November 25, 2007

good girl gone bad

been a terrible/lousy/naughty/)insert all unpleasant adjectives here* daughter.
sigh :(
anyhoo, i am piled up with Malaysian Media History assignment.
the assignments is H-A-R-D okay.
to make it look even worst, its so hard, i haven't even started yet.
not even a single research.
and it has to be like what, 8 to 12 pages loonnnnggg. *screams*
god dam me. grrr.
i want to die. die. die.

been hogging and gobling down a lot of food lately.
especially supper.
let's hpe that i ain't gaining a few pounds or else...
i might die as well.

November 19, 2007

the "gandhi fever" =='

presentation tomorrow...on mahatma gandhi sumore. *screams*
i like presentation, but not this time.
gandhi and me just don't go together.

shit la.
i cant seem to remember anything im suppose to know.
-great-. =='

and im sofcking sleepy right now.

darling daddy flew to sabah this morning.
for some extreme sport thingy and to berbonding with his business partners.
so giler miss him.

oh wait, mom's all alone :O!
poor mom. :(
shall call her later and spread some love :))

right now, my man gandhi needs me.

November 17, 2007

nye nye.

Yo. :)
Chatted with Paulene in the afternoon just now.and

-see Leonard, I'm better off as a friend than you. and paulene wants to whack you after she's back from ausssie. :P

paulene, you know what i desire most from you right?? HAHA.
love love love you you you!! ;]

Dinusha sayang,
sorry I wished you Deepavali. LOL.
don't worry, i'll allow you to wish me hari raya the next time k ;D
then, we're equal. lol.
anyways, sorry babe.
and you know i sayang u long time. :))

*grumbles* reading long lenghty facts on mahatma gandhi right now.
it's for our english assignment. *sigh.
im going bonkerrrsssssssssssss. *bangs head on the table* *bangs head on the table AGAIN*


November 16, 2007


believe it ornot, using the MAC computer in my campus, was OH-SO-AWESOME. :D
mygod. SIOK SIAL!
now i know where did all my fees went to.
we have IT class with Miss Thong last thursday.
shockingly, YES shockingly, it was my *coughs* first time using the gadgets there after 3 months.
i know, wth. Haha.
and so, we had our lecture there.
it was ok la, despite realizing that my knowledge on gadgets and gizmos are like..ehem, zero?
so it was all kind of new to me, anddddd..miss thong speaks really fast!. :O

-sendiri speaks so fast, some more can say people, what la u yen.- *sweat*=='

and if any of you are wondering why the hell am i not posting any pictures?
one word, Lazy. heh :DD

oh wait, not Lazy, its "Busy".
yeah,. that's more like it. :DDD

k la.i cabut dulu. *waves*

November 14, 2007

THE i-need-more-time-moment IS BACK.

whoosh. have a pile loads of English assignments undone. *sweat*
Mr.Indy class was hillarious but at the same time scary :/
why scary? because he told us about exams, and he sets hard essay questions which worth 20 marks, and nobody ever gets A. EVER.
wth. i want A ok. ish.
ohyea, Mr. Indy said something hillarious today.
he said that he once read the book Mastika, i think that book is loaded with craps and junks;
which has the story of "Nenek saya dirogol oleh kambing". (translation- my grandma was raped by a goat).
we were laughing our buttocks off LMAO!. goat? grandma and rape??? =='.
definitely, not a beneficial material to read.
chatted with Kal just now; after for not msn-ing since forever.
but we did text each other though.
i miss her as much as she misses me, or more? LOL.
anyways, she thinks that we should date each other soon and flaund our assets together.- according to Kal- hahaha
anyway, Kal was the ultimate-dear like she used to la. despite her calling me mangkuk and all. =='.
i think i should stop now. this shouldn't be my MAIN focus.
assignments piling up, remember? :(


November 13, 2007


First of all, MILLIONS AND TRILLIONS OF APOLOGIES for not updating.
I hAVE A EFFING GAY CONNECTION, what do ou expect? LOL.
It's been so long since I've blog, I don't even know what to write anymore. HAHA.
and i want to see KALSOM SOOONNNNN :/

Recent Updates on My Life :

