July 31, 2007

heloo litlle blogy of mine.:)
and yes,i know that its been ages since i've talk to you.
aww.dont be angry blog :P
a lil update bout whats going on in my college life.
i think life in here is starting to moving smoothly right now.
depsit all the assignments and all,
but,,yeah...its great.
got great friends,great lecturers and great food! haha.
there was this orientation night organised by our seniors last friday.
it was awesome!!
i shall talk more bout it in my next blog,along with pictures :]
and ohhh,,,my mom called last night,and said that she manage to find a new owner for my dog, Zippie...
or in other words, she sold him :(((
yes,he's gone now.to his new home.
and i didnt even get the chance to pet him for the last time at all!!! wth! urrgggh.
i cried a lil when mom toldme that.awwwwww...
yeaaa.im pretty much a cry baby.
i gotta run now, im pretty much using the college's connection.
and i got not much time left to finish up my assignment!!
see you later people!

to my beloved P7: its been long since i've met you girls.and im sorry i couldnt come that during that wekend. :( really miss you babes hell lots.cant wait to meet up with you girls.love you.

and oh Kal,i miss you & NO,i never did forgot bout u :)

July 22, 2007

stupid dumbfuck

its 9am in the morning and im felling.. URGH .
my parents fetched me down from taiping at around 2am this morning.
why,, because SUPPOSELY i have to attend a class at 8am.
but now,class is cancel and i dont know what else should i do :/
i fell bad,sad,homesick,geram, and... URGH
well,i know its an accident.
but i just want to EXPRESS.
so just let me do my thing.
i felt bad because if i knew they were'nt gona be class today,Dad & Mom wouldnt have to drive all morning sacrificing their sleep just to fetched me down to KL.
and this morning,when my parents left me,i felt like crying :(
awww.i guess the homesickness is just still there huh.grrr.
and the worst part is,there's no class.
ARRGGHHH.bodo sial.fuck sial.stupid sial.URGH.
omg.i feeel ROJAK.i FEEL everything,but i cant seem to feel HAPPY yet :/
please make me :S
yeah.I KNOW.the whole class-is-cancel-thingy is an accident.
alright,i know.big girl,and big girl gotta grow up,be mature and stay strong.
and quoted FERGIE ,, 'big girls dont cry?' lol
so yeaaa,im gonna stay strong.and even if i feel like crying,or whatsofucking ever.,
i wont.because im a big girl :)
and to MOM&DAD,thanks for everything.
you're always the best for me.
and there's nothing i can do to ever replace all the things you've done for me.
love you for eternity (:
yo.sorry for not updating this little blog of mine.aha.main reason:im LAZY. yeaaaa.lazy :]
im back for the weekend.
went to adrian's house with john last night.
go sembang lorh.
but leaving a few hours later. :(
aww.already felt the homesieck-ness already.
shall update again some other time :]

July 16, 2007

hey bloggie :)
attended Miss Hedi english class today.
she's...ok lah.
she wants us to do a journal for her.
its like our daily rants like that la.or..i called it,"my another version of blogging" :]
classes end at 11am today.
went Sunway pyramid with Dionne.
shop shop shop.haha :D
and she settled her problem.shhhssssh.private.HAHA.:P
dionne's bf fetched me back to Mentari Court(the place im currently staying)
and now im in the library writing blog.oh meiyen (:
i miss taipingg la..alottttt :/
ans yes ,im going back this weeek! YAY!!!
cant wait!!!
oh shoot.tomorrow's class is from 8am-4pm.and we only have an hour break in between.
which 12pm-1pm.:/
and we got malaysian studies.oh my.:(
oh yea,i so called interviewed Michelle(chun) today.
and she interviewed me back la of course.
its part of the activity Miss Hedi asked us to do.
Michelle is....the sweetest girl u've seen :]
so....yeah.will blog some other time.

counting days to get my ass home to taiping: 3days!!!!!!

things i improved in myself today: i learn to be a better growing up child (:

