May 1, 2009

Breaking all the rules when we get together

My life can never be more flamboyant than these : )

1. The Taylor's MassColympics. Was exhaunstingly exciting, despite the fact that my team got erm *coughkickedout* at the first round. But it's amazingly weird that the team right after us manage to get in to the 2nd round. Erm hello? Oh, how can I forget this. I did rock climbing for the second time too. Woo. It reminded me of the adrenaline rush when I was half way dangling upthere, and how I strived myself to touch the flag at the peak. Fuuh. Chun-ted.

2. A group of machoistic boys yelled hysterically when they saw a cockcroach. A cockcroach. Goodness I tell you. Imagine this. You were upstairs, bathing peacefully in your bathroom, singing away. And then you heard them boys screaming downstairs. The first image which cross your mind would definitely be them boys fooling around as usual. Horrificly, after the bathing-&-pretending-to-be-popstar-in-the-bathroom-session, you open your door and saw two of the most machoistic boys upstairs, one of them screaming as the other one giggles his ass off, yet the irony of it is, the giggling one the one who most terrified with the cockcroach. Whilst the other two downstairs filled their hands with spraying pesticide and a stack of newspapers, turning my house upside down with the mission of killing that insect. Still, I love my boys like that :)

3. A pleasant meet-up session with SuLin :) How she shopped and tried on clothes, how we bloated ourselves with dinner in Manhattan Fish Market, how we sang aloud in the restaurant ignoring the eyes which stares at us :) Oh, it was fun alright.

4. Leonard threw me in for a treasure hunt organized by the Christian Fellowship society. My team lost. I blame KeeTat :) Hellooo, this dude had the time to stop, and bought himself a can of 100 plus while Aaron and I were running like chickens to the next base wth. Lol. Whereas my other team member Jesslyn, was always no where to be found, but somehow the four of us managed to reach the next base together. Bizarely funny in a way mrgreen Haha.

5. Dinner and window shopping with my old man Eng Tien can never be more electrifying (literally) and blur :/ Dia sangat blur lah I tell you, in an adorable way that is :) And also my lunch date with Soon Han a few days later, was satisfyingly full. Carl's Junior for brunch okay. Life's good biggrin

6. My outings with Kenneth and Leonard. Of conquering the skating park and playground, and having a picnic on a blisful evening accompanied by a bottle of cheap sparkling juice, snacks and bubbles :) The sky was at its perfect, and the wind whispers as we dance around the garden, blowing bubbles for all to embrace. Times like these are what I wish to engrave.

7. Dionne's barbecue was hot, literally. Hello, its barbecue? lol. Of Evonne's persistence of bullying me and how Kenneth's sweat dripped onto the barbecue pit as he fans the fire, made the chicken tasted awfully delicious. Haha.

8. Oh Oh. Vandalism has never been more fun. I vandalized Aaron Teh's car :) And he is loving it. LOL razz