1. went Naki's house for Deepavali.
2. started my second semester. I'm Loving it.
3. I got a random midnight call from Max. =='
4. Leonard made me a pineapple jam for my belated birthday gift. Thanks, yo!
5. Sulin visited me the day Leonard passed me the pineapple jam, and the both of us finished that bottle of jam together (:
6. then I realised that his jam are fattening!!! haha.
7. oh! i got myself a new mobilephone :DD
8. i have a conflict going on with my ex-housemates. so gay i tell u.
9. i like colby caillat's latest song.
10. i met with an accident the other day. it was terrfying for me. the pizzas which i bought did not make it, it was crushed. :(
11. fortunately, everyone were safe :]
12.the diploma students are having their holidays right now; it means that no more chloe, soo hui, julius, max, isaac, alice and the rest of the hippy gang to join us anymore :(
12. and i think everybody is pretty (:

October 8, 2007

cyndi wang

last weekend, i went Genting Highlands with my relatives (:

and co-incidentally, they have this "Cyndi Wang Meet The Fans" function.
I'm not a big fan of her, but i decided to check it out.
just wanted to see how she looks like in real person.
and omigosh, she is so small!! she's so petite i tell you!
and she looks so much prettier in person, obviously.
and then the Myfm radio DJ was the MC for the function.
i do not know who the DJ is for i don't listen to chinese stations, and mostly because i couldn't understand a word they say. =='
so yeah, that DJ name was Roger.,, kinda cute though .eheeee :D

and then they have this games for all Cyndi Wang's fan to win some goodies and tickets for her concert.

god, i find it extremely funny. HAHA.

not because of the game, but rather the contestants themselves. HAHA.

so folks, just let the pictures do all the talking ((:

p/s: and oh, at Genting, there's once, we ate brunch worth RM450.00. shocking shit! :O !

October 3, 2007


it was our event day today. the event which was almost screwed up.
but somehow, we saved it.
for a last minute of hard work and diligency, i think we did rather well.
our class had to organise and event regarding the English language.
so we came up with "E" 4 Inglish.
and this was the flyer we came up with.

before that, my class came up with this cool tee-shirt;

which became a hot topic in the staffroom among the ecturers.


nice right?? hehe.

during our event, we have games, badges selling and performance.

the badges were all done by hand, and alll of us did it all by ourselves.

it's sold at only RM1 for one badge, and it's the money is for a charity name Rumah Hope.

and there were a lot of good samaritans who bought the badges we made (:

thanks you guys :]

besides that, we even have the Hardstyle Republic shufflers to perform for us.
they were awesome.

our event ended at 3pm.
and we thank all who came, especiall those diploma communication(July intake)
students who helped us alot. (:
and we promised, our next event, would be a blast. much better than this, Obviously! haha :D

Nivea Visage's visit

yesterday, Nivea Visage had this roadshow in our campus.

they were giving out goodie bags, promoting their products and mostly, persuading people to
join their ultimate prome night contest 'thingy'.
this event was organised by 8tv.

so, my friends and i decided to check this booth out.

and all of a sudden, we got ourselves into this photo contest thingy;

which says, that if your photo appeared online,

you'll stand a chance to win RM20,000. :O

yea,i know. that's alot of cash. hahas.

and so we went for the photo shoot.but we chose the group category.

shy marr`. LOL.

Akil and Michelle somehow got themselves into this solo/single photoshoot.

the both of them were slowly "transfomed" by those Nivea's stylist.

Akil's and Mitch's shot:

and then later, Dionne and I went for another photoshoot. just the two of us.

and the photographer told us to show a "confident face" . :D cehhh.

we want to win ma, so mar do the 'confident' face lor.

and it turn out to be.... well, you do the judging later. :P haha.

the photographer laughed at our silly acts and actions.

but in the end, one picture was chosen, and was hung up at the wall of Nivea. HAHA.
and then, they gave us goodie bags!! YAY!! *jumps up and down*

October 1, 2007

first of all,


sadly, i don't have cakes for my birthday :( i want cake.sigh.
anyway, what happened in college today was..
a purple/pink hamster.

seen one?
Haha. bet you haven't.
Michelle brought Skeley(the purple/pink hamster) to class today.

i was like EYEERRRRR and OMG.
YUP..she dyed Skeley's fur. =='
Well, basically, Michelle has purple hair too. :D
so yeah, you can see the resemblance between the owner and the hamster.

hamster in the cap

Michelle, Skeley's owner (:

and, Oozy fooling around with Skeley on his cap.

so now you have SEEN a purple hamster :D YAY! hahas.