July 10, 2007

yea.i miss blogging :(
duh.i got no connection in my aprtment.so bodoh.
currently using Taylors internet access to blog.heh :]
its unlimited.unlike Utar,LIMITED.:P
miss taiping.
and i miss my family so banyak!
and oh,went to Sunway to watch transformers.:D
hram.best giler!!in love with that movie!
so yea,shall blog agin other time.
to mom&dad;
loveyouuuuu (:

July 4, 2007

one&for all

this would prolly be my last post for this month :(
because im leaving for Taylors College tomorrow.
and i will not bring my laptop there.
because the apartment is a dangerous area marrr,,
you know laaa,ransacked,robbery & all :
so yeahh.
the laptop will only be with me after i settle down and evrything.

aww.byebye friends.
am gona miss you people.
and im gona miss blogging,msn-ing and friendstering.

byebye family.
mommy&daddy;you're the beat of my heart (:
brothersss;; you're the..umm..my brothers.HAHA :P
doggss; woof woof!
so yeah.byeebyee.and LOVESSS!!

July 3, 2007

hey ya'll :)
been struggling to edit my blog.
i wana make it nicer.
all of my friends blog are like so freagging nice! hmph! :
but but,,i dont know howww.
someone teach me?? :/
went to market with mom this morning.
mom gotta buy ingredients for the soup she boiled.
she boiled "leng ngau" soup.
okay.that's in chinese.and i dont know what isit called in english :/
mom bought this kuih i used to love when i was a kid.and im still loving it! haha.


no wonder im so fat.
plus all the cookies and breads i've been eating.
and NO exercise!!!
grrr.fats! :(

went to the mall.
bought clothes :D
shopping is good~~!! HAH.

so,,yeah.thats it.
am leaving for KL tomorrow :(

new aim:
-study hard.
-stop eating cookies,breads& tosei :(

July 2, 2007

yo.am back from KL (: miss me?nah.bet you dont.aha.
so,bout the last two days post.
here it is.
i shall make it short&simple :]


in the morning,went for the CRC swimming gala.psssh` so boring.
and it gets boring-er every year.prolly because all the old ex swimmers weren't there nemore.
yeah,im talking bout me.HAHAHAA :P
but seriously,few years back then,all our events rocks.
so,i nedd to be there because im the timekeeper.
sheesh.running up&down clicking those stopwatches.
and all those aunties,uncles&friends were like;;
"ei.how come you didnt swim?? swim marrrr.aiyorrh."
and im like;;
"dono.because im here to take other swimmers time.and i've retired".hahas :P
kinda fun as well.get to meet all ma` old friends.
sunchin.jialoong.bing gang.joaane.yingying.wei chern.chorjaur.leeshian.and all the uncles&aunties. HAHAS.
and i saw all those kecik mayung swimmers,which are all grown up now.
aww.they were so cutee last time (:
i left the gala early.around 11am.didnt get to makan with them :(
said bye and all.but b fo we left,those boys were like ;;
" eyy.don't go laaa.we didnt even take pictureeeee"
so here it is. hah

some shots of the pool.

and these are shots of yingying and joanne.that's why la,main splash splash with me sumore.HAHA girls :D

and the mother of all shots :: LMAO!

later that evening.went down to Seremban.
the traffic was slow moving at certain area.
and at one point,
there were even this police car with the siren on screaming on the mic thingy saying
"ke tepi ke tepi" to all the cars in front of him.
dono for what.
kononya some "big guy's" mia kereta want to pass. psssh` =='
took very very few shots.
because the sky is dark!!! and i only have my handphone with me.
so most of the pictures i took its black. =.-'
and my mission to stop at SS2 Murni failed.
dad didnt feel like eating there.so,,yeah :(
reached Seremban around 10.30 pm.
but,back in my granparent's crib,
awaits me were my all time favourite... SIEW PAO!!!! :DD
omg.i love `em so freagging very much!!
and there were two boxes of it on the table. WHOOSH!
quickly took a piece and ease my cravingness.HAHAHAHA.
yala.taiping siew pao sucks gilerr :/

the next morning 2.7.20 07,
went down KL.accomplished all the "stuffs" that needed to be done.
and poof* drove back :]
sampai taiping at around 3pm.

*and Kaiwen,hows this font colour now? can see? haha :)