July 23, 2009

Godzilla(s) VS Sepet Princess

the room was cozy.
the comforter, pillow, bolster and the bed were all perfectly laid down,
awaiting to be greet with my figure.
everything was perfect (despite that SuLin was my roomate and she mumbles non-stop) until 3 godzilla's came in.
Boon, Justin and Edmund.
well, only boon-zilla really has the feature of a godzilla larh.
the other 2;
just-zilla and ed-zilla resembles more of the baby godzillas?
the godzillas were in for a mission;
to snatch and invade my uttmost beloved bolster!

one of sepet princess's sweet moments with tha' bolster :)

so the godzillas intruded sepet princess's fortress and pretended like they were all friendly and yada yada. giving reasons like they were sleepy, our room air-conditioner is cooler and wanting to play cards. see, Just-zilla even pretended like he was sleepy, reasoned me to lend him my bolster to be used as a pillow and invaded my bed. he promised to return me my bolster, period.

and then, tadaa! here come his horribly stinky feet.

that's ed-zilla 'roaring' and just-zilla texting his troop for assistance.
people, the war is about to begin...

so i demanded for the bolster back... and to no avail, my request was denied.
?!?! these monsters are mean i tell you.

and so the sepet princess fights back.
she must save her bolster!
(gosh, that sounded so cheesy).

and fight and fight.
the godzillas were really strong i tell you.
thanks to the amount of we ate in malacca.

just-zilla was defeated. he left the room because it was too cold :)
one down, another one to go.
that was when i decided to barge and attacked ed-zilla from the back.

ed-zilla was defeated.
they were defeated.
sepet princess won, of course.

July 20, 2009


before I blog about my trip,
here's a 23 seconds video for viewing pleasure.
boon playing pretend that I somehow 'raped' him. siok sendiri lah that dude.
there's a scratch on edmund's arm because I accidentally scratched him with my nails earlier that day.
and then justin thought edmund is that noob to apply rexona on the scratch mark.

Sneek Peek

will blog bout this soon
sigh :)* what would i do without my cheeky little precious boys

next up would be;
my skating date and malacca trip.

July 19, 2009

Sepet and sepet reverse

Leithiga a/p Mohanachandran & Ooi Su Lin.
our friendship will be one of the pulchritudinous commodities I shall forever preserved.

my two best friends will be leaving the country to embark in a journey to pursue and achieve their goals. i am more than content to know that they are on the right path in ensuing their dreams and hopes. i know you can do it, my dearest darlings! :) it is true; time flies when you have the time of your life. of leng chee kang, sulin's annoyingly adorable manner of ruining our sarcastic remarks/jokes, Lei's blustering and stentophonic sentiment and my junky sarcasm were the perfect uttmost ingredients in creating turbulent of laughters. my meet up session with them last week at SS2 was merrily entertaining and comincally joyful. ahh, they will certainly be missed even more when the time finally comes for them to leave Malaysia.

courtesy to SuLin who somehow enjoys taking candid shots. or else, there wouldn't be any pictures because I am seriously to busy bursting into chachination and laughter in our own conversation :)

the pictures would be perfecto if that man was not sitting behind us. ish, he is annoying me. these are strips of how potong (lame versi Melayu) SuLin was that night. haha.

Lei; Yen

Aiyoyo Yen! Can die wehh. This SuLin ah.

AIYOOOOOO! headache headache..
Sigh. I know I know. Dam potong right.

Lei, my plan is; we ignore her kaw kaw.
In the end, our ignorance towards SuLin's ultimately lame remarks...

... for one minute :)

-one minute ended-

Lei, my sepet reverse.
Hee :D

Arrrgggh! :)

Lame la you.
Come on. You way lamerrrr lahh

yes, she is that adorable!

ahh. the bestfriends.

July 13, 2009

Cause I don't care eh eh eh eh

I am literally cemented in Subang for almost 3 weeks already. It's amazing that I am able to pass my time being unproductive. I nominated myself; zee pwincess of unproductive. My daily routine encompasses of dropping Jason off at college and then gym for maybe an hour or so. Breakfast whilst reading the newspapers fits in next. The day continues with me glued onto the laptop until maybe 4 something. That's when Jason would ring me in order to fetch him back from college. May or may not cook dinner. Simple dishes like tom yam fried rice, ikan goreng or vegetables are the typical menu. Oh, the best dish so far was my mashed potato. With no intention of boasting, my mashed potatoes are enough to make you salivate :) Kenneth was the only fortunate one to be able to taste it.

The evening goes on by watching television and more bonding sessions with my laptop. Sometimes, I end my day by reading. And the cycle continues the next day.

Again, again and again.

Fortunately, Su Lin will be dropping by tomorrow.
I can drag her for shopping, food, movies and perhaps skating.

Let me entertain you with a few goofy images =D

If I was born a boy, I would be that good looking.
*tsk tsk*

Don't judge me!


July 6, 2009


Paralyzed. Helpless. Fragile. Shaky. Frightened.

That day can never be forgotten. As much as I would love to erase it in any possible way, I know it is embedded in me, to be remembered and to be 'cherished'. I was admitted to the hospital that day. After three days of terrible diarrhea and vomiting, I consulted a private doctor who informed me that I am having a terrible gastric. Something something, I forgot whats it called. I was told to stay away from cold/gassy drinks, acidic/sour food and oily food. At that point, I would nod my head to anything because the diarrhea and vomiting had been driving my crazy. Of sleepless night and dehydration.

I took the medicine the doctor prescribed me with. 10 minutes later, my lungs was gasping for air. I tried breathing in as hard as I could, but oxygen just would not reach down to my lungs. I coughed and coughed. Every cough was agony. My chest hurt to the core. Every breathe I take reminded me of the past. How I struggled and survived each attack. But, that was many years ago, how is it possible to happen again? I called mom and she rushed home. She headed back to the clinic we visited earlier, but it was closed (it was a Sunday you see). My mom became absent minded. I tell you, mom being mom is no good at handling situation like this. She called dad and started getting agitated with him while I was on the other seat breathing for air.

I was then rushed to the hospital, to a room where I was immediately strapped on a respiratory oxygen mask with its tube plugged into a respiratory machine, pumping liquid-formed-drugs. My lungs eased slowly, as I inhaled strongly, through that oxygen mask. That mask weakens me. I never wanted to be the weaker one. Never. I'll do anything to erase myself of that image. Therefore, the moment the nurse turned away, I unstrapped myself from the oxygen mask, and carefully supported it with my hands instead. With hope, it would at least revamp the image those patients and passerby have of me. Then, I would turned my head to the other side, hiding my face from my mom, hoping that she will not witness her daughter inhaling every breathe like this.

Two hours later, I was able to breathe on my own again. The doctor checked and later prescribed me my medicine. Finally, I was able to leave that pale, horrific room. I was more than rejoice, more than triumph, more than delightful. I wanted to step out as quickly as possible. Every step reminded me of the past, present and future. Flashback blurred me as I slowly fall asleep.

finally breathes again.

p/s: And according to the doctor, that asthma attack(which had not been attacking me for many many years until that day) was nothing to do with the medicine the private doctor had prescribed me. Therefore, I am still down with a severe gastric. Urgh. And the amount of medicine, fuuuhhh.....

July 1, 2009


This ultimate regret is back to haunt me.
I would do anything to erase it.