September 26, 2007

and she's 18.

ok. so this is it.
moi 18th birthday! :)
birthday list:
1. world peace :]
2. new phone!! :D
3.prison break 3
4. WENTWORTH MILLER!!!! *drools* the p7 my rockers
7.i guess i need an ipod :/
8. more AND MORE CASh $$$!! :P
9. lhappy and healthy family and friends (:
i guess that's all.
oh wait, i want cupcake!!! *yum* ;]
and wang leehom as well. haha.
and after all, my list never ends.
mua first time celebrating my birthday all on my own.
feels so weird..
and il sing and hear my own voice of the birthday song.
wow.that sounded sad. Lol. :P
whateverrrr, happy birthday to me! *clap clap* ((:

September 24, 2007

its NOT ok.

i am feeling so...NOT GOOD right now.

i feel fat, because i ate like a hog today, seriously.
and im still hungry. die la. eating disorder! :O

and i feel hot because my room air-condtioner aint working

althoug i've been complaining to the person in charge of for so many freagging times.

im staying all by myself in this whole apartment because all of

moi housemates had gone back to their hometown,

which left me alone in this lonely house.

dahla i ni penakut.

im woried bout my own safety.

yup, as you can see, the world is the most dangerous plae to live in right now.

and i miss home because all of this uncomfortable situations made me want to go home.

plus, mom hasn't call me yet.


im feeling sleepy but i can't slep because of all the reasons above.

and i want to watch the season 3 of prison break so badly.

im supose to be studying for finals but instead im wasting my time blogging,friendstering and msn-ing.

i have class at 8am til 4pm tomorow. :

i can onl go home a month later.


my 18th birthday is coming. :D?

aduih. feel so ...old.


September 22, 2007


am feeling so moody and emo right now.
i need someone.anyone..
but there's no one i could possibly turn to.
i feel so unappreciated,alone, and..invisible.
and i hate how I'm felling right now.
am i doing the right thing by calling you people "friends"?

September 19, 2007


okay. we have our event coming..SOON.
and thanks to one idotic person, the event tend to be a disaster which all of us are trying hard to save.
god. i so hate that bitch right now.
thanks for ruining it.
enough of my loathing, let's get the post continued with something more.. joyful (:
as i told you,
moi results for Human Comm and and Malaysian Studies are out,
shosckingly, results weren't that bad after all.

i didn't score the highest, but its ok :]
and today, in our campus,
we have this event name PHUNK.
it stands for..
Providing Hospitality Understanding N Kare.
it was awesome.
the Diploma students have done a tremendous job in the event.
there were press,vip's,media...

The Miss Malaysia 2007,
Deborah Henry
was there as one of the VIP'S.
zomg. she's so tall :O
and superbly hot :]
they even have the 8quickie host,
Belinda Chee was there as one of the VIP'S as well.
she look prettier in person :]
and there's whole lots of other VIP'S which i couldn't recall their names.
but the launching of project PHUNK was entertaining :]
looking forward to more of it.

September 17, 2007

Results. and Wentworth Miller (:

we got back our results for English College Studies today.
but before that,

the funniest phenomenon occurs.


we went into the class.

then , there's this very strange odor.

and then I went yelling
"oi. y so smelly one.?"


no one bothers me.

then Miss Hedi came in.

everyone sat and stare at her.
just right when she was about to show us our marks,

we saw smoke gushing out through one of the boards on the ceiling.

everyone turned and stare and then started to buat bising.


went out, moved to a higher floor.

unfortunately, we were kicked back down,

but into another different, safer class.
that is what happen when nobody tend to listens or take note to what i earlier said.
see lah now... :P

and dum dum dum,


Miss Hedi said:

"only three person got 75%."

then she started announcing students name who scored highly in the sections of the paper.

and shit. my name was not mentioned.

and im like..

"okla.sure no A already one. so, i'll pray for B".

bla bla bla..

she started to on the projector and viewed the marks.

read read read...

and POOM.
I saw my ID, with the number 75% beside it.

and I'm like..

"okay..sure wrong one."

check again.

