February 25, 2009


Tak boleh tahan.
Hot-ness alert.
Betul-betul tak boleh tahan lah.
terlalu hot.

February 18, 2009

I'm the girl on Vespa

I love Anne Rice
Not like any of you care,
but she tha bomb :)
She has been keeping me company after all that's happen.
Relationship, family, friends and self-discovery.
I grew along with her books.

Traveling to and fro from Taiping to KL every week, is not fun.
The house there is almost ready. yay :))
My visit to Pulau Ketam the other day was okay
because the seafood there was finger-licking good.
The residents of Pulau Ketam live their life with simplicity,
and.. Pulau Ketam don't have cars.
Not even one. They all travel by bicycle.
And yet, they were still content with what they have and where they are although their homes were built upon rubbish dumps accompanied by dead fishes and crabs.

I've been riding the Vespa too.
My uncle owns three Vintage Vespas.
Chun-ted sial weh.
Girl on Vespa.
Like those women in France.
Wahh :)

I too, had been randomly talking about my ten husbands Leonard and Dionne used to teased me about during foundation year.
I don't know why I am thinking of names for my dog.,
not that I am getting any now, but in the future.. maybe.
Suggestion anyone? :)

Leonard and I had been talking about Adventure race for the past few days.
College is starting soon.

I love Anne Rice lah.

Tuning to: Lady Gaga- Paparazzi

February 15, 2009