April 30, 2008

Clocks ticking I Think of You.

It's the time again. The time where I can feel the warmth, comfort and love of everyone which once felt distant from me. The time when there's always food awaits for me on the dining table. Times where I can shower my unconditional love to my dearly beloved. Times when I could just wake up, and not worry about how should I spend my day. Times where I could relax, and not do chores. Times where I can sit at the porch, sipping hot coco while reading Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton, enjoying the melodious rhythm of the rain.
Times where I could stretch my arms wide and breath the fresh air, allowing the cold breeze to run through my messy hair. Times where I could stop worrying about how much money I have left in my torn pocket.Times where I could gaze at stars, catching up everything I had missed, and reminisce about the past. Time where I do no have to ponder and question what or where are you. Times where I do not have to wait for those precious calls.
Times where I don't have to feel like a dead soul waiting for time to past. Times where I can sit and stare at you, your delicate skin, your shiny hair and giggled at your silly jokes.Times where I could just say "Hello, I love you" every morning without dialing the numbers of my cell. Times where I can randomly run to you and wrap my arms around you.

Times which allows me to feel grateful and loved again.
And times like this, flies like the speed of light.

It's time to go home, love (:

Current addiction- hits from Fightstar!! *screams*

April 29, 2008

I'll only stop when I saw lights and man in uniforms (:

I randomly decided to write post like this to annoy amir reading his blog taught me the art of writing without putting a full stop nor commas which could sometimes irritates me and when i told him about it all he did was laughed i find what's funny about writing like this is when readers read all of sudden you saw lol then you go wtf because you suddenly realised that its suppose to be something funny but you didn't get it because before you can figure out the joke you have to first figure out the sentences lol i know, it's really annoying right and now im annoying you lol

Okay.That's enough. haha :D

I was browsing through and unbelievally, I found my old blog.
It was so lame. Leonard saw it and he think it's lame too. :)

Exam falls on the 5th of May. Yup,it's just around the corner.
Have I started concentrating yet? NOOO.
Help me concentrate :/

Currently reading- The Taxi Driver's Daughter by Julia Darling
It's for my book review.sigh.

And I can't wait to get my ass back home!

April 28, 2008

Fun in the Sun
To a few of my friends who did not get back to me, reply me or at least inform me, you people burst my bubble and believe me,
This will be the first and last I am informing you people about any plans or outings, since all of you have your own live.
And don't blame me for being neglectful towards you in the future.

Leonard, Dionne, Evonne and I went to Sunway Lagoon last Staurday.
Guess what, to my mamapapajollygosh, I saw Melissa and Joanne. As in Melissa and Joanne from Taiping. haha.
They went to the Scream Park while we enjoyed ourselves in the sun dipping our bodies in the chlorine and the extravagant theme park.

I had myself a tan thighs!! credits to my long tights, my thighs have two colors now. wtf. haha.
After all the time spending and enjoying in the chlorine, we headed for the theme park.
First ride was the worst and I shall never step into that thingamagic again.

I felt terrible, like puking. me, puking after having my hands on extreme rides?
Rarely happen, yo.
But this was a killer. Spinning at 360 degrees? Urgh. Thinking about it made me feels dizzy wiizzy again.

In short, I had fun. Like major fun :D I would love to go again because I like-

;the feeling of seeing the lagoon from far, and then get all excited to get down there
;the anticipation for the rides
;wearing my shades because my eyes are so small that if I don't wear my shades, my eyes will be so exhausted from all the squinting.
;the joy of jumping and hopping because I decided not to wear my slippers when the floor is so freaking hot, and then Leonard had to borrow me one side of his slipper so that I could at least stand on it for a while
;looking at hot guys with hot bods
;envying those girls with hot bods
;looking at little children playing in the pool while their parents have that worried look on their face
;taking pictures with the lagoon mascot
;waiting for the big bucket of water to pour down and then everyone will yell "It's coming it's coming"
;running around the lagoon with our soaked clothes choosing what to play next
;wiggling my feet in the man-made sand
;Dionne laughing at how small my eyes is when I'm in the sun
;dipping myself in the pool and let the wave sweeps all my troubles away
;the thought that I am going to get a tan, when I actually don't.
;laughing at Dionne, Evonne and Leonard trying to float themselves in the water :D
;looking at our silly faces after those wild crazy rides
;boasting to my friends who did not went there. LOL.