HAHA. its't true! ;D

really unbelievable.
and oh, Leonard, I beat you. LMAO :P


i am so madly, deeply in LOVE with Wentworth.
like extremely VERY.

i can seriously go bonkers.
aaahhh., Wentworth Earl Miller III.

tomorrow: results on Malaysian Studies and Human Communication.


lets hope that i still have my lucky charm with me.


September 16, 2007

GUGU GAGA over Wentworth.

Zomg. my fixation over Wentworth Earl Miller started again. AAGGH.
i was obssessed over him last time, and then i stopped.

and now it started again.

i am going bonkers i tell chu.


Wentworth Earl Miller III

hottest man alive.

can't wait for Prison Break 3.

September 14, 2007

so Leonard and Akil were chilling out at my place last night.
like they always does.

Leonard chatted with her friend from Australia. her name is Paulene (: very sweet girl though.
and she edited this random photo about us. haha.
then later, we had Mcdonalds for dinner. delivery laa` :/
it was fasting season right, and yeah, the three of us 'fasted'. omg, is that even a word?? lol.
and yup, we fast the whole day and ate at 7.15pm. :O
and im watching the season two of prison break every night.
yeah. i am so into it.
watch until my eyes also buta @.@
anyhoo, it's my brother birthday today.
Happy Birthday bro (:
love you.

September 10, 2007

it's all about the mohneyyy`

English class was okay this morning, despite Miss Hedi's ultimate weird mood swing and behavior.
no one, i repeat NO ONE understands her!
cukup.. weird lah. :)
so, after class, pergi Sunway Pyramid! :DD
went skating, bowling and MOVIES.
i twisted my wristt :/
cos of one idiotic guy whom i need to avoid because he can't stop and i was busy all of sudden i saw him and i fell. boom, wrist terseliuh :/
AND OHHHH, i bought a new pair of sandals and bag, yo!!!
espirit bag (: and ipanama flipflops :)
life couldn't get any better.
watched the movie Perfect straanger by Halle Berry and Bruce Willis.
nice movie but not allowed for audience below 18 (:
ala. go get cd's and watch it but make sure you skipp all the porn scenes and mute all the vulgarity they use. HAHA :P
love the story line. really really very creative.
the movie kept your adrenaline pumping at all times.
so,.. yeahh. we have class from morning to evening tomorrow.
nites ya'll.

and Kal, im all better now. thansk for the concern (: love you poo.

September 4, 2007

im back at my stupid old room at Mentari. :(
reached Subang yesterday evening . it was a road trip for me and my awesome dad (:
the both of us went to Sunway Pyramind for dinner.
Mr.Tepanyaaki :D
he even told me about his time when he used to work and bla bla..
then, the both of us went Starbucks for coffee and cake.'s like a date ((:
after that, it was Byebye dadd :(( he left for Taiping.
dad gave me a hug and i actually cried a little. so touching wehhh :/
i missed him and my mom so much right now.
having a one week study leave makes me feel homesick again.
yala..i was in taiping for that whole week, and now i got to go get my ass here back to Subang.
urgh. sure la sad. back to lonelinessssss :
had exam today.
Malaysian Studies, Human Comm and English.
i wish i didnt screw up but i think i did.
Whatever lahh.
plus, im sick as well. so im feeling very emo-ish right now.
with the tense and sickness im feeling,..i feel like i want to go home . :!
this very moment, i want and need to talk to my mom so badly.
i need her words which could make me feel stronger again.
mommy.... :(

August 31, 2007

my connection have been "gay" these days. im having my mid-sem now,which is ending SOON. :(
exams coming, study pun belum. omg.
i dont feel like going back to Mentari Court.
i want to stay in Taiping and eat non stop :)
i baked a lot with my mom during my sem break.
i went one yoga lesson with my best friend and my mom :]
i ate like a hog.
i forgot to go shopping :( HAHAHA.
i cant wait for my birthday :D
i miss chatting with my ex :/
i had fun going out, meet up with all my girlfriends ;)
i waste my time watching tv instead of studying.
i want to eat my creamy cheese crackers i baked myself.
i m craving for my self-made bread pudding :D
my best friend thinks that i should sell my bread pudding for the diabetic patients :|
i drank a bir which my uncle smuggled back from Holland. best gilerrr :]]
and no,im not an alcoholic.
i miss Kalsom :(
im still waiting for janwin to return me my rope, scissors and double sided tape. LOL :P
im only a part-timer blogger ;S
and i sucks at editing my blog.
i want a hug :/

