August 29, 2010

suffocate v.2

i am down with fever, flu, sore throat, and cough. worst still, my asthma came back again. i knew my asthma came back because i started sweating cold sweats and often pant rapidly each time i climbed up that flight of stairs. my lips cracked and i look like i haven't been sleeping at all. because every night, i am barely breathing.

this shucks. like totally. and its humiliating. fortunately, no one actually takes my blog seriously and i definitely feel comfortable telling it to someone, well whoever you may be, why hello there :) my fellow existing friends who still read this blog, don't worry lah. chill chill nie k. haha. anyways, of course my mom was worried sick about me and my condition. i face breathing difficulties and i experience suffocation. of course, i am scared! every night,i wonder will i make it till morning comes? will i be able to sustain myself that long? i will never stop coughing. i breathe harder than anyone else. and when i can't breathe anymore, i use my inhaler. and if the inhaler doesn't work, i'll be admitted to the hospital.

so what, life still goes on. not like if i mourn and wept myself to bed every night, i'll get better. if im awake the next day, i thank God & the best i can do is to live that day to the fullest, & of course finished up that pile of joyful assignments. blergh. *stares*
well, even if i doesn't make it the next day, at least i know i die trying (wah, that line so cheesy) & i love God, my family, my best friends, my friends, my church, my cell members, my pastor, my dog, my...

aiyo, don't worry la.
Chill k. haha.

August 27, 2010

boys & supper

k : you know not. you give girls a lot of wrong signals. that's why girls all like you. you dam clever to flirt lor.
c : what. where got. i where got give signals. i dont know how to flirt ok. normal la. not my fault leh they like me. 
k : got la. come, bring your phone here. 

*k & m read through his sms-es*

k : see see. you some more write 'hehe'. wah! some more ask like this.........yada yada...
m : *looks at k* eh. not his fault la he's good at flirting. don't blame him like that. he got natural talent okayy. i know la you tak siok he more terror than you. dont blame him, dont blame him. *pats k shoulders* :)

m : HAHA.
k : YES LAH. >.<

this is what i call pro.



August 26, 2010

sorry lah bro

sorry lah. i'm back to blogspot.
when i see read people's blog from blogspot, i siok blogspot and forgot bout my tumblr.
so now,  i am reopening my blogspot.

sorry lah k.