September 26, 2007

and she's 18.

ok. so this is it.
moi 18th birthday! :)
birthday list:
1. world peace :]
2. new phone!! :D
3.prison break 3
4. WENTWORTH MILLER!!!! *drools* the p7 my rockers
7.i guess i need an ipod :/
8. more AND MORE CASh $$$!! :P
9. lhappy and healthy family and friends (:
i guess that's all.
oh wait, i want cupcake!!! *yum* ;]
and wang leehom as well. haha.
and after all, my list never ends.
mua first time celebrating my birthday all on my own.
feels so weird..
and il sing and hear my own voice of the birthday song.
wow.that sounded sad. Lol. :P
whateverrrr, happy birthday to me! *clap clap* ((:

September 24, 2007

its NOT ok.

i am feeling so...NOT GOOD right now.

i feel fat, because i ate like a hog today, seriously.
and im still hungry. die la. eating disorder! :O

and i feel hot because my room air-condtioner aint working

althoug i've been complaining to the person in charge of for so many freagging times.

im staying all by myself in this whole apartment because all of

moi housemates had gone back to their hometown,

which left me alone in this lonely house.

dahla i ni penakut.

im woried bout my own safety.

yup, as you can see, the world is the most dangerous plae to live in right now.

and i miss home because all of this uncomfortable situations made me want to go home.

plus, mom hasn't call me yet.


im feeling sleepy but i can't slep because of all the reasons above.

and i want to watch the season 3 of prison break so badly.

im supose to be studying for finals but instead im wasting my time blogging,friendstering and msn-ing.

i have class at 8am til 4pm tomorow. :

i can onl go home a month later.


my 18th birthday is coming. :D?

aduih. feel so ...old.


September 22, 2007


am feeling so moody and emo right now.
i need someone.anyone..
but there's no one i could possibly turn to.
i feel so unappreciated,alone, and..invisible.
and i hate how I'm felling right now.
am i doing the right thing by calling you people "friends"?

September 19, 2007


okay. we have our event coming..SOON.
and thanks to one idotic person, the event tend to be a disaster which all of us are trying hard to save.
god. i so hate that bitch right now.
thanks for ruining it.
enough of my loathing, let's get the post continued with something more.. joyful (:
as i told you,
moi results for Human Comm and and Malaysian Studies are out,
shosckingly, results weren't that bad after all.

i didn't score the highest, but its ok :]
and today, in our campus,
we have this event name PHUNK.
it stands for..
Providing Hospitality Understanding N Kare.
it was awesome.
the Diploma students have done a tremendous job in the event.
there were press,vip's,media...

The Miss Malaysia 2007,
Deborah Henry
was there as one of the VIP'S.
zomg. she's so tall :O
and superbly hot :]
they even have the 8quickie host,
Belinda Chee was there as one of the VIP'S as well.
she look prettier in person :]
and there's whole lots of other VIP'S which i couldn't recall their names.
but the launching of project PHUNK was entertaining :]
looking forward to more of it.

September 17, 2007

Results. and Wentworth Miller (:

we got back our results for English College Studies today.
but before that,

the funniest phenomenon occurs.


we went into the class.

then , there's this very strange odor.

and then I went yelling
"oi. y so smelly one.?"


no one bothers me.

then Miss Hedi came in.

everyone sat and stare at her.
just right when she was about to show us our marks,

we saw smoke gushing out through one of the boards on the ceiling.

everyone turned and stare and then started to buat bising.


went out, moved to a higher floor.

unfortunately, we were kicked back down,

but into another different, safer class.
that is what happen when nobody tend to listens or take note to what i earlier said.
see lah now... :P

and dum dum dum,


Miss Hedi said:

"only three person got 75%."

then she started announcing students name who scored highly in the sections of the paper.

and shit. my name was not mentioned.

and im like..

"okla.sure no A already one. so, i'll pray for B".

bla bla bla..

she started to on the projector and viewed the marks.

read read read...

and POOM.
I saw my ID, with the number 75% beside it.

and I'm like..

"okay..sure wrong one."

check again.

HAHA. its't true! ;D

really unbelievable.
and oh, Leonard, I beat you. LMAO :P


i am so madly, deeply in LOVE with Wentworth.
like extremely VERY.

i can seriously go bonkers.
aaahhh., Wentworth Earl Miller III.

tomorrow: results on Malaysian Studies and Human Communication.


lets hope that i still have my lucky charm with me.


September 16, 2007

GUGU GAGA over Wentworth.

Zomg. my fixation over Wentworth Earl Miller started again. AAGGH.
i was obssessed over him last time, and then i stopped.

and now it started again.

i am going bonkers i tell chu.


Wentworth Earl Miller III

hottest man alive.

can't wait for Prison Break 3.

September 14, 2007

so Leonard and Akil were chilling out at my place last night.
like they always does.

Leonard chatted with her friend from Australia. her name is Paulene (: very sweet girl though.
and she edited this random photo about us. haha.
then later, we had Mcdonalds for dinner. delivery laa` :/
it was fasting season right, and yeah, the three of us 'fasted'. omg, is that even a word?? lol.
and yup, we fast the whole day and ate at 7.15pm. :O
and im watching the season two of prison break every night.
yeah. i am so into it.
watch until my eyes also buta @.@
anyhoo, it's my brother birthday today.
Happy Birthday bro (:
love you.

September 10, 2007

it's all about the mohneyyy`

English class was okay this morning, despite Miss Hedi's ultimate weird mood swing and behavior.
no one, i repeat NO ONE understands her!
cukup.. weird lah. :)
so, after class, pergi Sunway Pyramid! :DD
went skating, bowling and MOVIES.
i twisted my wristt :/
cos of one idiotic guy whom i need to avoid because he can't stop and i was busy all of sudden i saw him and i fell. boom, wrist terseliuh :/
AND OHHHH, i bought a new pair of sandals and bag, yo!!!
espirit bag (: and ipanama flipflops :)
life couldn't get any better.
watched the movie Perfect straanger by Halle Berry and Bruce Willis.
nice movie but not allowed for audience below 18 (:
ala. go get cd's and watch it but make sure you skipp all the porn scenes and mute all the vulgarity they use. HAHA :P
love the story line. really really very creative.
the movie kept your adrenaline pumping at all times.
so,.. yeahh. we have class from morning to evening tomorrow.
nites ya'll.

and Kal, im all better now. thansk for the concern (: love you poo.

September 4, 2007

im back at my stupid old room at Mentari. :(
reached Subang yesterday evening . it was a road trip for me and my awesome dad (:
the both of us went to Sunway Pyramind for dinner.
Mr.Tepanyaaki :D
he even told me about his time when he used to work and bla bla..
then, the both of us went Starbucks for coffee and cake.'s like a date ((:
after that, it was Byebye dadd :(( he left for Taiping.
dad gave me a hug and i actually cried a little. so touching wehhh :/
i missed him and my mom so much right now.
having a one week study leave makes me feel homesick again.
yala..i was in taiping for that whole week, and now i got to go get my ass here back to Subang.
urgh. sure la sad. back to lonelinessssss :
had exam today.
Malaysian Studies, Human Comm and English.
i wish i didnt screw up but i think i did.
Whatever lahh.
plus, im sick as well. so im feeling very emo-ish right now.
with the tense and sickness im feeling,..i feel like i want to go home . :!
this very moment, i want and need to talk to my mom so badly.
i need her words which could make me feel stronger again.
mommy.... :(