August 21, 2007

andd.. im addicted to the song the great escape by boys like girls.
o.m.g. siokk gilerrr``

currently in the computer lab of my college campus right now.
its 9am and im felling bloody sleepy :
what am i doing here blogging when i have assignments piling up behind me???
yeaa.whateverrr "W".
i realised that me blog is so boringgg with a capital B.
no wonder there's like so little people vieweing it. sigh. time to edit edit all okay. dahla i so lazy mia budak :PP
anyhoo, went to Sunway Pyramid las night with leonard and akil.
wallap aunty anne's pretzels. my ultimate.all-time.favourite.
then went waffle world for wafffles. doh` obviously. haha.
we shared the banana caramel waffle. sharing is caring maa`. haha.
thennn, we watch The Simpsons! yea.i know, you must be wondering;
"eleh.the movie is out for so long,now only watch ah? "
and again,, whateverrrr.. HAHA :D
we decided to go sunway cos` we are sort of asssignment-free. and i mean SORT OF.
there's some more need to be done.
but hey, we need to reward oursleves once in a while right? =D
all we did was hang around and eat.
the movie was awesome. i mean, spiderpig?? WTH .LMAO
so cute wehhh. :DD ex and bestie thinks im not fat :D yippie. *jumps up and down*.
but i think i am :/
yea. i am paranoid about my very. :
alarr.whatever la. :P
im goingg back to taiping in one day time.. neh neh :P YAY!.
but its exam after my that week of misem break/study leave. lame weh. urgh.
so cravingggg...... for pretzels and coffee right now :/
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :X

and byebye (:

August 20, 2007

okay.emo pictures.yeah.I look super weird. *as usual*
neways, michelle edited alll these pictures.she's good huh?
these are some pictures we nedd for our exhibition. cant wait for it :)

hot topic for this season: IM FAT!!! X( i am right?? :/

and i still continue consuming all those food. O.M.G. i cant stop myself from all those temptations. aargh.fuck food weh. so damn delicious. ISH.

how now? wana die ornot???? or terus makan dan jadi gemuk?

you see, if i dont enjoy all those wonderful food NOW, i wouldnt have the chance later on.
takkan when OLD d then ni wana start makan meh?? when im OLD, i have to control my dieting already lah.. or else i'l die faster..
but if i EAT all those fattening food now, i'l urm.grow WIDE. :

ok.i ish.
-screw me lah-
dahla i do not have the high metabolisme in me, i have to watch and choose what i eat; which i don't do. URGH. im going bonkers people.

ARRGGHHHH. *scratch head*

August 10, 2007

:D!! i miss you bloggy!! sorry for not updating any pictures lately.been reall busy.

asssignments banyak gilerr :/
but i would like to share with you people some pictures.
this is what K and OOz drew on my back during English class :D dont ask me,i dont even know what it is .

i love the lolly!!! we used for the emo photo shoot ;P
shall upload more some other really rushing for time.
but college been fun so far.
im going back to taiping in two weeks time. YIPPIE!! *jumps up and down*
can't wait :]

July 31, 2007

heloo litlle blogy of mine.:)
and yes,i know that its been ages since i've talk to you.
aww.dont be angry blog :P
a lil update bout whats going on in my college life.
i think life in here is starting to moving smoothly right now.
depsit all the assignments and all,
but,,yeah...its great.
got great friends,great lecturers and great food! haha.
there was this orientation night organised by our seniors last friday.
it was awesome!!
i shall talk more bout it in my next blog,along with pictures :]
and ohhh,,,my mom called last night,and said that she manage to find a new owner for my dog, Zippie...
or in other words, she sold him :(((
yes,he's gone his new home.
and i didnt even get the chance to pet him for the last time at all!!! wth! urrgggh.
i cried a lil when mom toldme that.awwwwww... pretty much a cry baby.
i gotta run now, im pretty much using the college's connection.
and i got not much time left to finish up my assignment!!
see you later people!

to my beloved P7: its been long since i've met you girls.and im sorry i couldnt come that during that wekend. :( really miss you babes hell lots.cant wait to meet up with you you.

and oh Kal,i miss you & NO,i never did forgot bout u :)

