October 22, 2010

the randomt things i like

i like to be busy but i like to be lazy too i like it when adrian picked me up from the bus station at 2am and offered to carry my bag pack for me when i didn't need him to i like talking to wei loon i like it that john and navin drove down to subang just to gave me a beautiful 21st i like netball trainings and catching the balls i like it more when we won 2nd place i like it when my classmates all came to support the communication school team i like leonard's poem about me  i like how zhen yang called me to make sure i don't fall asleep when i drove back to taiping i like it that vasenta sabesha and lehbin always laugh and joke around about everything i like how the 4 of us always stay up late and  make sure we don't fall asleep doing assignments i like how mayling, maykhei & keifoong tricked me into a birthday surprise i like all my birthday surprises this year i like how david always tells me i dont want to talk to you dy and always end up talking to me again i like that amon finds it comfortable telling me about his background i like that dionne and evonne helped me with peeling of the oranges and carrying that packet of ice i like how neha esme dinusha sweat their buttocks out to help out with the fund raising i like how god is always so timely in providing me i like my cell members a lot i like to sing and play the piano i like that thing zhen yang gave me so that i can play the keyboard i like my mom's rendang chicken i like my dimples i like my new campus i like alex's positive transformation i like winning i like murmuring i like playing with babies i like it if i have a new laptop and a new phone i like my church i sometimes like my dreams i like running around i like baking i like sleeping. 

but i don't like it that you are no more in my life. i don't like it that the best choice is the worst choice that i had to make. 6 years ago, you were there. this year you became my stranger. i don't like it that i have to lie how i don't miss you, because i do.

my name my name!! :D

some of the people whom I dearly treasure :) 

the half of the people i dearly treasure
& i am missing michelle chun & edmund here.

 the perak kakis whom i love deeply.

 the netball teams :)

In the last month, these *points above* happened.
While October gets scarier & scarier.