October 31, 2009



the existence of tumblr is the escape for a lazy blogger like me.

or in other words I am just sick of blogspot after using it for more than 2 years.
I need a change.


Thanks for making the effort to relink.


October 7, 2009

The road is too long

I am still receiving presents for my 20th birthday. Lol. From Kenneth. He bought me a lip gloss to celebrate me venturing into womanhood. Elianto. tsktsk. Thanks brotha! 

Of course, Happy Birthday 21st Boon Boon Pow :)

And and congratulations to these new lovebirds. Awww can you feel the love?

I would love it if anyone could just spend 2 minutes on this video. It's our very own production, for Media Carnival the other day. You know, we even have 3 tiny paragraphs talking about this video in yesterday's Star paper. tsktsk. AND, that column was even written by our very own classmate, Michelle Tam. Good job girl!

Note to self: Do not speak so fast the next time you are presenting. *smacks forehead*

October 3, 2009


I have not slept for the past 24 hours. It's a record for me. Literally no rest at all because we wanted to finish our Yasmin Ahmad tribute video. Of course, it was all worth it.
I feel like a zombie now.
I want to sleep but I need to finish up my piles of assignments. Sigh.
& the sick, it gets worst I tell you. Oh wells.

Of the perempuan melayu & zee american boy.
The Kalsom & the Jordan. Blergh :)

Bad picture quality. Blame blogspot. 

October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to... US?

I want to pen this down. So that I can read it over and over again and not forget every single detail of it.

Michelle was at my place, waiting for the Joey. Michelle's mobile beeped and she told me to read her message cause she was busy combing her long silky hair. It was Joey's sms. It reads Eh I forgot the cake. I need to go back and take. I read it out aloud and Michelle stared at me. We stared at each other for a 3 seconds. IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A SURPRISE FOR ME YOU SEE. Surprise number one was obviously a failure.

Came Joey who then started screaming Yen, I really forgot to bring the cake. Nak cover up lah you know. I was like Okay, whatever and give them a stare. And then they went to my living room and started discussing something when I was sitting just right at the second living room. They were whispering and all and told me to give them a moment =.=' Then, Michelle drove us to Sunway Pyramid. Joey rapidly sat at the back seat all buckled up as fast as the lightning, allowing me to seat at the front passenger seat. On the way to Sunway Pyramid, Joey randomly screamed Oh I think I left the candles in my car! I gave them a stare again and they started giggling. Gone are the unsurprised surprise again. But nooo, Joey covered up by saying Really la Yen. I really forgot the cake. Monday I give you la. I ignored her again.

In the car park, Joey came down from the car with a big plastic bag which shaped like a box and have the word Cake Sense (a bakery). I'm 'sure' that's not the cake. She was walking like a flamingo, hands on the back trying to hide the box as we walked into Sunway. I bust her by asking Joey, are you sure you going to walk like that the whole night? I saw the box already la okayyy..
Joey started laughing and hand me the box.
In the end, I had to carry my own cake.

The both of them I tell you. *smack forehead*
The surprise was truly 'unsurprising'.
But of course, that was made my day even more special.
Loves!! :]

Oh oh! Alas, the cake was used to celebrate our birthday :P
p/s: I borrowed Michelle one of my tops to wear for the night. She look pretty don't you think? :)


I better not be infected with H1N1. It would be a joke then.
I am coughing really badly and having a terrible flu. The sore throat?
One word, agony.

I need remedy, my remedy.
Back to work, Yen.
It's piling up.
I am randomly playing songs from the 1965 movie; Sound of Music.
It's on replay you know.
Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer :)

Pray so that I'll get well please.