Let's visit that place again :) This time, make sure more of you go with me :D

April 27, 2008

The Pink Thing; The Epilogue:
I definitely enjoyed myself. Did you?
View previous entries to further understand the flow of this event.

In my opinion, this orientation night was by far the best I had ever been. Compared to those previous ones. This is not just statement I made because I am part of the council which organises it, but if I was a freshie, I define it awesome (: despite the food though.

Although I was busy running up and down, in and out, I managed to squeeze in a little of my time to bang my head and partayyy. ;D

;Hui Sim (Sharon) attended for the night as well.

;Mei Hsuan

Leroy;...is lame. :D

elaine;your's truly;leh bin

;Jason and his pink tie

;The Foundation and Diploma Students of Mass Comm

G; (the one with the hideous hat)
-he was sweaty-.... :/

Your's truly;tika;mr.suresh;dionne
-Lei, tika reminds me of you- :)


April 26, 2008

The Pink Thing: When the night kicks in
View previous entry to further understand the flow of this event.

Performances: Mia Palencia

Like I said. We have local artists, few local bands and college students performing.
Didn't have the chance to took pictures of all those performances though, I was busy!
Akil and I were assigned as ushers for Mia Palencia.

Mia Palencia is a rising solo artist in Malaysia. Her melodious voice was the bomb of the night.

Akil and I waited for her arrival at the valet.

Her band members and family came to help and support her.
I ushered her in to the courtyard, while Akil waited for another car to arrive; which took like an hour and the half later; because they arrived at the wrong college. LOL.

Mia and her band; Doing their sound-check
While waiting for them to finish, I decided to snap a few shots (:
What kills were the sound system our college provided. It's lousy.

After dinner and a few performances by our college students, it was Mia's turn to perform.
I managed to snap only one miserable shot because;
no 1; I'm short and there's like so many people who are taller and bigger than me standing in front of me, waving their hands, screaming and jumping. How am I suppose to see? I tip-toed ok!
no 2: I was rather busy myself therefore I wasn't there early to stand in the front.
no 3: I need a good camera laa..Like urm.... DSLR :D

Photographers hogging to get a good shot of her.
These students had the privilege to go in front and took pictures of her because they're those mass comm-ers who plan to write an article about her in our campus plus paper.

After her performances, it was time for her to leave. She's a really nice person.
Talked to her and thanked her for coming before she leaves the campus.
Then, her manager decided to take pictures of us for her website.
Akil was there, and he managed to squeeze in and get a few shots of us as well.

Mia (:

Mia and her band; Me; Far right-Akil :D

Yuri from Frequency Canon; me; Mia

Bus Company

Somehow, Florence managed to get Bus Company to perform as well.
Bus Company was the winner from Battle of the Bands.
Their seriously good. I was like jumping and shaking my head off when they started performing.
What really funny was at the end, they performed Justin Timberlake's -What goes around comes around.
They made it their version. It was nice, despite that they forgot their lyrics and had someone standing on the stage holding the lyrics right in front of Sam's(the lead singer) eyes. LOL.
After that, went in the restaurant, have a little chat with them and then they left.

Jason;Dionne;Evonne;Florence;your's truly; two of Bus Company members(Sam and Darren)
In front: Zheng Joo.

Frequency Canon

Students were going crazy when they started performing.
And Kuaci; he's really nice friendly, and funny.
He was even funnier on stage. LOL
Owh, before that, Yuri arrived earlier compared to his other band members.
So Jason and I ushered him into the restaurant to placed his equipments.

and OMG..his car.. Yellow and sporty. Don't know the name but I love it. So classic and so fine :D

Frequency Canon
Rocking hard!!

Frequency Canon; your's truly; Dionne; Evonne

Evonne;Dionne;Kuaci;your's truly
The Pink Thing
Pink because it's associated with the Breast Cancer association, and we are trying to help this girl who are currently suffering from breast cancer.

