November 25, 2007

good girl gone bad

been a terrible/lousy/naughty/)insert all unpleasant adjectives here* daughter.
sigh :(
anyhoo, i am piled up with Malaysian Media History assignment.
the assignments is H-A-R-D okay.
to make it look even worst, its so hard, i haven't even started yet.
not even a single research.
and it has to be like what, 8 to 12 pages loonnnnggg. *screams*
god dam me. grrr.
i want to die. die. die.

been hogging and gobling down a lot of food lately.
especially supper.
let's hpe that i ain't gaining a few pounds or else...
i might die as well.

November 19, 2007

the "gandhi fever" =='

presentation tomorrow...on mahatma gandhi sumore. *screams*
i like presentation, but not this time.
gandhi and me just don't go together.

shit la.
i cant seem to remember anything im suppose to know.
-great-. =='

and im sofcking sleepy right now.

darling daddy flew to sabah this morning.
for some extreme sport thingy and to berbonding with his business partners.
so giler miss him.

oh wait, mom's all alone :O!
poor mom. :(
shall call her later and spread some love :))

right now, my man gandhi needs me.

November 17, 2007

nye nye.

Yo. :)
Chatted with Paulene in the afternoon just now.and

-see Leonard, I'm better off as a friend than you. and paulene wants to whack you after she's back from ausssie. :P

paulene, you know what i desire most from you right?? HAHA.
love love love you you you!! ;]

Dinusha sayang,
sorry I wished you Deepavali. LOL.
don't worry, i'll allow you to wish me hari raya the next time k ;D
then, we're equal. lol.
anyways, sorry babe.
and you know i sayang u long time. :))

*grumbles* reading long lenghty facts on mahatma gandhi right now.
it's for our english assignment. *sigh.
im going bonkerrrsssssssssssss. *bangs head on the table* *bangs head on the table AGAIN*


November 16, 2007


believe it ornot, using the MAC computer in my campus, was OH-SO-AWESOME. :D
mygod. SIOK SIAL!
now i know where did all my fees went to.
we have IT class with Miss Thong last thursday.
shockingly, YES shockingly, it was my *coughs* first time using the gadgets there after 3 months.
i know, wth. Haha.
and so, we had our lecture there.
it was ok la, despite realizing that my knowledge on gadgets and gizmos are like..ehem, zero?
so it was all kind of new to me, anddddd..miss thong speaks really fast!. :O

-sendiri speaks so fast, some more can say people, what la u yen.- *sweat*=='

and if any of you are wondering why the hell am i not posting any pictures?
one word, Lazy. heh :DD

oh wait, not Lazy, its "Busy".
yeah,. that's more like it. :DDD

k la.i cabut dulu. *waves*

November 14, 2007

THE i-need-more-time-moment IS BACK.

whoosh. have a pile loads of English assignments undone. *sweat*
Mr.Indy class was hillarious but at the same time scary :/
why scary? because he told us about exams, and he sets hard essay questions which worth 20 marks, and nobody ever gets A. EVER.
wth. i want A ok. ish.
ohyea, Mr. Indy said something hillarious today.
he said that he once read the book Mastika, i think that book is loaded with craps and junks;
which has the story of "Nenek saya dirogol oleh kambing". (translation- my grandma was raped by a goat).
we were laughing our buttocks off LMAO!. goat? grandma and rape??? =='.
definitely, not a beneficial material to read.
chatted with Kal just now; after for not msn-ing since forever.
but we did text each other though.
i miss her as much as she misses me, or more? LOL.
anyways, she thinks that we should date each other soon and flaund our assets together.- according to Kal- hahaha
anyway, Kal was the ultimate-dear like she used to la. despite her calling me mangkuk and all. =='.
i think i should stop now. this shouldn't be my MAIN focus.
assignments piling up, remember? :(


November 13, 2007


First of all, MILLIONS AND TRILLIONS OF APOLOGIES for not updating.
I hAVE A EFFING GAY CONNECTION, what do ou expect? LOL.
It's been so long since I've blog, I don't even know what to write anymore. HAHA.
and i want to see KALSOM SOOONNNNN :/

Recent Updates on My Life :

1. went Naki's house for Deepavali.
2. started my second semester. I'm Loving it.
3. I got a random midnight call from Max. =='
4. Leonard made me a pineapple jam for my belated birthday gift. Thanks, yo!
5. Sulin visited me the day Leonard passed me the pineapple jam, and the both of us finished that bottle of jam together (:
6. then I realised that his jam are fattening!!! haha.
7. oh! i got myself a new mobilephone :DD
8. i have a conflict going on with my ex-housemates. so gay i tell u.
9. i like colby caillat's latest song.
10. i met with an accident the other day. it was terrfying for me. the pizzas which i bought did not make it, it was crushed. :(
11. fortunately, everyone were safe :]
12.the diploma students are having their holidays right now; it means that no more chloe, soo hui, julius, max, isaac, alice and the rest of the hippy gang to join us anymore :(
12. and i think everybody is pretty (: