August 31, 2008

Merdeka celebration with my sayangs :)

picture edited by John (:

It's 2.30 a.m.
Here I am, blogging instead of lying on my hard stiffed matress, sleeping.
I am insomniac people. No kidding.

Fetched Sulin and headed to Lei's house at approximately 12.15 p.m. The three of us did the usual catching up :D Later, Eugene came. Coincidentally, all of us wore black, except Su Lin. She was orange :/ Sweat lah you Sulin.

And then, all of us hopped in to the white beautiful myvi *smiles* to go and fetch John before we proceeded to the newly launched Taiping Central.

Sadly, May Ling couldn't join us :/

Yes people. Now Taiping actually had Starbucks, Sushi King and Kenny Rogers.
So as a Taiping-ite, they usually go WHOAHHHHHH/ FUYOHHHHHH :O
But then, again as a Taiping-ite,

That is a typical Taiping-ite :)
Sweat. L-O-L.

Still, nothing beat the good old siang malam where a cup of coffee/tea only cost Rm1.
And it taste like heaven :))

Taiping Central was like a higher-class version of the Taiping pasar malam. I know. I am so evil, condemning the fresh block which just opened like 12 hours ago. BUT IT'S TRUE LA.

Oh yea, so we strolled and walked around Taiping Central (since its NEW right), enjoying each other presence.
Then, we headed for lunch at Tesco.
I fed each and every of them a mouthful of my toast.
And I want to do that again =D

AWWWW :) I love my sayangs lah. Its so hard to not love them.

Then, it started to drizzle. We ran hand in hand to the car.
The oh-so-common cam-whoring session began at Lei's house.
And now, as the oh-so-common-thing-to-do-when-you-have-a-blog, is to post up the pictures.
So people, here you go,
a few pictures of my sayangs :]

Till we meet again :]

August 30, 2008

I wed.

Tonight, I was overpowered with my lovey dovey feeling.
A huge sigh, signifying contentment gushed out from me.
I was feeling all lovey dovey, squishy mushy. I just love them too much (:
Unfortunately, my sweet sweet love was not shared with all of them.
Some even chose to turn their head away from it.
How devastating.
Don't get me wrong, it's not that I did not enjoyed myself, I did indeed.
Just that, something was missing. And something was not right.
Sigh. Sometimes, I ponder am I being a completely faceless jerk after all??

Or, am I thinking too much?

Oh. Lei and I exchanged wedding rings tonight. Yes, It's official. Haha.
We were married under the moonlight, not literally exchanging rings, but we exchange char kueh teow.
Thus, 31st August is our anniversary :D

Still, t'was a great night celebrating the nation's independence day.

I miss them already.
And I meant it in my every single of my I miss you :] phrases.

August 24, 2008

Bye bye China, Hello London :]

Great. Here I am again, stuck in Mentari, with no television.
What's worst is that there are a pile of rubbish in the house, where the foul smell will soon start to fabricate the air.
The Olympic 2008 closing ceremony is on now, and the whole world is watching it, while I'm here IMAGINING that I am watching the ceremony, as I stared onto my lagg-ish laptop.
How excruciating.
The loaded pile of assignments are untouched, leaving me with hormones that arouses my stress level.
I want to watch Olympics, and its ceremony. :(
The assignments I'm loaded with leave me insufficient time to exercise, dream, stare into space, even sleep.
I want to watch Olympic, and its ceremony.
As irony as it may sound, I can still waste my time blogging, when here I am, complaining that I need more time.
Get a life Steph. =.="
Okay. I'm going to get myself started with my assignments now.
First presentation for this semester is this Thursday. Excited yet nervous.
Nahh. I love presentation (:
See you.

Mom, Dad, if you're reading,
you know I always love you ;]

p/s: I won a Alicia Keys CD from Mix FM last week :D

August 22, 2008

She's 19 (:

It had been almost a year since I last saw, smelled, nor touched you!!! :(
You are hazardously missed by me, and I'm definite that the rest of us misses you too :]
Sorry that the usual surprise birthday party for you is not set up.
I hope you're doing great wherever you are.
Eat more. You're way too skinny.
And don't forget to introduce me to your other half, when you found one.
Or is it you HAD found one...?:P
Anyways, Have a great 19th.
and I miss you and love you

August 17, 2008

It's not wrong

You had probably read gazzilions of my post saying that I terribly miss my family and etc.
YES, I DO. all the time.
And my point is, WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT?
Okay, maybe it sounded like I'm homesick although it had been a year living in this hellhole.
Mind you people, I am not homesick okay.
But yet again, it depends on how you define homesickness.
In the sepetnie dictionary, I'm not.
I just like going back to Taiping and be with my family.
I am close to them, like a pair of chopsticks.
I can live on my own and I do not sob to bed anymore, like how I used to back when I first step into college world.
Going back to Taiping constantly meant homesickness??

Guess what, I might even make a trip home every week since I do not have classes on Friday for this semester.
Boo ya! =D
I am totally fine living on my own here.Although I am a daughter who loves being spoiled by her wonderful parents :] I can still be independent. I'm a survivor okay.
And, I just happen to love being around my family and places where things are cheap.
Taiping! :D
So yeah, according to bla bla bla, I'm homesick.
As long as I know I'm not.
Whatever (:

gREAT. Chong Wei''s match with Lin Dan is on today and I am stuck in this hellhole.
Me, being a completely sport addict will miss this ultimate highlight of the Olympic.
I still remember watching those badminton matches with my family. It's like a family activity on its own.
Family members gathered around the television set cheering and commenting on every move the players made, cursing and screaming on any of the penalties and fouls.

And now, here am I, imagining myself in a living room with my family, watching my imaginary television set.

August 11, 2008

It's geting closer now

Stepping into degree is a total 360 degree change for me.
Oh well, foundation is wayyyyyyy easier.
I miss foundation :(
Piled up assignments; as usual. Just that it's superbly tougher this time.
The pressure and burden to strive and be as perfect and flawless as possible rise again.
Cost of living is shooting up and I'm broke.
I'm feeling guilty all the time.
I want to go home so that I can run away from all these madness.
Seriously, I don't know how my friends are able to do it and cope up with it.
I'm constantly thinking about my family.
The air here is terrible, my asthma is gradually coming back.
I need to perform well for my parents. I can feel the pressure again.
Why do the price of oil had to rise? Or else I'll be able to go back to Taiping every weekend.
I know, I'm still acting all immature-ish. =(


Stay cute, hot, and sexay.
Keep that booty shaking.
And good luck in your new semester!!!
Sorry there's no surrrprise party from me this year :(
Love you, Gomez (:

August 4, 2008

Happy 19th Even

You Are Terribly Miss by Me :/

You have been;
a great friend
a great tutor
a great artist
a great runner
a great listener
soon to be great nurse (:
great in bed? lols. :D

ANYWAYS, hope you're enjoying your birthday wherever you are.
We're sorry that we couldn't prepare those surprise party like how we used to.
Love you Vennie darling.

Degree is so freagging scaaarryyy.
My heart was thumping and pounding after the first class.
What if I could not meet up with the lecturer's expectations?
What if I could not even complete the first assignment?
What if I fail my first semester and have to further burden my parents with the costly fees by staying back?
What if what if what if...OMG. :(