October 8, 2007

cyndi wang

last weekend, i went Genting Highlands with my relatives (:

and co-incidentally, they have this "Cyndi Wang Meet The Fans" function.
I'm not a big fan of her, but i decided to check it out.
just wanted to see how she looks like in real person.
and omigosh, she is so small!! she's so petite i tell you!
and she looks so much prettier in person, obviously.
and then the Myfm radio DJ was the MC for the function.
i do not know who the DJ is for i don't listen to chinese stations, and mostly because i couldn't understand a word they say. =='
so yeah, that DJ name was Roger.,, kinda cute though .eheeee :D

and then they have this games for all Cyndi Wang's fan to win some goodies and tickets for her concert.

god, i find it extremely funny. HAHA.

not because of the game, but rather the contestants themselves. HAHA.

so folks, just let the pictures do all the talking ((:

p/s: and oh, at Genting, there's once, we ate brunch worth RM450.00. shocking shit! :O !

October 3, 2007


it was our event day today. the event which was almost screwed up.
but somehow, we saved it.
for a last minute of hard work and diligency, i think we did rather well.
our class had to organise and event regarding the English language.
so we came up with "E" 4 Inglish.
and this was the flyer we came up with.

before that, my class came up with this cool tee-shirt;

which became a hot topic in the staffroom among the ecturers.


nice right?? hehe.

during our event, we have games, badges selling and performance.

the badges were all done by hand, and alll of us did it all by ourselves.

it's sold at only RM1 for one badge, and it's the money is for a charity name Rumah Hope.

and there were a lot of good samaritans who bought the badges we made (:

thanks you guys :]

besides that, we even have the Hardstyle Republic shufflers to perform for us.
they were awesome.

our event ended at 3pm.
and we thank all who came, especiall those diploma communication(July intake)
students who helped us alot. (:
and we promised, our next event, would be a blast. much better than this, Obviously! haha :D

Nivea Visage's visit

yesterday, Nivea Visage had this roadshow in our campus.

they were giving out goodie bags, promoting their products and mostly, persuading people to
join their ultimate prome night contest 'thingy'.
this event was organised by 8tv.

so, my friends and i decided to check this booth out.

and all of a sudden, we got ourselves into this photo contest thingy;

which says, that if your photo appeared online,

you'll stand a chance to win RM20,000. :O

yea,i know. that's alot of cash. hahas.

and so we went for the photo shoot.but we chose the group category.

shy marr`. LOL.

Akil and Michelle somehow got themselves into this solo/single photoshoot.

the both of them were slowly "transfomed" by those Nivea's stylist.

Akil's and Mitch's shot:

and then later, Dionne and I went for another photoshoot. just the two of us.

and the photographer told us to show a "confident face" . :D cehhh.

we want to win ma, so mar do the 'confident' face lor.

and it turn out to be.... well, you do the judging later. :P haha.

the photographer laughed at our silly acts and actions.

but in the end, one picture was chosen, and was hung up at the wall of Nivea. HAHA.
and then, they gave us goodie bags!! YAY!! *jumps up and down*

October 1, 2007

first of all,


sadly, i don't have cakes for my birthday :( i want cake.sigh.
anyway, what happened in college today was..
a purple/pink hamster.

seen one?
Haha. bet you haven't.
Michelle brought Skeley(the purple/pink hamster) to class today.

i was like EYEERRRRR and OMG.
YUP..she dyed Skeley's fur. =='
Well, basically, Michelle has purple hair too. :D
so yeah, you can see the resemblance between the owner and the hamster.

hamster in the cap

Michelle, Skeley's owner (:

and, Oozy fooling around with Skeley on his cap.

so now you have SEEN a purple hamster :D YAY! hahas.