March 30, 2008


Yeah, you read the title.I'm back.after all the procascination(tak tau nak eja) and laziness and laziness. HAHA.
i have thoughts of deleting this blog, but yet, i dont want to.but again, I'm whats the point.but still..urgh, whatever~~.
so by now, i realised that i have lost all my readers, thanks to me. ;D

and the reason I decided to blog right now because I am extremely bored, and because I am back in my lousy terrible room in Subang, which why I'm that's why i blog. huh?? :/

*shook head*- back to reality-

and so I was bored. i have been:

1.gained alot of kg's!
2.thinking that my third semester will be a nightmare.
3.... i haven't been blogging for so long, I cant even blog anymore.dammit lahh.

ill continue in a few months time. toodles (: