March 29, 2009

For one moment, I was convinced that I was not in Taiping

The day where Taiping drivers actually experience bumper to bumper crawl.

Yea. I felt that I was in USJ or something.
Taiping, massive traffic jam.
???? eek
Hello, those two phrases don't go together okay.
I have never, in my history of residing in Taiping, experienced a ride out to the town, which took approximately 1 and a half hour.

You see, in order to reach the town, the journey from my house usually takes only 5-10 minutes.
Today, it was not.
We left the house at 11.45, but we only reached the town at 1.00p.m.
All the roads were blocked leaving us inaccessible to town and the overflowing cars just made the situation worst.
Dam chun-ted right.
Thanks to the Perak by-election campaign that is and also the Cheng Beng festival.
No, wait. I still blame the by-election campaign.mad
I swear I was so impatient at that time that I wanted to wallap all those supporters and campaigners. And also all the overweight police officers there evil
All the parties's supporters were so semangat. Flags and posters were everywhere.
Mat Rempits were also there with their semangat yang berkobar-kobar.
They were rempit-ing with either BN flags or the Opposition flags.

OH, latest strategy, printed masks of the representated leader, wear it & walked around with it. Like those children Ultraman mask, now we have the BN and the Opposition version too. I know, people gets so creative these days mrgreen

PKR's even have those mini-umbrellas for their people okay.

However, thanks to this massive traffic jam, I am finally able to witness the efficiency of Taiping's traffic police officers.
Never in my life, I had seen so many traffic police officers on duty in Taiping.

THREE traffic police officers handling a motorcycle and a car.
TERROR, kan? lol

March 27, 2009

We like running in the rain, don't we?

I finally met a man-made-bitch.

Very rough week. Yet doing good, absorbing it like a grown up women. Handling things like a grown up does. Thinking more like an adult and admitting mistakes like how adult does.

Outing with the 23 years old lads on Wednesday was fun. Went out that night although I had a pile of untouched assignments, and presentation the next day. Not to forget, I was sick, and is still sick, I got worst actually. I lost my voice and I sounded like a Donald Duck. And Raffy laughed at me for laughing because I sounded really weird.evil

Raffy: Don't laugh lar. Dam funny weh. Seriously, don't.

Dionne: Yen! You really sound like a duck!!! HAHAHA

I know. Teruk kan my kawan.

Back to the outing. I told Hunter my address when he texted me for it. He got lost although he was superbly familiar with the area. And he was calling me for familiar landmarks with his brand new iPhone which has tonnes of pictures of hot girls.LIKE TONNES.

Is it Cosway there and the 7 eleven..
What Cosway. Turn in if you saw the restoran lar. Abirami. ABIRAMI.
Har. what. I saw Cosway. No Abirami wor..

I tell you. Abirami Restuarant is located right below Cosway. He saw Cosway but not Abirami. I don't know Cosway, and he don't know Abirami. That's why.
I know, we are lame like that smile

And then when he reached, he said;
You said 4M. It's 6M larr your house.
NOOO.. Read your message. I said 6M larh

*reads* Oh yaaaaa.

iPhone got so large screen also no use I tell you, for people like him that is.mrgreen

Poor Rachel who couldn't join us. Joined Soon Han and Eng Tien at Murni. Hunter is such a dooshbag I tell you. He thought that I was that ulu that I didn't know where/what Murni is. In your face Hunter! Hah. razz Oh. Soon Han went there right after work and I tell you, he looked so cute with his formal attire. So we talked and talked, and then I realise that Eng Tien's house is just one row below from mine eek

You know, who could have guess that, 23 years old working dudes could be so lame? :) Soon Han especially, his lame-ness ia beyond comparable. Hunter being Hunter, would sing or beat-box when we're talking. Eng Tien, apparently was the bully victim for Hunter and Soon Han. Lol.
Oh, Soon Han named his car Alice, you know.
Was a fun night. I slept really that night. 2-ish I think, when I had presentation the next day and had to drive back to Taiping after my badminton sessions with the gang, and my outing with the oh-so-lame&stinky Michelle. Hahaha lol
Both of us had the funniest and strangest chemistry and liking for things ever. In a good way that is.

