January 20, 2010

Chace me please

I have always been a fan of Gossip Girl ever since Season 1, which would be 3 years ago? Despite that the show is sometimes corrupted, twisted and how several episodes could be overrated at times, I must say I am still a fan. I don't know. There's this force, or something that desires me to go on and finish episodes after episodes. Maybe its because Gossip Girls never fails to portray the high-end fashion taste in every outfit that hung upon the frame of those actors and actresses. Nevertheless, the script and writers performed an illustrious, splendid job. Well, if you minus some of the unnecessary plots and absurdly ridiculous dramas. Overall, I think it's not bad. Beautiful people, great script, twisted plot. Those are the primary ingredients for a good drama, no? 

Blair and Chuck have always been my favorite characters. Sometimes Lily Bass too, because she portrays such a kindred, fashionista mother image altogether, in a package. And she is one hot mama, right?! Season 2 was a disaster, I must say. And then the show accelerated and Season 3 became more exhilarating. Mainly, because Chuck and Blair are finally together, after two seasons. and every other characters in the show grows along; Jenny becomes the delusional, mean Queen of Constance,  and Serena's never-ending love issues with every man she laid her eyes on. Also, season 3 became more favorable due to the fact that the writers drew this pleasant relationship; intertwining both Blair's and Chuck's personalities to play a humorous iloveyou-but-youcancheatonme relationship. Besides that, Blair's raw perkiness whereby she constantly exaggerates her speech and gestures without realizing it, simply makes her more adorable and lovable. As for Chuck, he became a man of words. He knows what to say, each time. The writers really did an admirable job in transforming Chuck the rascal, playboy into this dashing, likable, charming, matured man. His words are like a broom, because they swept me off my feet. *raise eyebrows*


Nate's character on the hand, sometimes appears to be just a distraction. The prominence of his character carefully fades. However, his physical charm doesn't. The fact that his character is slowly slipping away, captivated me even more. I started paying attention to him and realized that he obtain such handsome features! So good looking! I know, there are tonnes of girls who would probably kill my by now for my major flung in noticing this dashing, flamboyant gentleman. I am sometimes, too slow. He gets cuter, I admit. He got the looks. But Chuck got the charm.

Sometimes, I get undecided when I watch the show. For now, I am all out for Chace Crawford who played Nathaniel Archibald. Hee.
So handsome lah, how to resist.

One word, STEAM.

January 19, 2010

Rewind to the 80's

Murai's 2nd Anniversary Party. The theme allocated was Fabulous 80's. I was part of the crew. You know, cause I am interning with Astro and all. Well, I dolled myself up with a black puffy short dress, leggings and a pair of stilettos to complete the entire outfit. Black will always be the color to go, for me. I know, it's the 80's and I have to dress overly colorful. Well, rule number one about me is that I never obey the rules :) So to speak, everyone dress their best, that night. As for the celebrities. they looked stunningly beautiful, as they strut their ways on the red carpet. Truth be told, my knowledge on these local celebrities, are zero. Nada. Even after they walked in and they introduced themselves to me and vice versa, and we snap a few pictures and chit chat like friends. I still have no clue.

And so I randomly asked Ika, my colleague.

"Eh kenapa saya tak nampak budak hensem semua ni kat office kita. Mana tempat diorang?"
"Memang la tak pernah lihat kat office. Itu celebrity la, sepet."
"Celebrity? Eh kenapa tak cakap. Eish. I buat malu lar macam nie."

That, was how I found out.
The rest of the pictures are on facebook, fyi :)


Alif from One in A Million.


 Linda Onn.


 Ziana Zain

and my red carpet moment with that she-male model.

January 16, 2010

Ops Diva

Illustrated by good friend, Leonard.
Fantabulous :)
Bravo buddy.
You did good.
You are now qualified to draw a full portrait of me.

January 10, 2010

Blogspot, AGAIN?

Okay. Let's not entirely kill this old chap. This blog, I mean.
I shall handle both blogs. Okay? Hopefully :)

...I am slowly losing my wonders in writing. It's been far too long since I had ever posted anything lengthy. The newly born Tumblr isn't exactly helping. Hello, I can just surf through thousands of blogs and click 'Reblog' onto any posts I find amusing! It's that simple. Of course I rarely write anymore. I like how words obtain such strong capability to construe and narrate each particular details, each picture and that very feeling you affront. A pen is indeed mightier than a sword.

I am excited that 2010 commenced. Everyone deserves a new beginning, no? 2009 was not one of the best years I had. If I would to weigh the awesome and anguishing moments I encountered in that year, the anguishing fucked up moments win hands down. More reasons for me to flush 2009 down the drain.
Dear 2010,
Please treat me well. I promise I'll be good, and I'll minimize the swearing :)

Love always,