August 31, 2007

my connection have been "gay" these days. im having my mid-sem now,which is ending SOON. :(
exams coming, study pun belum. omg.
i dont feel like going back to Mentari Court.
i want to stay in Taiping and eat non stop :)
i baked a lot with my mom during my sem break.
i went one yoga lesson with my best friend and my mom :]
i ate like a hog.
i forgot to go shopping :( HAHAHA.
i cant wait for my birthday :D
i miss chatting with my ex :/
i had fun going out, meet up with all my girlfriends ;)
i waste my time watching tv instead of studying.
i want to eat my creamy cheese crackers i baked myself.
i m craving for my self-made bread pudding :D
my best friend thinks that i should sell my bread pudding for the diabetic patients :|
i drank a bir which my uncle smuggled back from Holland. best gilerrr :]]
and no,im not an alcoholic.
i miss Kalsom :(
im still waiting for janwin to return me my rope, scissors and double sided tape. LOL :P
im only a part-timer blogger ;S
and i sucks at editing my blog.
i want a hug :/

August 21, 2007

andd.. im addicted to the song the great escape by boys like girls.
o.m.g. siokk gilerrr``

currently in the computer lab of my college campus right now.
its 9am and im felling bloody sleepy :
what am i doing here blogging when i have assignments piling up behind me???
yeaa.whateverrr "W".
i realised that me blog is so boringgg with a capital B.
no wonder there's like so little people vieweing it. sigh. time to edit edit all okay. dahla i so lazy mia budak :PP
anyhoo, went to Sunway Pyramid las night with leonard and akil.
wallap aunty anne's pretzels. my ultimate.all-time.favourite.
then went waffle world for wafffles. doh` obviously. haha.
we shared the banana caramel waffle. sharing is caring maa`. haha.
thennn, we watch The Simpsons! yea.i know, you must be wondering;
"eleh.the movie is out for so long,now only watch ah? "
and again,, whateverrrr.. HAHA :D
we decided to go sunway cos` we are sort of asssignment-free. and i mean SORT OF.
there's some more need to be done.
but hey, we need to reward oursleves once in a while right? =D
all we did was hang around and eat.
the movie was awesome. i mean, spiderpig?? WTH .LMAO
so cute wehhh. :DD ex and bestie thinks im not fat :D yippie. *jumps up and down*.
but i think i am :/
yea. i am paranoid about my very. :
alarr.whatever la. :P
im goingg back to taiping in one day time.. neh neh :P YAY!.
but its exam after my that week of misem break/study leave. lame weh. urgh.
so cravingggg...... for pretzels and coffee right now :/
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :X

and byebye (:

August 20, 2007

okay.emo pictures.yeah.I look super weird. *as usual*
neways, michelle edited alll these pictures.she's good huh?
these are some pictures we nedd for our exhibition. cant wait for it :)

hot topic for this season: IM FAT!!! X( i am right?? :/

and i still continue consuming all those food. O.M.G. i cant stop myself from all those temptations. aargh.fuck food weh. so damn delicious. ISH.

how now? wana die ornot???? or terus makan dan jadi gemuk?

you see, if i dont enjoy all those wonderful food NOW, i wouldnt have the chance later on.
takkan when OLD d then ni wana start makan meh?? when im OLD, i have to control my dieting already lah.. or else i'l die faster..
but if i EAT all those fattening food now, i'l urm.grow WIDE. :

ok.i ish.
-screw me lah-
dahla i do not have the high metabolisme in me, i have to watch and choose what i eat; which i don't do. URGH. im going bonkers people.

ARRGGHHHH. *scratch head*

August 10, 2007

:D!! i miss you bloggy!! sorry for not updating any pictures lately.been reall busy.

asssignments banyak gilerr :/
but i would like to share with you people some pictures.
this is what K and OOz drew on my back during English class :D dont ask me,i dont even know what it is .

i love the lolly!!! we used for the emo photo shoot ;P
shall upload more some other really rushing for time.
but college been fun so far.
im going back to taiping in two weeks time. YIPPIE!! *jumps up and down*
can't wait :]