July 31, 2008


I hate this feeling.
I don't know what feeling is this, all I know is
it's not the feeling that I want.
I chose to go back to my grandparents place for the weekend.
With hope that it can ease me and help me feel better.
New semester will be a busybusybusy one.
I can feel it.
Feeling so lonely.
It's like I don't fit in anymore.
Can't fit in in my social circle,
can't fit in with people.
I'm afraid of people.
there you go.
I need to make something out of my life.
I want to achieve well in studies.
I want to make them proud.
I want to feel that I am once worth it.
I need to stop growing horizontally.
I want to stand out.
I want to be different.


So hot that I melted

Oh.How b-o-r-i-n-g.
I was half awake during the first part of it.
Partly, was due to the medication.
Secondly, I AM SLEEPY.
Lastly, it was our second orientation for us foundation continuing students.
That's why lah boring.

Nevertheless, it was fun as we scrolled our eyes onto those new-comers.
spotting for soon-to-be- classmates.
drooling over the hottest boy in the auditorium.
envy over hot girls.
catching up with the old friends.
Now, I can't wait for classes to commence.

The weather is killing me.
Jason Mraz; "....so hot that I melted"
Seriously, I might melt soon.
And I'm still sick.
And it's so hot.
Gah!. stupid flu and cough.
Shoo.Go away lah.
You're eating me.

July 29, 2008

the beginning of a new end

last day in Taiping before I'm off for my degree to commence (:
excited and nervous.
met John and Adrian.
enjoyed my last chat with them.
nothing beats midnight chat under the starlight.
aww. I love you people lahh.
I love my taiping kakiS.
so so love them.
till then all my Taiping kakiS.

great, and now I'm having cough.

July 28, 2008


it's so wrong.
so so wrong.
but i can't hold it back.
i wanted to tell.
i just couldn't.
because i know it's wrong.
i'll go back to pretending
like everything alright
and try to put him back behind my memory
and wished that he'll never come upfront again.
i like his texts, midnight calls and sweet e-mails.
i enjoyed his presence.
i miss being around him.
i want him so badly.
but yeah,
it's wrong wrong wrong.

urrrgghh. down with a terrible flu and soar throat.
it's killing me.
going back to KL this week.
and I'm feeling unwell.
way to go.

July 27, 2008



Squashed chocolate indulgence

It was Lei's birthday on the 26th of July.
Celebrated with her, Gene and John. We surprised her.
Here, read Lei's
blog to find out more.
And oh, one more thing, Gene accidentally sat on the birthday cake! LMAO. =D
I think all of us enjoyed ourselves.At least I think I did. :]

Less pictures because most of it are in Lei's camera.
Lei, I'm waiting for the pictures and videos. haha.

And today, went out with Gene and Lei, before Gene head home to Kampar.
Walked around Taiping.
We and our itchy hands had to touch everything we laid on our eyes on.
Toys,stationaries, baby;s clothes (wth?), shirts, hair products.
We practcially touched everything in that lame supermarket :D
It was fun because I was with them (:
We held hands and we felt like kids again.
Want to do more of those.

I'm missing them already. :(

July 21, 2008

Dipping legs, I love (:

Sorry for abandoning you my sweet old blog.
I know. You people are starting to miss me and my sepetness. right? :D

I was in Taiping for more than a week. And will be heading home next week for degree.
Taiping was as usual, peaceful, cheap, yet somehow boring.
But my lovable, huggable, cute, lovely, good friends of mine made it all happening.
Rachel introduced Eugene, John and I her friend, Jin Le to us.
She came down with her to have a look at Taiping. Hopefully she likes it :/
Jin Le reminded me of Jie Jing, another friend whom I haven't met for god knows how long.
And so, long story short- the five of us went to Burmese Pool on Sunday morning.
We were supposed to come out dry, as we only dipped our legs.
But NOOO, I ended up with a soaked butt.
Yay me - sweat`.

Rachel, & Jin Le

I love (:

hello eugene :D haha.

I love too (:

John did it again.


hello again eugene.

John's loving it. XD

jinle,your's truly,rachel.

& flying kisses to you!


more updates soon (:

July 11, 2008

That's Not Her Name

She thought she did them proud.
She tried so hard just for
just for
All she wanted was
to be noticed
to be their source of contentment
to be the one they are proud of
to be the one they boast about
to be
to be
their perfect one.

July 8, 2008

Graduation; friends forever (:


take that you, Finals. boohooo :)

Exam over.
Happy, yes.
Sad, definitely.

before that,
HAPPY 17th MICHELLE CHUN!!!!! =D Big girl already, be good (:

Anyway, today was the final day that us foundation students would be called FOUNDATION, and known as a class.
Some would be shifting and transferring schools and all. :/ *coughKUHENcough*
Our batch consist of the smallest group of students, and therefore, the bond we had among ourselves are rather strong.
All of us were treated with lunch today, a last good meal with the lecturers altogether.
Bonded and chatted with lecturers, played around with classmates and of course pictures.

Oh my God, degree would be at the end of July, gee, how fast time flies.
Nevertheless, although our batch was THE smallest batch, we were the biggest at heart =]

People of the FICM July 2007,
you guys were awesome, and all of you rock my socks :D
Love ya'll.

Enough of ramblings.
I shall let the pictures do the talking now :)

And yes I know, I'm so-the-sepet. =__="

July 6, 2008

I know, it's wrong, wrong, wrong.

Finals commencing in --- 36 hours.

I slept. eat. slept. read blogs. surf the web. online. eat again. read, and then fell asleep.
I have a very short level of concentration. Unlike my classmates who have like 124120947234x level of concentration. They can actually stare, read, memorize in split seconds. Hence, their good results. Sigh.
Bye bye A's. Sadness.
I sang Kate Perry's song for like a bazzilion times today. I'm so very in love with that song.
She's so-the-bomb.
My butt hurt because I've been sitting on this thin and hard mattress of mine for too long, and I ate Milo like I breath oxygen. Seriously.
I'll get fat. YES, I am already fat, but yeah, fatter then. Ish. -you just had to made me say it. =/

Speaking of fats, I randomly have the temptation to... grow fatt-er.
I want to eat my lungs out and start having pizza, waffles served with ice-cream for breakfast.
After all, no one says that I can't have lasagna for supper right? haha.
Hmm, I shall list this under my to-do list. :)

Speaking of food, I crave for cheese naan right now. :(

I randomly miss my dad, although I just saw him yesterday. No idea. Must be due to the e-mail I sent him last night. emo-ness.

Seriously guys, my butt hurts. Ouch.

July 5, 2008

It felt so wrong, it felt so right

Finals starting in erm, 48 hours.

Have I been reading/studying?

Have I been
trying to study?

What have I been doing then?
Eat, eat, and
more eating. Who can resist Taiping so-the-very cheap&delicious food? definitely not me.

And what I am still still doing here, blogging when finals is like erm 47.9 hours left?

What should I expect from this?
Excessive fats & unsatisfying results which will lead me to mourning and crying and constant reminder of myself that there's no use crying over spill milk.

Updates: I weighed and I have gained an EXtra of _ _ _ kg's. :(
Self fulfilling prophecy: It's okay. I rather be fat than to be diagnose with AIDS/HIV. =D

Tuning in & very addicted to Kate Perry- I Kissed A Girl
& Moral is so-the-boring. URRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!