July 22, 2007

stupid dumbfuck

its 9am in the morning and im felling.. URGH .
my parents fetched me down from taiping at around 2am this morning.
why,, because SUPPOSELY i have to attend a class at 8am.
but now,class is cancel and i dont know what else should i do :/
i fell bad,sad,homesick,geram, and... URGH
well,i know its an accident.
but i just want to EXPRESS.
so just let me do my thing.
i felt bad because if i knew they were'nt gona be class today,Dad & Mom wouldnt have to drive all morning sacrificing their sleep just to fetched me down to KL.
and this morning,when my parents left me,i felt like crying :(
awww.i guess the homesickness is just still there huh.grrr.
and the worst part is,there's no class.
ARRGGHHH.bodo sial.fuck sial.stupid sial.URGH.
omg.i feeel ROJAK.i FEEL everything,but i cant seem to feel HAPPY yet :/
please make me :S
yeah.I KNOW.the whole class-is-cancel-thingy is an accident.
alright,i know.big girl,and big girl gotta grow up,be mature and stay strong.
and quoted FERGIE ,, 'big girls dont cry?' lol
so yeaaa,im gonna stay strong.and even if i feel like crying,or whatsofucking ever.,
i wont.because im a big girl :)
and to MOM&DAD,thanks for everything.
you're always the best for me.
and there's nothing i can do to ever replace all the things you've done for me.
love you for eternity (:
yo.sorry for not updating this little blog of mine.aha.main reason:im LAZY. yeaaaa.lazy :]
im back for the weekend.
went to adrian's house with john last night.
go sembang lorh.
but leaving a few hours later. :(
aww.already felt the homesieck-ness already.
shall update again some other time :]

July 16, 2007

hey bloggie :)
attended Miss Hedi english class today.
she's...ok lah.
she wants us to do a journal for her.
its like our daily rants like that la.or..i called it,"my another version of blogging" :]
classes end at 11am today.
went Sunway pyramid with Dionne.
shop shop shop.haha :D
and she settled her problem.shhhssssh.private.HAHA.:P
dionne's bf fetched me back to Mentari Court(the place im currently staying)
and now im in the library writing blog.oh meiyen (:
i miss taipingg la..alottttt :/
ans yes ,im going back this weeek! YAY!!!
cant wait!!!
oh shoot.tomorrow's class is from 8am-4pm.and we only have an hour break in between.
which 12pm-1pm.:/
and we got malaysian studies.oh my.:(
oh yea,i so called interviewed Michelle(chun) today.
and she interviewed me back la of course.
its part of the activity Miss Hedi asked us to do.
Michelle is....the sweetest girl u've seen :]
so....yeah.will blog some other time.

counting days to get my ass home to taiping: 3days!!!!!!

things i improved in myself today: i learn to be a better growing up child (:

July 10, 2007

yea.i miss blogging :(
duh.i got no connection in my bodoh.
currently using Taylors internet access to blog.heh :]
its unlimited.unlike Utar,LIMITED.:P
miss taiping.
and i miss my family so banyak!
and oh,went to Sunway to watch transformers.:D giler!!in love with that movie!
so yea,shall blog agin other time.
to mom&dad;
loveyouuuuu (:

July 4, 2007

one&for all

this would prolly be my last post for this month :(
because im leaving for Taylors College tomorrow.
and i will not bring my laptop there.
because the apartment is a dangerous area marrr,,
you know laaa,ransacked,robbery & all :
so yeahh.
the laptop will only be with me after i settle down and evrything.

aww.byebye friends.
am gona miss you people.
and im gona miss blogging,msn-ing and friendstering.

byebye family.
mommy&daddy;you're the beat of my heart (:
brothersss;; you're brothers.HAHA :P
doggss; woof woof!
so yeah.byeebyee.and LOVESSS!!

