
thanks to the amount of we ate in malacca.

just-zilla was defeated. he left the room because it was too cold :)
one down, another one to go.
that was when i decided to barge and attacked ed-zilla from the back.

ed-zilla was defeated.
they were defeated.
sepet princess won, of course.

July 20, 2009


before I blog about my trip,
here's a 23 seconds video for viewing pleasure.
boon playing pretend that I somehow 'raped' him. siok sendiri lah that dude.
there's a scratch on edmund's arm because I accidentally scratched him with my nails earlier that day.
and then justin thought edmund is that noob to apply rexona on the scratch mark.

Sneek Peek

will blog bout this soon
sigh :)* what would i do without my cheeky little precious boys

next up would be;
my skating date and malacca trip.

July 19, 2009

Sepet and sepet reverse

Leithiga a/p Mohanachandran & Ooi Su Lin.
our friendship will be one of the pulchritudinous commodities I shall forever preserved.

my two best friends will be leaving the country to embark in a journey to pursue and achieve their goals. i am more than content to know that they are on the right path in ensuing their dreams and hopes. i know you can do it, my dearest darlings! :) it is true; time flies when you have the time of your life. of leng chee kang, sulin's annoyingly adorable manner of ruining our sarcastic remarks/jokes, Lei's blustering and stentophonic sentiment and my junky sarcasm were the perfect uttmost ingredients in creating turbulent of laughters. my meet up session with them last week at SS2 was merrily entertaining and comincally joyful. ahh, they will certainly be missed even more when the time finally comes for them to leave Malaysia.

courtesy to SuLin who somehow enjoys taking candid shots. or else, there wouldn't be any pictures because I am seriously to busy bursting into chachination and laughter in our own conversation :)

the pictures would be perfecto if that man was not sitting behind us. ish, he is annoying me. these are strips of how potong (lame versi Melayu) SuLin was that night. haha.

Lei; Yen

Aiyoyo Yen! Can die wehh. This SuLin ah.

AIYOOOOOO! headache headache..
Sigh. I know I know. Dam potong right.

Lei, my plan is; we ignore her kaw kaw.
In the end, our ignorance towards SuLin's ultimately lame remarks...

... for one minute :)

-one minute ended-

Lei, my sepet reverse.
Hee :D

Arrrgggh! :)

Lame la you.
Come on. You way lamerrrr lahh

yes, she is that adorable!

ahh. the bestfriends.