OMG. I tell you, the ScottyHottyYummy studies in my campus. HAHAHAHAH mrgreen


Don't pretend that you kn
ow me.
Seriously, don't.
Because you really don't exclaim

March 13, 2009

I know it will because you told me so.

So Miss Jenny our IPD lecturer wants us to start a blog. A serious, educational blog It's part of our grades you see.
Hmm, so what shall I name blog?
Since this blog title is Why so serious? :), maybe I should name that Why not be serious! :(
Or... ideas anyone?

Assignments sedang melimpah-limpah already. Tension sudah boleh dirasai sehingga ke hujung rambut. And I am still here lingering my butt off, busy doing nothing. and OH great news, Congratulations to both Adrian and John for scoring excellently in their STPM (: Sooo proud of you all lah!! :D Not forgetting, my brother who scored straight A's in his SPM as well. Make us proud, Jason :)

I told you I lost my phone right. And here I am, announcing you to the arrival of my new phone. The Nokia 6500. And I feel awfully guilty for owning that piece of device. In fact, I have to secure and guard this phone even ore carefully now since that incident happened. And if you know me, you would know that it's a tough task in order to ease me out of my extremely high tendency of feeling guilty over everything. Sigh.

Yesterday afternoon, right after our last class of the day ended, I made Justin and Edmund help me pack goody bags for the NAPEI and FACON fair. I told them it's only for an hour, but we only end four hours later. Yes, I forced Justin to help me out although he vowed to himself that he wanted to go home and have a good 24 hours of sleep because he rarely slept the day before due to our summary reading test and also thanks to the M.U match. He wore his M.U jersey to class okay. Swt. Edmund, Justin and I were stuck in the office packing 540 goody bags. The highlight for that whole agenda was how Edmund and Justin kept saying that they wanted to fart. Well, this is what happens when you are with boys.

.... we were in the library giggling with each other as our eyes gazing at him :)

March 6, 2009

Put her record on

I adore her from the moment she stepped into the audition room. She is the only one which really stands out from my memory. And she is so adorable. I hope she got chosen amongst the wildcard contestant though. Her voice is unique and she definitely got the looks :) In my opinion, she has the whole package!

Megan Crockey

I actually feel that all the wildcard contestants have more potential and talent for this year American Idol competition.
For example, Anoop Desai and Von Smith :)
Argh. I want Megan :D

OH. You know, Her name is actually April Alexis Siow. Not Suzanne. Haha

March 5, 2009

Miss April

Every part of my body is aching all over because of April Siow. Yeah, her name is really April Siow, April Suzanne Siow (: She is one hell of a torturer. She may look tiny, adorable and cute, and you just want to squeeze her each time you see her. But, trust me, looks can be deceiving. My trip to the gym used to be hunting and drooling over zee hot guys now had turn into a trip of horror. Thanks to Miss April. You see what April did was, she would initially say ' Yen, do ten times alright", and when you finally reaches the tenth time, she would go ' give me five more, five more, don't stop'.. That was when I would silently curse her. The chest and shoulder la, bicep tricep lar, hamstrings la, abs is.the.worst i tell chu. Every part of my body now feels like a piece of rusty screw which would fall of any moment from now. Credits all goes to April. Haha.

But I know, it's for the best (:
She is like the smallest and most muscular person girl I had ever witness in my life.
Salute gilerr.

Only one class with Miss Ursha today, it's Global Societies. And that two hours was enough to torment, shock and scare us for the rest of this semester. And then all of the sudden, she started asking questions to the class.

She goes;
Evonne. Is there a Evonne in the class? What is global society made up of?
-evonne answers-

Then out of no where she goes,
Stephanie?! What is global society made up of?

And me, who was fooling around at the back of the class jumped put of my sit when I heard my name being called. I went blank for a while, and tried to recall her question, while Wei was dozing off again at the back of the class.

-Stephanie answers-

Fuh. Fortunately, my answers given were adequate enough. Save, again :D

I sometimes wonder how the hell did we still manage to get results which is satisfactory or sometimes, even higher than our satisfaction when we talk, sleep and talk even more during lectures and tutorials and like sitting at the back of the class. I seriously ponder on that a lot. Nehh, same goes to Leonard and my other classmates. He can finish a 1500 words assignment in less than 24 hours and still get such high marks. What is this world even made of larh.

Oh. Happy 21st Justin. Grow up Konny :) Body also doesn't look 21 years also, at least made your brain look like one. Lol.

I'm so sleepy and it's only 6.37p.m. I stink too because I am too lazy to bath, because my leg is still aching hence I cannot walk up the stairs to bath because of the training just now because April Siow gave me such heavy weights.
And I had to go out again at 10p.m.
I better be energetic and pumped up for tonight.

March 4, 2009

Definitely a series of unforunate events, but with a twist of my hearthrobe :)

Do you know, my bodypump trainer is superrrr cute. He has a baby face, fair but rosy cheeks, scruffy hair, not so bulky and the way he speaks is so.... *melts* :) Nolah, I don't attend his class just because he's the instructor. Obviously not! :P

So the second semester of my degree programme kick-started today. So far so good (: Most of them had new hairstyles (including mua - but they said I look like Aunty wtf), some got fairer, some thinner and prettier. Also stylo-mylo :) It is somewhat feels good to be in class again, but after the first few minutes, most of us were yawning our asses off during lectures and gasped away when lecturers propsoed the assignments and tasks for the rest of the semester. Worst class was the 2pm class. Wei's and my head hit the chair hard for a couple of times because we were snoozing when she was busy explaining about Media Literacy. Oh wait, Peter was dozing off too. Haha. Tomorrow's subject is Global Societies. We'll see what tomorrow offers, yea?

I bet some off you heard that I lost my handphone, right.. It is indeed true : (
I, Yen had lost my uttmostly beloved Nokia 6267 who had served me for two years. He had been nothing but a loyal, and durable mobile phone, he snaps images for me to post pictures in my blog, he textes whenever I need someone to talk to, he whispers whenever I want to hear the sweet sound of comfort and serenity. Wow, talking about dramqueen, eh. Hah. I am using my Digi number, (yes sorry my fairfully Maxis friends) which is associated with to my extremely tua Sony Erricson whose most high-tech function is the infared. So the cool right. The third month of the year has not treating me kindly lar, help. . .

Effing larh. No Nokia 6267, no pictures to post. Or else I would be posting pictures of Wei and I made a candle out of paper, how Wei flung the 'birthday cake & presents' just right before we hand it to them bithday boys, and how Konny blow his paper-made candle. I know, it's lame. Wei and I cannot help it larrrh. We are so lame that we would wait at McDonalds at 11.30a.m. till it was 12pm so that we could enjoy the RM 5.95 McValue Lunch, but no, because when the clock striked 12pm, we left McD and headed to The Chicken Rice shop. The upside of that was, there was no one when we walked in, therefore the cook was generous enough to chop the extra piece of chicken for us, gives us more soup, more bean sprouts, more rice, and even more soy sauce. One word, SATISFACTION. :D

A lot had been dorwning me off too. I had been like a switch, emotionally on and off. Sigh
But I know things will flow smoothly as times passes. I know it will :)

Oh, Wei lost her handphone too today. I know, heart-wrenching right.
Why oh why do the both of us had to be in such drenched misfortunate events??
*kneel down with palms covering the face*
Hah. The dramarama again lol :)

Yorh. No pictures. * bangs head on tables*