Pre-Event: Fund Raising

Remember about The Pink Thing event I told you readers about in the other post?
Oh well. It started off well, and it ended perfectl. And it.was.a.blast (:
Most, as in A LOT came in pink. Everyone has something pink-ish on them.
It was such a beautiful sight. It shows that support are pouring in from these people, thus appreciating our hard work.
Never mind to those of you who had no clue about what I just mentioned.
Because, I am going to try and update this blog with every single detail on this event. From top to the bottom, left to the right, side to side.
But you have to be bare with me and be patience :]
Thanks to all the crew members and the etc who worked together and made that night possible.
So, like I said earlier( in previous entry), we had a pre-event event. It was a fund raising.
The fund-raising was on for two consecutive days.
We sold french fries, nuggets, sausages, fried noodles, fruits, and drinks.
We had Henna as well.G manage to ask his friend, the Henna artist to help us out.
No doubt that she's really good at what she's doing.
And on the night of the orientation night itself, bright red blooming roses were sold as well.
Oh.I forgot. Socks. We sold socks as well. "It's a good socks ok", quoted Mr.Murali. :D
I know, you must be thinking. Socks? Why of all items, SOCKS? =.="
Believe me. I wish I had the answer as well, love.
Anyhoo, the fund raising was a success! :D

As I was saying; Nuggets, fries, sausages and fruits.
People involved: Deborah, Dionne, Mun Suet, Jason, Nash, G, Akil, Elsa, Max, and your's truly. I'm sorry if I missed out on anyone :/
What do we do?
Very simple, Three words.
Few of us were in charge of frying, while some of us had to attract passersby and sell it to them :]
And as for those staffs and lecturers, few of us went up to the office and made them our target. muahahaha :D

Your's truly & Jason
-of oily-faced, sweaty foreheads and unbearable heat-

In Jason's frying pan: Yellow crispy fries, In my pot: Golden brown nuggets.

-he's one guy who can't put the fries in the cup without dropping a few stripes on the table-

Some of the crew members
Max lookeing busy... -.-'

Henna drawing
-Dionne loves Henna so much that she went for two.I bet if the Hanna artist stayed longer, Dionne body will be covered up with Hanna.lol.-

Decorations & Goodie Bags

After the fund raising, more helpers came in to help us.
Especially to those Diploma in Communications students. They came although they are on leave for their finals which will be next Monday.
Thanks a lot guys and good luck in your finals (:

We used butterflies and balloons as our element for the decorations for the event.
The balloons were really really hard to blow ya'll!!
So freaking hard.
My cheeks felt like it was going to tear/burst/expand each time I tried puffing it up.
I didn't even manage to puff up one complete balloon :(
All of the deco-crew were so tired of blowing the balloons.
Fortunately, Mr.Murali came with his very expensive electrical pump. LOL.
And yes, it saved me, and the rest of the crew from expanding their cheeks which might even ended up tearing.

Love-shaped balloons!! I like! (: But, THIS was the killer-balloon. So pretty yet so dangerous.
Love can be deceiving. haha.

Jason's little devil.

deco-crew members getting busy

After that, Mr.Murali wanted me to pack the goodie bags for those who registered themselves during the orientation night.
Initially, Akil and I had to pack those goodie bags all by ourselves! (200-300 goodie bags, mind you)
Thank god, Nicholas came and invited his juniors to help us pack it.
It made our job so much easier after all the deep-frying and cheek-tearing activities.

Items we packed for the goodie bags.

A rough image before the night began

Picture of the day:
Mr.Murali's outfit for the party. He decided to use pink papers to "accesor-ise" himself because he seriously has nothing pink in color.

April 24, 2008

Zero Celcius=100 Celcius of satisfaction.

Last Wednesday, Dionne, Leonard and I went to Sunway Pyramid.
All of us had a vivid reason to go to Sunway.
Leonard needs a pair of new chucks while Dionne wants to watch the MSSM Bowling tournament.
As for me, I was only there to indulge myself with Yogur Berry (:

It was fantabulous, despite that it's a little too costly for a yogurt with so little toppings and fruits.
Mine cost me RM10.95.

The yogurt was the best part though. It's really good (:
Not to forget, somehow on that day, the temperature in Yogur Berry was extremely chilly.
Imagine licking the spoon of freezing cold yogurt in a cafe felt like Zero Celcius.
Ok.I am exaggerating, but indeed it was rather cold and chilly.

Despite all that, Leonard is restricting himself from food which has high/semi-high/medium calories.
Like the typical scenario, he think he's fat.
Yes, he's on a diet. A very strict diet indeed.
He's even more obsessive than me. Imagine that!
But he did ate yogurt from Yogur Berry though.
That's because yogurt from Yogur Berry are believed to be healthier and less in calories. LOL.
Therefore, it's suitable for those who are going on a diet. :D

Oh Leonard.

