June 27, 2009

High 5!!

Firstly, a moment of silence for the recent death concerning Michael Jackson, King of Pop. Your presence shall be missed. Rest in peace Mr. Jackson. Your legacy shall forever more embed within us.

Sudah lama tak blog, sekarang bila nak blog, rasa weird.
. . .
To post, or not to post.
Bila baca blog orang, rasa macam ada tanggungjawab to post something.
But then bila tulis, wahhhh, writer's block.

Semester ended; like two weeks ago? I forgot.
Second year will only start a month later.

A little recap about what happened a while back,
in no particular orders.

I had flu for three weeks. No kidding.
I thought I might be down with H1N1.

I miss my boy Sun Chin already.
He left for UKM.

Soon, I will miss the Wei Ming and Chor Jaur too.
Chor Jaur will start working and the other one would go back to Singapore.

Attended the SEARCH Conference at Sheraton Subang Hotel a while back. The presenters were really good.

Except for some, whom I couldn't understand a single word they are uttering. Those from Russia, Thailand, Korean *sadly* and etc. I was like har what? rolleyes

Overall, it was truly a learning experience to be able to witness and be part of an international conference, listening to all those informative, intellectual and in depth discussion.
Oh and another thing, they served good food mrgreen

His name is Kevin something, no?
I forgot his name since it was almost a month ago.
He is some lawyer from the States.

Boon, one of the photographers during the two days conference.
Photos credited to him and Edmund.

I forgot her name too.
But she is really really smart.
All I remember is she is from UK.

This one, I remember.
Akil Yunus, Seremban (Malaysia).

Also, I was one of the 30 students chosen for a one day workshop with 8TV crew. Marion Counter came and shared her experience as a TV personility. That's when all the guys drooled over her. She really is a charming person though, astonishgly attractive too :) We were introduced to a few more crews of the 8TV, including CEO Ahmad Izham came and his boss whom I forgot his name. The main objective of this workshop was too present a fresh idea for 8TV's future television programme. We were grouped, guided and later presented our ideas to Ahmad Idham at the end of the workshop. It was an honor to be able to present and sell our ideas to him though :) Three ideas were accepted at the end of the workshop; Leonard's group, my group and i forgot the other one. However, Leonard and his group won themselves RM500 for protruding the best idea.

They provided us with all these toys.
Bubbles, soft toys, weird looking spectacles and etc.
Creativity purposes lol
So fun!

Next, Leonard and a few of us joined a short film competition.
*whispers I hope we win*
Filming was fun la. But the short film will only allowed to be widely distributed later in July.

Leonard; producer and creator and Raffi the talented photographer, camera man
and everything else concerning cameras and editing.

Another part of the crew.

How the assistant producer slash diva in bracket self-proclaimed actress bullied the cameraman

Also, SuLin's trip to Subang Jaya. She stayed for almost a week. Brought her her and there. Supper and yum char with my gang. Shopped till she drop. And met up session with May Ling and Leithiga in Sunway Pyramid :)
We decided to get a photo in that booth thingy.
So funny I tell you. It was our first time you see.
And then the music started playing. Real fast tempo tune and then suddenly the machine would say 3,2,1 *snap* and then I would go HAR HAR?
I would scream the tune make me kan cheong lar...
and then Leithiga would laugh and laugh.
May Ling and Su Lin would just go around the booth in search for the perfect angle to have their pictures taken.

No pictures to upload. There were all in May Ling's and Su Lin's camera :)

World, I would like you to meet the new born
Abrielle Lee :)
I don't know bout you, but I love babies
Babies are really beautiful and amazing :)