December 26, 2008

A new year unfolds

This year, I love.

Amazing friends, I found.
Wonderful memories, I possessed.
I is truly blessed.

Better than any year had been, better than any joy known, better than any wish realized.
And I had lived this year with zest.

Yen Lew's compelling and weighty moments of 2008 (in random orders).

1. I became Britney Sepet; the annoying character of a dumb-Chinese-want-to-be-dumb-Blond-whose-boyfriend-name-is-Kari bin Pap for a sitcom.

2. I found a merry bunch of friends who often dragged me for chor dai dee, pool sessions and paintball (:

3. This girl.

4. The Adventure Race I participated in.

5. Zee birthday surprise (:

6. This.

7. Thoughts like where my leg may be amputated :|

8. Eugene-who-squashed-Lei's-cake-20-seconds-before-the-birthday-surprise.

9. Me bunch of girls.

10. Of course, him (:

May all the dreams in your eyes, all the desires in your heart and all
the hopes in your life blend together, to give you the most spectacular
New Year ever.

Happy New Year to all.

December 24, 2008

I say Bee Emm is fun, too

A bunch of the 1989 batch of Convent girls had met up on the eve of Christmas Eve.
We agreed to meet at eight p.m, but of course, everyone only came at nine.
At nine p.m, Maxie who is on a semester break from her university in Australia arrived with her other half, Gessie. Those two sisters come in package I tell you :P
The fact that I was in Taiping Central draws me to meet a lot of familiar faces.
Hellooo, it's Taiping Central for god's sake.
Also, since it was the eve of the Christmas Eve, the FGA church members performed several Christmas songs on the center stage. That was also when I met more of zee very familiar faces.
Soon Han, Even, Charis, Hunter Ching How, Tian Wei, Jared and Joanna, Jovi, Wei Ling; just to name a few (:

We proceeded by heading to the K-Box area.
So the seven of us went into the room and started singing like we're Madonna.
The ultimate song was 'Crazy' by Britney Bitch (:
Why you ask. That's because we tried to translate most of the lyrics into Malay words while singing along, and only Britney's hits were able to rock our asses. I kid you not (:

Britney Spears: Crazy
Crazy... I'm in too deep
Gila... Saya terlalu dalam

This is one of the times where I could actually say that;
Saya bangga saya tahu Bahasa Melayu.

Su Lin & Fatima


Blame Gessie. She wanted all of us to make it like a candid shot. Apparently, only Maxie, Sulin and I listened. Hence, the hideous look lah.

After the one hour of screaming and singing aimlessly, all of us parted and went home.
Sulin and I went to McD for supper and we had a really long chat about the future and the past.
And also about her flying to the States next year. I am bound to miss her a lot when that happens.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas too all (:

December 22, 2008

Day Ten

Met up and had midnight chat with Gene and Naki.
Family trip to Kuala Lumpur and Seremban.
Shifted to the new crib in Subang.
New semester, new crib, new housemates (:
Finally, boyf met zee parents and vice versa.
Reunion dinner in Seremban with zee relatives.
Chill out at the boy eff's place.
Hiking at Maxwell Hill with old bunch of friends.
Sow Ann's eyes are well hidden now and the rest are pretty much still the same.
And Sulin's driving skills can cause symptoms such as
hands-shaking, leg-wobbling, heart-wrenching :/

That's pretty much what I did this week (:
Have plans with the hiking buddies later.

December 17, 2008

Guess who's back, back again

Hello hello hello.
I hereby announce you the return of blogspot. :D
aiyoh. I am currently operating two blogs. Yes, one here, another in livejournal.
I don't know why but yes :D

Nope. I have no particular subject for today's post of mine.

He's a freaking forty-nine.

November 29, 2008

She move, she move!

Finally, after a year,
I had decided to move into my long created account in livejournal.
Still, this does not mean that I will abandon this blog.
Sorry linkers, had to relink :/

scroll here :)

November 23, 2008

Eight ball, Nine ball

Semester One was full of pool sessions :), card games,
and confused guy(s)-who-is-still-confused-with-his-gender
Anyways, last Monday, we immediately went to a billiard center and answer our 'must-play-pool-calling' right after
we handed in our Public Relations assignment.
Yes, all eight of us were pool addicts :]
We wanted to distress before we started on the other assignment which needed to be handed in on Friday.

Notice the guy at the back; he's checking out that chick's ass
woooo :D

No. We do not do this*points above* at pool.

