December 26, 2008

A new year unfolds

This year, I love.

Amazing friends, I found.
Wonderful memories, I possessed.
I is truly blessed.

Better than any year had been, better than any joy known, better than any wish realized.
And I had lived this year with zest.

Yen Lew's compelling and weighty moments of 2008 (in random orders).

1. I became Britney Sepet; the annoying character of a dumb-Chinese-want-to-be-dumb-Blond-whose-boyfriend-name-is-Kari bin Pap for a sitcom.

2. I found a merry bunch of friends who often dragged me for chor dai dee, pool sessions and paintball (:

3. This girl.

4. The Adventure Race I participated in.

5. Zee birthday surprise (:

6. This.

7. Thoughts like where my leg may be amputated :|

8. Eugene-who-squashed-Lei's-cake-20-seconds-before-the-birthday-surprise.

9. Me bunch of girls.

10. Of course, him (:

May all the dreams in your eyes, all the desires in your heart and all
the hopes in your life blend together, to give you the most spectacular
New Year ever.

Happy New Year to all.

December 24, 2008

I say Bee Emm is fun, too

A bunch of the 1989 batch of Convent girls had met up on the eve of Christmas Eve.
We agreed to meet at eight p.m, but of course, everyone only came at nine.
At nine p.m, Maxie who is on a semester break from her university in Australia arrived with her other half, Gessie. Those two sisters come in package I tell you :P
The fact that I was in Taiping Central draws me to meet a lot of familiar faces.
Hellooo, it's Taiping Central for god's sake.
Also, since it was the eve of the Christmas Eve, the FGA church members performed several Christmas songs on the center stage. That was also when I met more of zee very familiar faces.
Soon Han, Even, Charis, Hunter Ching How, Tian Wei, Jared and Joanna, Jovi, Wei Ling; just to name a few (:

We proceeded by heading to the K-Box area.
So the seven of us went into the room and started singing like we're Madonna.
The ultimate song was 'Crazy' by Britney Bitch (:
Why you ask. That's because we tried to translate most of the lyrics into Malay words while singing along, and only Britney's hits were able to rock our asses. I kid you not (:

Britney Spears: Crazy
Crazy... I'm in too deep
Gila... Saya terlalu dalam

This is one of the times where I could actually say that;
Saya bangga saya tahu Bahasa Melayu.

Su Lin & Fatima


Blame Gessie. She wanted all of us to make it like a candid shot. Apparently, only Maxie, Sulin and I listened. Hence, the hideous look lah.

After the one hour of screaming and singing aimlessly, all of us parted and went home.
Sulin and I went to McD for supper and we had a really long chat about the future and the past.
And also about her flying to the States next year. I am bound to miss her a lot when that happens.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas too all (:

December 22, 2008

Day Ten

Met up and had midnight chat with Gene and Naki.
Family trip to Kuala Lumpur and Seremban.
Shifted to the new crib in Subang.
New semester, new crib, new housemates (:
Finally, boyf met zee parents and vice versa.
Reunion dinner in Seremban with zee relatives.
Chill out at the boy eff's place.
Hiking at Maxwell Hill with old bunch of friends.
Sow Ann's eyes are well hidden now and the rest are pretty much still the same.
And Sulin's driving skills can cause symptoms such as
hands-shaking, leg-wobbling, heart-wrenching :/

That's pretty much what I did this week (:
Have plans with the hiking buddies later.

December 17, 2008

Guess who's back, back again

Hello hello hello.
I hereby announce you the return of blogspot. :D
aiyoh. I am currently operating two blogs. Yes, one here, another in livejournal.
I don't know why but yes :D

Nope. I have no particular subject for today's post of mine.

He's a freaking forty-nine.