April 23, 2008

The Pink Thing

A lot of effort had been poured in to organize this event.
Please come and support.
Everything is free.
All you need to do is come on the 25th of April 2008 and enjoy yourself.
Various performances including local artists, games, and the dance floor will be open for all of you to shake your booty and get jiggy with it (:
Stop hesitating and just come.

To all Leisure Commerce Square attendants and Taylor's students:
In association with The Pink Thing, a fund raising(breast cancer) event will be held tomorrow in the Courtyard, from 12.30pm to 2.30pm.
Come to the courtyard to find out what are we selling to help raise fund.
Satisfaction guaranteed.

April 22, 2008

I asked for it and I got it.

We are made of sugar and spice and all things nice (:

Guess what;
Yours truly got back her file. *jumps in rejoice*
I would really love to thank the dude/dudette in person, to take the effort of handing my file over to the office.
To the you-know-who-who-returned-my-file, I owe you big time ;D

Lately, I have been wasting too much of my hours doing unproductive activities.

I know the world and I are surfing on the same frequency;
24 hours will never be enough.
Don't you wish you have more hours?
Hello, you get to sleep more!
Oh wait, that would eventually made no difference.
Because even if the world is given more than 24hours, people would just play/shop more, procrastinate and start on assignments even much later, and eventually, you would start wishing for more hours, again.

The art of procrastination;
big bundle of laundry piled up aside, notes untouched, assignments undone, books yet to be read, room yet to be clean although there are still no signs of ants and cockroaches invading my room( thank god), and etc.

-Now you know why.

Upcoming events:
-The Pink Thing;
-Sunway Lagoon
-Exams! :(

April 21, 2008

She's not lucky,She's definitely not a star.

Being the usual dramatic me, I am going to say that this was the worst day of my life.
I repeat.WORST.

In the morning, Dr.Vijaya gave us back our essay.
And, my marks was not satisfactory.
That shatters my beautiful morning.

Then, in the afternoon, I realised that I had lost my watch.
My faithful watch which I had for approximately 3 years.
THE watch which cost hundreds.
THE watch that I truly miss.
THE watch that fits me perfectly.
And now,it's missing.
Okay,so that wraps up the afternoon agenda.

Later late in the evening, I found out that I lost my file.
I was hoping that I misplaced it somewhere,but then after searching high and low,
it is most predictably that the file is missing.
My file contains my IELTS Book which cost RM39.00, my Media Appreciation notes, my planner and my timetable.
If I am not mistaken, I think the last place I left it was on top of the ATM machine.
I went back to the ATM machine, and my file was no where to be found. Sadness. =(

Right now, I seriously hope that someone found my file, and be a good Samaritan to return it back to me, or even hand it over to the office so that I can retrieve it back.
Oh pretty please :(
This file is so important to me.
Despite that my exam is approaching, and I have no notes;
I still want the file back. *sigh*

So yes, I am not only dramatic, but very irresponsible.
Oh gosh,why do I have to be so irresponsible? :(

*singing Akon's- Put the blame on me* "You can put the blame on me, you can put the blame on me."

The Cursed Scarf.

So Leonard bought a scarf from Forever 21 the other day.

-Not the one seen above-
And, he brought it to class.Somehow, scarf is the "IN" thing. Believe it or not, my class declared 17th of April as 'Scarf Day'.
How lame as it may sound, YES, 3 person wore their scarf on that day.Currently, even Elaine bought one for herself.

I.WANT.ONE.TOO.I am getting the one made of wool.

Unlike yours, made of cloth. :P

The scarf is cursed I tell chu.So freagginbloodycursed la.

Why so?
I had the scarf on, and immediately, I became another person.

Leonard quote that the scarf is like the green mask from the movie "Mask".
I was extremely hyper,loud and crazy..for two consecutive days; despite that I am already loud.
This scarf just made matters worst. LOL.
You can see the ultimate effects it had on me. I have proof.
And it's all thanks to Dionne, she took pictures of my stupidity conducts. LOL.
The Attack of the Scarf.

Day One:

Day Two:

"Wah,so funny lah. =.= " I can't even remember WHY I laughed so hard.

They think I look like Ah Ma from Phua Chu Kang.

Cuddling and feeding my child, the dog.