This is how we distress after handing in one assignment.
Wait till I tell you how we enjoyed when it was the last day of the semester.

November 17, 2008

I rush in my own wave

She needs to deal and settle with her own life.
But I need someone to return mine.

It's four now. I was sleepy before.
I think I should sleep too.
So yes, I'll sleep and let my dreams drown me.
You look familiar.
Have I seen you before?

Absently invisible within the glow of the fluorescent
Listening to: Katy Perry's tracks
Need to: PLAY POOL. Finish the article critique.

Guess who owns this oh-so-bootylicious ass? (:

November 15, 2008

Lie on your feet and open the door

Assignments made my adrenaline rushed so high, so fast, that I started seeing stars :)
Woo. Exciting, fun, heart-thumping.
Me likey.
Whoosh. One assignment more.
Then, it ends. Only five more semesters to go.

Four months of extreme sarcasm, lameness, hysterical laughters, pool, in search for cheap pool centers,
chor dai di, midnight chats and card games, and of course the unconditional love. wee.

In four months, you figured that she's the exact same replica as you, that you sometimes see yourself in her, that sometimes you don't even need to talk to know what's on her mind, and sometimes you hoped that she was a guy so that you could stop the man-hunt and just marry her.

In that four months, you discovered the other side of you, the other side who completes you, who would walk on the parallel foundation even when you fall, you discover that this soul was sent to draw a smile even though sometimes he could be a slob (:, but you just want to love him more every second.

In that four months, you still at times forget that he's a Malay, a friend who offer nothing but his help, a friend who would stroll the wheel chair right at your face even when you said yes you want them when you don't exactly need them, a friend who has such hairy legs and
gelabah hands and of course a friend who permits you to trash his ego and allows you to call him Buttercup or Sunshine.

In four months, you discovered the rarest disciples of Adam; a twenty years old who can sometimes be a complete moron yet has such kindred spirit and innocent soul that you can't help but to giggle until your tears start to flow. And then, you found this friend who carries packet tissues of brand is Carrefour, who has the qualities to be the most reliable and trustworthy friend yet at times you feel like slapping him on his back because he is always teasing you and finds that every act of yours are nothing but lame.

In four months, you helped a friend who was diagnosed with an extreme syndrome called camera-shy, who dislikes being in front of the camera, who would be emotionally drained when his pictures are taken. And later, you felt that it was the wrong move to had taught him the art of cam-whoring because he is now slowly transforming into a male cam-whore. And then you had this friend who has the features of a teddy bear, whose eyes are triple mine, who has thick hairy eyebrows that it appeared conjoint from afar, a friend who has the laughter and giggle that would generate vibration especially when you sit on the same row with him in class, a giggle that is nothing but special on its own.

Yep. In that four months :)

Tuning to: Of Montreal
Reading: A Thousand Splendid Suns

November 1, 2008

I love and that's when everything begins

When one surrenders their faith in love;

And I want to play hide-and-seek and give you my clothes and tell you I like your shoes and massage your neck and hold your hand and go for a meal and not mind when you eat my food and talk about the day and carry your bag and laugh at your paranoia and foolishness and give you songs you don’t listen to and watch great and terrible films and take pictures of you when you’re sleeping and get up to make you breakfast and drink coffee at midnight and tell you about the programme I saw the night before and not laugh at your jokes and want you in the morning but let you sleep for a while and stroke your skin and tell you how much I love your hair your eyes your lips your neck your arse and worry when you’re late and be amazed when you’re early and be sorry when I’m wrong and happy when you forgive me and look at your photos and wish I’d known you forever and hear your voice in my ear and feel your skin on my skin and get scared when you’re angry and tell you you’re gorgeous and hug you when you’re anxious and hold you when you're hurt and want you when I smell you and offend you when I touch you and whimper when I’m next to you and whimper when I’m not and get cold when you take the blanket and hot when you don’t and melt when you smile and dissolve when you laugh and wonder who you are but accept you anyway and wonder why you don’t believe me and have a feeling so deep I can’t find words for it and want to buy you a puppy I’d get jealous of because it would get more attention than me and keep you in bed when you have to go and cry like a baby when you finally do and buy you presents you don’t want and take them away again and wander the city thinking it’s empty without you but I want what you want and think I’m losing myself but know I’m safe with you and tell you the worst of me and try to give you the best of me because you don’t deserve any less and answer your questions when I’d rather not and tell you the truth when I really don’t’want to and try to be honest because I know you prefer it and forget who I am and try to get closer to you because it’s a beautiful learning to know you and make love with you at three in the morning and somehow somehow, communicate the overwhelming unconditional all-encompassing heart-enriching mind-expanding never-ending love I have for you.

and they say soul meets soul on lover's lips.

