August 31, 2009

Bring in September, baby!

a year ago. 
a year back, my merdeka celebration was with them, and so was this year.
the kampar boy, the subang girl & the bangi dude.
what would next year brings ? 
aahh, i love.

August 26, 2009

H1YEN1 gave us a night to remember

16 of us went for dinner, a steamboat. To be exact, it was actually 16 communication students went for steamboat. The funny thing is, we quarantined for a week. Our campus was shut down due to H1YEN1. We were suppose to stay away from each other, but there we were, went high on steamboat. And it was the most hysterical dinner ever. Everyone was so vain that night. Camwhoring around the place. The people and the waiters there were literally observing us.
Last night:
1. Joey was hopping around playing with Boon's camera.
2. Boon talked TOO much that night I almost want to whack him.
3. Eggmo (Michelle Soh) was the only one I see worrying about the leftovers in the pot. She was like 'Eh got some more, got some more', and 'another round another round'.
4. Woei kept filling our bowls with food.
5. Edmund was too full to move, that he cannot even lift up his hand.
6. Leonard is a hippo and  went all grumpy on Boon for making him look ugly in pictures.
7. Kenneth sang Happy Birthday Malaysia with his gaya melebih all.
8. Manpreet is still skinny after stuffing herself.
9. Michelle Tam likes my top that night! Thanks! And I think she has a very addictive giggle. Haha.
10. Elaine was so cute with her hairstyle. She had this ala primary school look with her two ponytails.
11. Leh Bin and I went hiding under the table when they sang Happy Birthday Malaysia.
12. Oh My God there's so much more to write. Who did I miss? errm..
13. Oh, Sudhan! :D Sudhan is vain and can really pose eh? Haha.
14. Nina looking all indie like with her head band thingy. She also sang Happy Birthday Malaysia although she's an Indonesian.
15. Dewi liked my top too! :) And she sang too along Happy Birthday Malaysia although she's an Indonesian. And Dewi was the first one to upload pictures on facebook, with editing and all. I was impressed. Lol :)
Here are some of the pictures. The rest are on facebook.
 My eggmo :)
Joey Kok!
Kenneth; my sepet brother.
Michelle Tam; the bubbly one.

August 24, 2009

Double the sadness

It was really a shocker and a surprise to know that a man, I truly respect and honored passed away peacefully two days ago. A figure who is highly recognized in the town, a man who left his wife and his 4 wonderful children behind. He will always be the role model I looked up to. The fact that his youngest son and daughter were my good friends for many years, wrenched me even more upon receiving the news. I hope that their family are coping up really well. Be strong okay. Thank you for all the free meals you always spent on me, thank you for all the invites I received on any of your special occasions, thank you for some of the advice you gave during my training years of swimming, and thank you for allowing me to be part of your life.

Uncle, this is a tribute, from me to you. May you rest in peace.


Last week, SuLin left for Indiana, U.S.A. Our trip to the airport was somewhat dramatic. Akil, Leonard, Lei, Nakki and me drove to KLIA to send her off. She informed us that her flight was at 11.30 p.m. So we decided to have our dinner first and then continue our way to the airport. It was 8.10pm at that time, until i receive her text saying she will be entering the departure hall at 9.30 pm. I became anxious. I hurried the rest of them to finish their dinner hurriedly. We then started our journey at 8.20pm. A text message from her again; this time saying that she will checked in at 9.00pm. Nakki rushed. He drive at 16o km/h. My poor myvi. And then 10 minutes later, another message from her. This time, it says 8.55pm. My face turned blue and my limbs felt somewhat cold. As emotionally as I am, I didn't want her to leave before bidding me goodbye. I told her to stall the person in charge in anyway she could. We reached the airport at 8.50pm. Nakki dropped us off at the arrival hall and Lei and I ran like the wind. We ran so fast, because we didn't want to miss our only chances of bidding our best friend off goodbye.

We were so close onto letting her go. When we had our eyes on her, we rushed and gave her a warm and tight hug. Moments later, she checked in. The rest of them were unfortunate, as they were only able to gave her a smile and a last wave of goodbye from above, through the glass shield. So dramatic right? And I thought I could only see that in television. :D That was it, my best friend of 12 years is finally far apart from me. She is now on the other side of the world :) All the best in your future undertakings, sulin!!

That's Lei and I vandalizing the trolley :P


My trip to AMM-PANGG and Bangsar with Leonardo di Caplio was a lunatic one. I warn you people ah, I can drive all the way there, I am truly a KL-ian now. HAHA :D I made so many u turns on that day that I cursed Ampang. AMMPANNG AMMPANG, come and give me PANNG. *mumbles* Leonard and I were in Ampang to shoot a video for a competition and also to go to Sony BMG to claim Leonard's prize money. Will tell you more bout it in the future post :D We then proceeded to Bangsar to attend a seminar in 95%, an advertising training agency. It was worth attending though. Grace and Felicia were really friendly and kind to share all of their experience with us. And I'm sure Janet Lee was shocked to see only two present for that seminar. LOL. That long day ended when we reached home at 10pm :) Twas a long and rainy day, full with awesomeness! :)

August 16, 2009

Bye Bye Bestfriend :)

One left.
Today, another one is leaving.
Now, only 5 left.

*waves to the best friend*
sarang hae yo!

Sepetnie is off to KLIA later to send her off.

August 13, 2009

Cupcakes for constipation

I like to lick, cannot ah?

These chocolate cupcakes can definitely cause constipation, because its chocolate, and chocolate and more chocolate. And eating with these amounts of cupcakes baked for Phing, she will not only get constiaption, but also nose bleed and maybe high fever. Haha. These were made last week, for Phing who has left for AIMST on pursueing her dream to be a doctor :)

That is Phing

and these are the good friends