July 3, 2007

hey ya'll :)
been struggling to edit my blog.
i wana make it nicer.
all of my friends blog are like so freagging nice! hmph! :
but but,,i dont know howww.
someone teach me?? :/
went to market with mom this morning.
mom gotta buy ingredients for the soup she boiled.
she boiled "leng ngau" soup.
okay.that's in chinese.and i dont know what isit called in english :/
mom bought this kuih i used to love when i was a kid.and im still loving it! haha.


no wonder im so fat.
plus all the cookies and breads i've been eating.
and NO exercise!!!
grrr.fats! :(

went to the mall.
bought clothes :D
shopping is good~~!! HAH.

so,,yeah.thats it.
am leaving for KL tomorrow :(

new aim:
-study hard.
-stop eating cookies,breads& tosei :(

July 2, 2007 back from KL (: miss me? you dont.aha.
so,bout the last two days post.
here it is.
i shall make it short&simple :]


in the morning,went for the CRC swimming gala.psssh` so boring.
and it gets boring-er every year.prolly because all the old ex swimmers weren't there nemore.
yeah,im talking bout me.HAHAHAA :P
but seriously,few years back then,all our events rocks.
so,i nedd to be there because im the timekeeper.
sheesh.running up&down clicking those stopwatches.
and all those aunties,uncles&friends were like;;
" come you didnt swim?? swim marrrr.aiyorrh."
and im like;;
"dono.because im here to take other swimmers time.and i've retired".hahas :P
kinda fun as well.get to meet all ma` old friends. gang.joaane.yingying.wei chern.chorjaur.leeshian.and all the uncles&aunties. HAHAS.
and i saw all those kecik mayung swimmers,which are all grown up now.
aww.they were so cutee last time (:
i left the gala early.around 11am.didnt get to makan with them :(
said bye and all.but b fo we left,those boys were like ;;
" eyy.don't go laaa.we didnt even take pictureeeee"
so here it is. hah

some shots of the pool.

and these are shots of yingying and joanne.that's why la,main splash splash with me sumore.HAHA girls :D

and the mother of all shots :: LMAO!

later that evening.went down to Seremban.
the traffic was slow moving at certain area.
and at one point,
there were even this police car with the siren on screaming on the mic thingy saying
"ke tepi ke tepi" to all the cars in front of him.
dono for what.
kononya some "big guy's" mia kereta want to pass. psssh` =='
took very very few shots.
because the sky is dark!!! and i only have my handphone with me.
so most of the pictures i took its black. =.-'
and my mission to stop at SS2 Murni failed.
dad didnt feel like eating,,yeah :(
reached Seremban around 10.30 pm.
but,back in my granparent's crib,
awaits me were my all time favourite... SIEW PAO!!!! :DD
omg.i love `em so freagging very much!!
and there were two boxes of it on the table. WHOOSH!
quickly took a piece and ease my cravingness.HAHAHAHA.
yala.taiping siew pao sucks gilerr :/

the next morning 2.7.20 07,
went down KL.accomplished all the "stuffs" that needed to be done.
and poof* drove back :]
sampai taiping at around 3pm.

*and Kaiwen,hows this font colour now? can see? haha :)

June 30, 2007

:D went out with the boys at night.
john.naki.adrian and weiloon. the only girl.yea baybeh! hahahas.
went a.rahman for dinner/supper.
whoahh.then headed to cemetery.
dont aks me just following the crowd.hahas :P
talked and laughed most of the time there :]
and they were talking bout "24" lar,which its a waterfall.
and "revenge of the syth" which is a snooker centre.=='
so yeahh, went to Juara Snooker centre.
it was no game for the boys.
went home.

got swimming gala tomorrow.
nah.not swimming.its been long since i've last train k.
go there jadi timekeper.
di samping itu sibuk sekali.HEEEEE :P
and then,in the evening,off to Seremban.
so that the next day my parents and I can go to KL.,
go takecare of some stuffs there :D
am loking forward to have my supper in SS2 Murni.cant waitfor it! YUMM!!! :D
see yah blogggers.mwah.

June 29, 2007 boring.urgh.feel like stranggling someone.nolah.something.;D
went to my brothers school today.HARI KOMUNIKASI. (report card day)
bla bla.done nothing the whole afternoon.
at night,bumped into chorjaur&chiewbee.the loveliest couple everr. (:
saw joyeee as junior.
chorjaru kinda asked me to become the timekeeper for this sunday swimming gala.
since im not competing,so i sais yes lor.
bought this yummy :D
i drove my aunt's car today too.
and my mom commented on my driving,as usual =='.
im craving for siu pao right now.:X
i was told to write something nice about my ex.
ex,you're the best ex ever. pfft`.LOL :D
nice enuf boh? hahas.

thats boring.i dont fel like bloging nemore.
so bye people (:

June 28, 2007

DATE DATE!!! <33

in the morning,went JPJ to do some 'stuffs'.hahas.that, will be a surprise for you :D *grins*

then,in the afternoon,went out for lunch with SULIN& VARIANT. -all my besties-

the three of us are going to college soon maaa,so..yeah.we hung out for the last time in this month. :P hahas.

Sulin fetched the both of us,starting from my house. :] and she wore this new nike shoes.WHOAAH :O hahaha.

look at her legs.thin and fair legs.grrrr :

headed to Variant's house pulak.supposely go to this new restaurtan called 'Buffet Island'.but...
it closed.LOL.ended up,we went Panorama.

we bumped into two teachers in that restaurant.but they weren't our school teachers laa.
but we sorta know that THEY ARE teachers.hahas.
bt one of them taught us(sulin&I) before la.Bahasa Melayu.
Pn.Yong & Mr.Ooi.

ordered our lunch.which was lamb shop&chicken shop.and the 3 of us just ordered ice lemon tea for drinks! :D
we even have ice-cream too.
the 3 of us share-share and wallap the sedap~~~ especially when you're sharing and all.yala.sharing is caring maaa XD LOL.

all the "chops"

now you see it,,

now you dont! :DD

we were talking and talking and talking.normal lahh.girls whatt. =='

after makan,we head home.;D
love you,forever (:
takecare besties :]
and you shall be missed.
then,in the evening,i heard this conversation between my mom& my brother.
its about his report card day or something like that lah.
shaun: so,who's gona take my report card? you're gona come right?
mom: ur dad go.i duwana know what will your teacher say bout u.
shaun:yorrh.just go and take ni lah.tak for while ni maaa.
mom: duwan.sit down there,have to wait4 so long la if the teacher talks longer,your marks will become higher.not right, ur dad wil go instead of me.
shaun: =='
so...yeah.thats the part.HAHA.
oh gee.i ate two slices of pizza just now.and a chicken pao. i kno' .so "wai sek"(greedy) arh me. ;O !!
i feel so terrible,bad,and fat. :/ lols.
aww.i miss my rockerssss so very much. :( but i know they dont miss me.especially qzen!!
hmph! LOL :DD
and qzen,u owe me a convertion and a movie date!!! :PP

June 27, 2007

hmm.went to "the store" to do some grocery the evening la.i know,if you're one of those "the store" workers who jaga the ground floor,most prolly you people will recognise me.
i meant,come on,only in this week time,i went in to that supermarket twice!!!.=='
and even this boy who works there,i kind bumped in to him everytime.i dont even know why.paiseh nia. =.-'
i feel so lame right now weyh.HAHA :D
done nothing the whole morning,nor the whole feels good.*thumbs up* hahaha.
nolah.its not must always keep themselves occupied with something beneficial&healthy. cehhhhh kononlah=='.HAHA.
kind bumped ito this creepy,crazy,indian man around 8+pm just now.
he wears a blue helmet.although he's NOT on his bike.nor somewhere near his bike.
he went into this dark alley,still with his helmet on.thougt he went into the alley,but from far,he's stil visible to us.
guess what that asshole did.he unbuckled his belt,and god knows what happen next.
because i didnt look.I DIDNT kay.
then,cmae this lady along with her children,who kinda pass by that man.
AND HOLY HELL.he turns around and shoow his you-know-what.
thats according to my mom.told you,i didnt mom kinda saw what he did la.
but he didnt see 'that thing".cos its dark you see.and he's indian=black,,so..yeah.HAHAHA.
went out with parents for dinner+supper.bumped into shuh pyng.
i sungguh miss her la.lama tak jumpa dah ma.she's my junior by 1 year (:
yurrhh.these days,my appetite is huge i tell chu.gahh! :/

and just now,i kinda saw this tv show.
they interviewed this couple who has the tiniest baby girl ever.
this girl of theirs is like 3years old.but she's s tiny.
she looks cute lah.
but i feel kinda pity,sorry,and sad for her,cos she's like so small and all.

&&&&&, yorhh.all of my blog readers are so evil la.
read read d,duwana post comments,or leave down some conversations or what ever wan.hmph!!
instead,they come and comment to me in MSN,friendster,or sms.
==' ish.teruk arh korang nieeee.duwana fren u all ni u all know arrr. :


aite.shall continue sleepy.but i dont feel like sleeping :<