October 19, 2008

No, I'd wish I was

Too much that it's overpowering me inside out.
This feeling is way beyond words; beyond description.

Must do
#1: Grow thinner. Lose weight :|
#2: Get a HD for most of my assignments.
#3: Restrict from all favorite food.
#4: Be a better student, girlfriend, daughter, sister, friend, best friend.
#5: Lose at least two sizes.
#6: Less emo-ness. More smiles.
#7: Slimmer body.
#8: Strive to be a better communication student.
#9: No carbs and fried food.
#10: Better relationships with people :/

It is not as if that I am unhappy. I am. Very much instead (:
I would not trade this very life for anything.
The contentment within me is indescribable.

You, me
We, you.
Yet, I still feel the emptiness.
I saw the day, and hoped for tomorrow.

That love in my soul
the one that makes me write
and pour out those false indignities
that caress my heart and mind
for after all I've been through
stars have its moments and then they die

Understand the forces that compel me to move on,
then take these questions,
and take this pain,
for this is who I am.

October 11, 2008

I became 39

I blew candles worth 39 years of age that day (:
Sorry Boon, I accidentally blew yours. lol

And I heart them all who made it happened.
especially the porcupine head ;)

September 28, 2008

There goes another year

The birthday was, err awfully different this year.
The family forgot. It rarely happens in the family, but yes, they forgot.
Funny, no?
Of course, I did not cry silently to myself. Blame their excessively tight schedule.
They were really really busy. Did I emphasize REALLY?

But of course, the boyfriend, best friend and close friends made it all better :)
Well, at least some close friends.
There's no other way to thank you all
but to wish all of you a many happy in return : )


And I've been dating assignments since holidays started. The critique, the presentation, the report and yada yada.
Glasses are getting thicker and the bum got wider.
Thanks to the excessive hours of staring at the laptop. *curse silently*

I desperately want to torture the porcupine head :(
It's been two weeks, and it's killing me.

September 25, 2008

Go away you little sick bug.

I feel sick.
Sick. Sick.
My head fells heavy, and all my stomach asking for is to barf.
My heart itches to cough.
My throat longs for water yet, it feels like shit when you swallowed it down.
My feet feels cold. I'm cold.
And I look too fair that I loathed it.
Again, I feel like barfing.
I"m turning older.
I look horrible.
I feel fat.
And I really feel awful.


September 23, 2008

Finally, I replied one of your many tags

♥If you could spend one ringgit in 5 minutes, what would you spend on?
err. nothing really : )

♥ What is your most favorite thing to do?
err. Reading and allow my imagination rule over me : )

♥ What kind of news do you read?
All. I don't really have a choice you see : |

♥ What would you give up in return to eat all you want in the world and not get fat?
err. nothing. Because I love everything I have right now and it would be selfish of me to give them up just so I could get what I wanted : )

♥ Is there someone in your heart right now?
Yes : )

♥ Do you believe you can survive without money?
Yes : ) err. Actually, no : | gee, what was I thinking.

♥ What are you afraid to lose the most?
My loved ones. and myself.

♥ What do you feel like doing right now?
Hugging : )

♥ If there's someone that you love,would you confess to him/her?
Depends on who that someone is.

♥ List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Indescribable. She's my best friend for more than a decade : )

♥ What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
Nothing much really. I don't expect anything. Just be nice :D

♥ What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad?
errr. It depends on who that person is.

♥ If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Nothing. I feel sick eating too much of the same thing.

♥ If you had a choice to be rich or happy,which one would you pick?
Happy, duh.

♥ If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
Me talking too much. and yes, my inability to express

♥ Who is the person that you can share all your problems with?
myself i guess.

♥ How do you see yourself in 10 years time?

♥ What is the one thing you love about yourself?
i can't think of any.

♥ If you can bring only one thing along with you to another world,what would it be?
knowledge : )

♥ 7 Tags
Iezu, Michelle, Edmund, Kal, Leonard, Chong Ren, Maxi

September 21, 2008

Paintball or Painball

Altogether, I got myself 6 bruises, and I'm darn proud of it :)
I would die to go again.
Players consist of Ken, Boon, Justin, Edmund, Catherine, Sab and your's truly :]
And much credits to Justin's Myvi and Edmund's Vios for driving us there and everywhere else.